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Erik Bloodaxe... how Chris USED to look. ;-)
Chris Goggans posing next to the safe in my office. (The little Samurai thing is Jun's)
Had drinks last night with Chris. Chris used to go by the name of Erik Bloodaxe and was one of the co-founders of the "Legion of Doom", a notorious group of hackers, many of whom ended up getting arrested. He was also the editor of Phrack, a journal by and for hackers. Chris and I met at "Hacking In Progress" in 1997. Lucky Green convinced me to go and I think Chris was there with Bob Stratton. HIP was quite exciting. It was this amazing hackers conference with thousands of hackers in the middle of a forest near Amsterdam hacking in tents with ethernet strung around the whole place. We didn't have enough water, but there was IP everywhere... Anyway, Chris was there and it was the first time I met a hacker with real groupies...

Since then Chris and I have kept in touch and worked together several times where he broke into computers for me. (With permission of course.) He's become a regular in Japan since we started working together and now I get to see him a lot more. He has become quite well known in Japan for his practical manner and his skill. He has a great balance between being extremely professional and loving to break into computers. It's hard to find Japanese with this combination. It's either usually professional with no imagination or childish and imaginative... but I guess Chris is not entirely "unchildish"... Let's call him... "neotenous."

Anyway.. we go drinking occasionally and talk about "the old days", breaking into computers and other things that old hackers always talk about...

Having said that, both he and I have settled down QUITE A BIT since we first met. He's married and sits around watching movies and stuff... ;-)

A blog referrer spam site... from Veer

And I thought blogs were going to be a solution to spam...

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Governor Domoto
Posing in front of the prefectural headquarters elevator hall with my daikon
Went to Chiba and had lunch with Governor Domoto of Chiba with whom I've become quite friendly lately. Chiba is the prefecture where William Gibson's Neuromancer starts out. Narita International Airport and Disneyland are also in Chiba. It is kind of a long train ride out, but I was able to pass the time having an IM chat with John Patrick on my i-mode AIM client that Neeraj made.

Domoto-san was her usual energetic self. I talked about some ideas I had for projects in Narita and Makuhari. I talked to her about ECD and renewable energy. Domoto-san is an environmentalist and she got very excited about the idea of the Hydrogen Economy. I also talked about blogs. Domoto-san was an independant who won with a rather grassroots election effort that leveraged the Net. She liked the idea of blogs and promised to try it out. I promised to dispatch someone from the Neoteny Blogging Team to help her out.

I often talk to her about how Mizuka and I only eat organic vegetables now. She gave me an organic daikon (Japanese Radish). It was a bit strange carrying it in the crowded train back to Tokyo... I'm looking forward to eating it. ;-)

Click play... you need flash...

Saw this on Marc Canter's Blog.

Rick Lehrbaum (updated Sept. 11, 2002)
Intel embeds Linux in home digital media adapater
A key component of the Extended Wireless PC Initiative's media distribution architecture is a new PC peripheral called the digital media adapter, which provides an appliance-like link between PCs, TVs, and stereos. The device, which is based on an XScale microarchitecture PCA210 'applications processor' and runs an embedded Linux operating system, receives digital media from the PC via 802.11 wireless networking and UpnP technologies, and connects to TVs and stereos using standard audio/video cables -- much like a DVD player. Using a simple remote control, consumers navigate through menus on a TV screen, selecting the PC digital media they wish to receive.
Marc Canter
The 'magic sauce' is something called UpnP (universal plug and play) which was originally designed for plugging cards into a PC bus or USB devices (such as keyboards or mice.) But now they have a 'stack' to route A/V info to the Digital Media Adapter. I wonder is UPnP can sense out I.P. addresses like Apple's Rendezvous (otherwise known as ZeroConf) and make setting up Home LANs easy to do?
vis_site02.jpgThis reminds me of my SliMP3 that I wrote about earlier, but that doesn't have wireless or video. It also reminds me of my Sony Airboard which has 802.11, ethernet, dialup Internet, TV and a browser. The Airboard is less of a "hub" and more of an "all-in-one". I guess the key to the Intel thing will be low cost and open standards. If they can help orchestrate a bunch of devices without trying to make their device do everything, it might work. I still don't like the idea of "fat" home servers. I am hoping that, at least in my house, I can use everything I already have. My PC hard disk, my audio amp and speakers, my plasma display and my digital satellite dish... Having said that, there may be a market for small all-in-one's...