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I find I have a terrible memory. I often confuse things that happened during my days at Tufts University and University of Chicago. I can't remember people at all. I have horrible problems remembering what I did when. I recently met someone I knew in college and he remembered a karaoke club that I took him to that has completely disappeared from my memory. Anyway...

I've found that digging up old web entries from the past has helped me reconstruct my memory. I'm finding, having jumped into blogging rather agressively, that it is beginning to create an interesting trail of entries that will probably be very useful to me in the future. So, this blog is serving two important purposes. Publishing my thoughts, but also externalizing my memory function.

I remember once when John Lilly was invited to a conference in Japan about John Lilly, he was asked to comment after almost a full day of people discussing his life and his work. He said, "you all know MUCH more than I will ever be able to remember so there's not much for me to say." or something like that. ;-)

There is a Wired News article - Blog to Cope With Alzheimer's Fog
I found the link on Media coverage of weblogs

sushi2.jpg sushi1.jpg
In terminal 1 of Narita airport there are two sushi shops: Sushi Iwa and Kyotaru. Kyotaru is a big chain and fairly low quality. Sushi Iwa on the other hand is a high quality sushi joint that I ALWAYS go to before leaving Japan on a trip. After the rennovation of terminal 1, Sushi Iwa significantly upgraded the quality of the material they serve and is definitely a treat. The staff are friendly and happy to fulfill any silly requests. They will also pack boxes to go if you want to eat it on the plane. When you go, sit at the counter. Also, remember that the material will get better as the staff get to know you. This is true in any sushi shop since on every piece of fish, there are tasty bits, and not as tasty bits. I find this is true in Chinese restaurants as well... Saegusa-san thinks that chefs can only make a few truely good meals every evening and they choose who gets them. Anyway, smile at the sushi chefs a lot and ask for a recommendation and you'll probably get something good.

As usual, I had a wonderful meal before I left. The shellfish were especially good today.

I just arrived in Aspen after stopping in Seattle and Denver and I haven't eaten anything since my sushi. ;-)

I'm on my way to Aspen today to attend Fortune's Brainstorm 2002. There is the list of people who attended last year on the Fortune web page. There is also a web page about what they discussed last year.

I am supposed to prepare a 3 minute "brainscan" blurb.

Hmm... I think I'll talk about the imact of digital communications on media, the public, the economy, security and the sovereignty of nations or something. I think people are sick of hearing New Economy crap, but I think that people have overestimated and short term impact and underestimated the long term impact. I think change is still to come... Or maybe I'll talk about my blog. ;-p

I'm also on the China panel. I know so little about China. I talked to Leonard again at length yesterday about his thoughts. (Leonard is the CEO of ASE, the second largest semiconductor packaging and testing company in Taiwan and former CEO of Acer.) Leonard had a great perspective about Taiwan, China, outsourcing and the future of Japan. I think that there is a huge risk that Japan falls between the manufacturing and services cracks and becomes an insignificant player in the global economy. I think that is what I should focus my comments on...

Anyway, I don't know what the rules are about writing about the conference, but depending on how open they are, I'll try to blog the good bits.

I wish Fortune would get rid of those annoying "subscribe here" pop-ups ad windows on their site. They are exactly as annoying as those subscription inserts that fall out of paper magazines.

Yasunobe-san, formerly of MITI said that the ATI-Stanford students were very motivated and interesting compared to many similar groups and that I should therefore accept the request from them to give a keynote at their upcoming conference. They then asked me to publicize it, so here you go. ;-)

I've been asked to talk about "Preparing for success as a global entrepreneur". I've been preparing for a long time, so I'm probably an expert on it. I wonder when I will eventually become successful. ;-)

To find out more about the program, take a look at their web page.

Event Information

Saturday, August 24, 2002
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Venue: Time 24, Tokyo Odaiba

Dropped by Moda with Mizuka last night. Moda is a bar run by my Jr. high and high school classmate Tomo. We used to run the Nishimachi yearbook dark room together and also used to throw the school dance parties together. We're both still into photography, but Tomo has made a career out of throwing parties. ;-)

Tomo had redesigned the place and installed a dart board with an electronic scoring system. He also hired two guys and one of them cooks, so they serve food now. It's a cool place to hang out if you are in Harajuku. He has a page with photos of his guests as well as a web page about the concept of Moda. I've been thinking about DJ'ing again for fun. Maybe Moda would be a good place to try it out...

From his web page:

MODA is a secret hideout for anybody into booze, music, cigars and digital art.

Come check out our new bar in Harajuku!

"MODA" is an abbreviation for "Museum of Digital Art".
A space for adults with wine, cigars and digital art. We offer a good glass of wine for 700yen to a bottle of vintage for over 50000yen, all stored in best condition at lowest prices possible. There is no cover charge and we are open all night, every night so feel free to drop by.