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I've been musing about putting together a book of photos or something and have been experimenting with various printing services like Lulu. Recently Carl Malamud pushed me to go forward with this idea. I decided that instead of waiting getting some sort of final book thing, I'd start by just posting Flickr portraits on this blog and writing blurbs about the people in a new "people" category on my blog.

Later, I can decide whether this ends up in something worthy of a book. I've been contributing my photos to people's Wikipedia entries, but I think this form allows me to be a bit more personal about what I can say about the people and provides the reader with the PoV that is absent by design in Wikipedia.

Also, if I do ever end up putting together a book, I might include things the comments so feel free to post things you think might be good to add on that person's page. Also, I guarantee that the book will be CC BY licensed and available for download as well. Of course it will be available here as it unfolds.

Hopefully, this new project will help me get back into tending for my blog. ;-)

Pat recommended I try to Pclix for time-lapse. Just recorded dinner in our living room using my Canon 5D. Pretty interesting effect. Now to find something more interesting to shoot.

(5 MB .mov of the dinner)

UPDATE: Put together a day's worth of time-lapse with Wataridori 2 by Cornelius. (29 MB mp4)

Pierre Omidyar

Good news. Pierre made BusinessWeek's list of Entrepreneurs for the Ages. Congrats Pierre! And... they used my photo of him. Yay!

Bad news. They didn't give me attribution. It's the ONLY thing I ask people do with my photos since they're Creative Commons Attribution licensed. It doesn't cost them anything... and they're crediting the photos by Getty Images.

/me shakes fist at BusinessWeek

The original Flickr image is here:

I suppose they might have found it on Pierre's Wikipedia article. But... clicking on the photo shows the license.

UPDATE: I wrote them a letter and they sent me an apology and fixed article. Thanks BusinessWeek!

Front yard on hazy morning

Jet lag woke me up again at 3AM so I watched the Adobe Lightroom stuff on Lynda. I learned how to control more things in post-processing so I went out into the foggy and hazy sunrise to take some photos in the yard to play with in Lightroom. I still have a lot to learn, but I think I have a better handle on how to deal with overcast lighting... Which is good since it's rainy season in Japan right now and overcast a lot.

I also learned how to fix chromatic aberration which I used today on one of the images.

I thought about whether I should go back to a more journal-like form for my blog or start writing more stuff on Flickr. I seem to be spending more time responding to comments on Flickr these days than on this blog. I suppose my online presence needs an overhaul.

My photos from the ICANN meeting in San Juan are posted on Flickr in a set.

They're all Creative Commons Attribution licensed so free to use with attribution. If they're pictures of yourself, go ahead and use them without attribution if you have to.