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Brewster Kahle of the Internet Archive showing us books printed in the Bookmobile
Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing and Howard Rheingold of Smartmob SmartMobs talking about the future of blogging...
I'm staying at Kara and Megan's house for three days (One more day left. Thanks Kara and Megan!) We had a few people over to the house the first night. Frank blogged about it much more promptly than I did. Met a bunch of new people. So many people, so little time. ;-) Thanks again to Kara for organizing and hosting.

Yesterday, I met Ryan Lackey who is the CTO of Havenco. I was one of the first investors in Havenco and had been working with Ryan for years and it was great to put a face behind the name. Also spent some quality time with Reid Hoffman, one of early PayPal execs who Frank introduced to me. We talked about PayPal, but also talked a little about his NEXT BIG THING which I am very excited about.

I also met Evan Williams and Jason Shellen of Blogger the day before yesterday. They were very cool. Unfortunately I took the restroom key with me by mistake. Sorry guys! (Not the best way to make friends...)

So I will be seeing David Winer and Mena and Ben Trott at Supernova tomorrow. I feel like a Japanese pilgrim visiting all of the Blog/Weblog shrines in SF. ;-)

Well, I got 10 hours of sleep last night. The most I've gotten in months I think. I'm charged and ready for today which should involve going to see Brewster's setup and his Bookmobile. If I have time, I'm planning on going out to see RU Sirius who is buried somewhere in Mill Valley I hear.

Marc Canter in full-motion
John Markoff and Paul Mercer
Barak and Markoff gadgeting
Saw Marc Canter for coffee and got his pitch on the future of things. I had been staring at "still Marc" for so long on his blog, that when I saw "full-motion Marc" it was totally amazing! Marc was a bundle of energy and excitement and totally inspiring. I have to remember that all of these people that I blog with and chat with have bodies that move, talk and gesture. ;-)

Later, Barak, Jun, Minami and I had dinner with John Markoff from the NYT and Paul Mercer who founded Pixo. It was a great dinner, but we talked about and played with our gadgets WAY too much. ;-)

Met Steve Wozniak who is recently founded Wheels of Zeus. I can't tell you what we talked about. ;-)

I had done an interview of him for a Japanese magazine years ago at a Macworld Japan. He remembered...

ctptoothbrushsm.jpgSo I wrote earlier about the power company providing free telecom... Well, what about the telephone company providing free power? (Although probably not intentionally.) This site may be a joke, but it is VERY funny. It is a site/catalog of products that use power that the telephone company provides on their phone lines to power appliances. ;-) They are called Telco Powered Products(tm).

Telco Powered Products
Our Chief Scientist, Dr. Emil Drizzlenik PhD from the renowned Chernobyl Electrical Institute in Russia, developed this patented technology after an accident at the power plant left all of the homes and businesses in his area dark.

Dr. Drizzlenik found that the local telephone company was still up and running, and in fact telephone service never went down during the time the power was out.

Found this on Boing Boing

Shirai-san sent me a nice image of our panel discussion yesterday. Thanks!