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Technorati just pushed a new site design. Good job team!

I love the new super-fast search.

Dave has a post with more details on the blog.

This used to be quite common in Japan. In Japan, if you were left handed, they would make you do everything with your right hand anyway. They would "fix" you. This happened to me. I'm pretty sure I'm a Lefty. I throw, kick and do most physical things with my left hand, but I write, cut and do other "formal" things with my right hand. I think this may be part of the reason that I have messy handwriting. As for as I can tell, while my brain may be "damaged" by this, I can, for the most part, function normally.

As part of my exploration into the "Right Brain", I've become more curious about what the effect of forcing lefties to be righties is. I've heard a number of "stories" about what this does to you, but I haven't read anything rigorous or academic. The problem is, I don't even know what to search for. It's a hard Google query to form.

Also, is there any easy way to tell if your right brain/left brain functions are reversed?

A very generous sponsor will donate $100,000 to iCommons if we can raise a matching grant of $100,000 in just 7 days. Powered by our amazing community of bloggers around the world, we’re going to do just that by getting 21 Visionary Patrons to each name one of the base camps on the way to the Summit for $3,000 - taking us up 21 base camps to reach the $63,000 Summit (our sister organisation, Creative Commons, is raising the rest). Each base camp on this epic journey will be named after the sponsor, and sponsors will be able to display buttons indicating their support of this wonderful event.
More information on the iCommons site. Your help on this would be greatly appreciated. Please spread the word.

Compost bin
We finished this compost bin today. Used Google Sketchup to make a sketch, went to the hardware store and bought 2X4s, screen hooks, nails and chicken-wire. It was slightly more work than I anticipated, but everything went pretty much as planned. I'm feeling all vegan-DIY now. ;-)

Next we have to move my compost from my old bin to its new home.

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