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Mozilla Japan is currently running the Get Firefox Video Awards event, an online promotion for Firefox where over 100 Japanese video artists and animators have created some amazing videos to promote Firefox within 30 seconds. This is similar to the Firefox Flicks contest from a few years ago. I am one of the judges along with Hiroyuki Nakano, Chiaki Hayashi, Andrew Thomas and Chibi Takita of Mozilla Japan. The party to announce the winners of this event will be on Tuesday, December 18th in Tokyo at Super-Deluxe, starting at 19:30. The event is free and should be a lot of fun. Not sure if I can make the event myself but it should be a great event and I hope you can go to support some wonderful Japanese artists and creators. Registration for the event is at the home page of the Get Firefox Video Awards.

Loic and Geraldine listening to talks at Le Web

The second day of Le Web 3 is starting today, but I unfortunately have to leave in a few hours to go to San Francisco to attend the Creative Commons board meeting and the 5th anniversary party later this week.

Le Web 3 was the best conference of its kind I attended this year. Great venue, great team and awesome speakers. Loic, Geraldine and team, super job. Thanks! Interestingly, my favorite talks were the two non-web people: Hans Rosling and Philippe Starck. Everyone else was great too. Ev gave an thought provoking talk about the importance of less features. (I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently too…) The “Kevin Rose - DIGG in conversation with Sarah Lacy - Author” was funny too. Anyway, I’m not positive, but I assume they will end up online. Worth taking a look. I talked about the World of Warcraft and Creative Commons. Yes. I managed to make a connection. ;-)

The only bad thing that happened to me was my file system melt-down that caused me to lose a bunch of stuff. The conference team was able to get me a copy of Leopard that I installed which allowed me to restore enough of my functionality to do my presentation.

However, as I was messing around around with it this morning, I managed to erase 5 gigs of original RAW images from trip. :-\ I was able to salvage some and have posted them on a set on Flickr.

iCommons is doing a fundraising auction. There are lots of cool things that you can bid on and help iCommons at the same time. My contribution are some photographs.

A set of five photographs from Joi Ito's Flickr collection, showing nature and landscape portraits from Japan.

Apart from being the chairman of the board of Creative Commons and a member of the board of iCommons, Joi Ito is an avid photographer. In this collection he shoots a Shinkansen station in Yamagata, a view of Shanghai from the JW Marriot, a bamboo thicket from his yard and detail of dragonfly wings.

You can bid on my photos here. My apologies for the delay in blogging this, but you only have one more day. ;-)

My computer broke when I was messing with it on the plane. The good news is that I think I can recover most of the data. The bad news is that I don't have a computer for the next two or three days until Fumi/Mika bring my backup computer to SF and I go there from here (Paris).

I also stupidly don't remember the password for my main mail account (it is encrypted on my computer) so can only retrieve email sporadically on my iPhone from my main account. If you need to reach me urgently, please SMS me and/or send email to joiito at gmail where I will be sending my web mail from.

I can't believe that I literally had my backup disk in my hand and decided not to pack it because I had too much stuff to carry this trip... *sigh*

Be there or be square.

CC 5th Birthday Party in SF