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So I'm in my hotel room using an analog dialup connection to an Austrian Earthlink POP that is flakey. I've got a Sony-Ericsson phone that isn't doing gprs properly and I've got a Siemens phone that whose gprs is working, but I don't have the right cable. My VPN client isn't working so I can't read my email... I have connectivity blues... I've taken a lot of pictures and have a lot of blog material, but with the tiny screen on my Sony C1MRX and this tiny pipe... blogging is a totally different experience. Anyway, these are all excuses for why I haven't written much the last few days. Anyway, it's been hectic. So IF I can get gprs working in Menorca, I should have a whole week of relaxing island peace where I can blog to my heart's content and catch up a bit. If I don't, I'll be on the beach trying to forget about my blog... Eve is supposed to be arranging a gprs phone that works in Menorca, so I'm crossing my fingers.

Sorry for this boring blog entry. It is my obligatory, "I'm still alive" entry.

In case you missed this in my Toshio Yamagishi entry...

There is an interesting discussion going on in a Yahoo Group called Decentraliation. Rich Persaud made an interesting comment. I responded. People asked me to post Toshio Yamagishi's paper so I got permission and here it is.

Toshio Yamagishi

Dear Joi,
I have sent the paper out for review--it will take some time for the
paper to get published. Yes, I'm happy that it is widely distributed.
You may do whatever you want to do with the paper.
Best regards,

Improving the Lemons Market with a Reputation System: An Experimental Study of Internet Auctioning by Toshio Yamagishi

I'm sorry if this is redundant, but I wanted to sort out this thread and make sure people saw Toshio Yamagishi's paper which is great.

Mizuka and I will be leaving in 8 hours for the airport to go to Europe. We'll be going first to Linz, Austria where I will be giving a talk at the Prix Ars Electronica on Identity and Privacy in a Globalized Community. We'll be staying at the Wolfinger on the main square and I know already they don't have modular phone jacks in the room. So unless I wake up early tomorrow morning, my next blog will probably be from the Ars Electronica Center in Linz.

After Linz, we'll be going to one of Martin's houses on his farm on the Island of Menorca. Here I will challenge a GPRS connection. I'll be on Menorca for a week.

After that, we'll go to Geneva where I will be attending the World Economic Forum Global Leaders for Tomorrow Summit. This year I am co-hosting the Blueprint for Japan 2020 booth with Oki and will be a rapporteur for the "Rebuilding Modern Politics: Can the System Fix Itself?" topic during the brainstorming session.

I won't be back in Tokyo until the 24th. So, if I'm lucky with my connectivity, I'll be blogging some European action... See you in Linz.

morning 9/11/2002

I'm leaving in 10 minutes...

Oh, that's right. It's September 11 and I'm flying... I forgot. I wonder if security will be tight? I wonder if I should pack my Cipro that I bought online at I remember it was interesting watching the prices go up-up-up day by day after the Antrax incident.

If I die, this will be the last thing I ever write/wrote... That's depressing.

Found this on BoingBoing.
In an interview on Slashdot, Larry Wall, the legendary inventor of Perl is interviewed and asked about God.

Larry Wall

You can't please God the way Enoch did without some faith, because those who come to God must (minimally) believe that:

A) God exists, and
B) God is good to people who really look for him.

That's it. The "good news" is so simple that a child can understand it, and so deep that a philosopher can't.

Now, it appears that you're willing to admit the possibility of bit A being a 1, so you're almost halfway there. Or maybe you're a quarter way there on average, if it's a qubit that's still flopping around like Shoedinger's Cat. You're the observer there, not me--unless of course you're dead. :-)

A lot of folks get hung up at point B for various reasons, some logical and some moral, but mostly because of Shroedinger again. People are almost afraid to observe the B qubit because they don't want the wave function to collapse either to a 0 or a 1, since both choices are deemed unpalatable. A lot of people who claim to be agnostics don't take the position so much because they don't know, but because they don't want to know, sometimes desperately so.

Because if it turns out to be a 0, then we really are the slaves of our selfish genes, and there's no basis for morality other than various forms of tribalism.

And because if it turns out to be a 1, then you have swallow a whole bunch of flim-flam that goes with it. Or do you?

See that's the problem with the "one God" and the "me and God" religions. They are way too complicated.

Buddhists... If Mind -> 0 Then You -> 1
Much easier.
Think of your spirit as the wave and your body as the particle. Then Spirit = Body*C^2 (I guess that would mean that fat people have more spirit... hmm...)

It all gets a bit more complicated when you start dancing around doing energy conversion like Tai Chi. See the Dancing Wu Li Masters which talks about Tai Chi and quantum physics.

Hirata turned me on to the EnvironMission site.


EnviroMission owns the exclusive licence to German designed Solar Tower technology in Australia. Our first project will focus on developing this revolutionary technology into the world’s first large-scale solar thermal power station capable of generating enough electricity to supply 200,000 typical Australian homes.

The technology involves a huge solar heater with a tower that takes the hot air and pulls it up through the tower and spins turbines. This SO sci-fi sexy and SO Australia... The tower will be the, "largest engineered structure ever proposed for construction."

There is a flash animation of how the technology works. The company is already trading on the Australian stock exchange. They have built a prototype.