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A Flowgram about it...

My Seesmic video about it. I like Flowgrams better when I haven't had any sleep and look like crap, I just realized. ;-)

UPDATE: Here's the Seesmic plugin for MT.

Went to Aronia De Takazawa with Joshua, Roger and Oki last night. Here's a flowgram about it.

Here's my first Flowgram. It's in closed beta right now and I'm an adviser and an investor. It's lets you put audio narration over a bunch of links or photos. It's sort of like a podcast with bookmarks.

One thing I learned when using it was how crappy my microphones are. This is actually a good way to get people to upgrade their mics since most people don't really get to hear how awful they sound when they're talking on Skype. So apologizes about the sound quality on my first Flowgram. I'll work on getting a better mic.

Abhay Parekh
This is Abhay, the founder of Flowgram. I met him through Reid. I took this with my new Canon which has auto-focus. The good thing about auto-focus is that it's easy. The bad thing is that it often focuses on the tip of the nose instead of the eyes, where I want my focus. I guess I need to learn to use my camera as well. :-P

UPDATE: Oh, and the pages are "live". So you can hit "pause" on the Flowgram and click a YouTube video in a page to watch the video, and then "play" again on the Flowgram after watching the video to go back to my awesome narrative.

Creative Commons Press Release
Creative Commons Launches Global Case Studies Project

Jon Phillips, June 23rd, 2008

Brisbane, Australia & San Francisco, USA -- 2008 June 24

Today Creative Commons (CC), in association with Creative Commons Australia, officially announced the release of the Case Studies Project, which is a large-scale community effort to encourage all to explore and add noteworthy global CC stories. Creative Commons provides free tools to allow copyright-holders to clearly show rights associated with creative works, and now this project shows how notable adopters like author Cory Doctorow, web video-sharing company, and open film project "A Swarm of Angels" have successfully used CC licenses.

This is a very important initiative and I hope everyone will contribute and use this resource. In order to make CC ubiquitous, we need support from businesses to get it integrated into the tools and the infrastructure. We need to prove that CC is not only good for society and culture, but makes business sense too. These case studies will be very important to help drive home the fact that sharing is good for business in addition to being "the right thing to do" in other respects.

This also helps make the case to creators that you sharing makes sense for professionals as well.

This is a bit "horse-before-the-carriage" but I feel compelled to share and ask for support.

Since the end of last year, we've been working on a book called "Freesouls" based on portraits that I've taken in the last year or so. I promise to blog more about this soon.

As part of the book, we've asked a number of people to contribute essays. Recently, Isaac Mao introduced us to this great project called yeeyan. yeeyan is a translation community site. They have started working on translating the essays into Chinese. Sooo cool. They are about 30% through the translation process. They're looking for people to help proofread the translations. If you are fluent in Chinese and can help, we'd greatly appreciate it.