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I flew from Tokyo to San Francisco yesterday. I did a lot of work on the plane, started reading The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan that Howard recommended and arrived in San Francisco around 9AM. I checked in, took a shower and headed off for meetings. I had 7 1/2 meeting or so in Redwood City, Mountain View, Palo Alto and San Francisco. Then I went to the CC Salon, met all of the wonderful people, listened to Jim, John and Heather make their presentations and did a short blurb myself. When I got back to the hotel, I did some more work, played some Warcraft and then went to the pool at midnight and swam. I got up at 6AM, stretched and meditated. Then, feeling like a TV shopping commercial, I worked out with my Portal Gym for 30 minutes. I ordered a salad and a blueberry, soy milk and banana smoothie from room service, packed and headed to the airport.

Now I'm sitting in the airport lounge feeling more energetic than I can remember ever feeling. I'm also euphoric and happy.

I'm not posting this to boast... although I guess it is a bit boastful. I'm posting this in response to people who have been telling me that I won't have enough energy on a Vegan, no-oil diet. I'm also posting this in response to people warning me that I'm losing weight too fast. Bullocks. I admit that there is some possibility that there is something unhealthy that is going on in my body that I can't sense, but overall, I have become more sensitive about what my body wants than I've ever been in my life.

I'm not trying to convince everyone to do this lifestyle change that I am experimenting with. However, I do urge people not to try to talk people out of it. Words of discouragement can weigh heavy on the initial motivation required to get going, and at least for me, this is the best decision I've made in a long long time.

I'll be in SF tomorrow and will at the CC Salon. Come by if you have time. Here's the Eventful listing. Here's the info from the CC Weblog:

Creative Commons Salon SF Next Wednesday: Joi, John, Heather and Jim

Please join us for the first CC Salon of 2007 at on Wednesday, February 21, from 7-9 PM in San Francisco. It will be major! And, yes, please note, we are not doing this event monthly now, but every other month to maximize the impact in SF!

The line-up for the evening:

* John Wilbanks, Executive Director, Science Commons
* Joi Ito, Web Entrepreneur, Chairman of Creative Commons Board
* Heather Ford, Executive Director, iCommons
* Jim Sowers, Calabash Music and National Geographic, Musical Guest, Discussing state of Digital Music and DJ’ing


The event is free and open to the public. Quick presentations begin at 7 PM and go until 9 PM, but if you’d like to have an informal meeting or get a good seat, get there a bit early (We open the doors at 6 PM). So don’t worry if you’re late; there will be stuff happening all night at Shine, 1337 Mission Street between 9th and 10th Streets. Shine has free wi-fi and a super cool Flickr photo booth. Note: Since Shine is a bar, CC Salon is only open to people who are 21 and older.

Also, plug this event into your digital life on our posting.


CC Salon is a free, casual monthly get-together focused on conversation, presentations, and performances from people or groups who are developing projects that relate to open content and/or software. Please invite your friends, colleagues, and anyone you know who might be interested in drinks and discussion. There are now CC Salons happening in San Francisco, Toronto, Berlin, Beijing, Warsaw, Seoul, Brisbane, and Johannesburg. Read about the first Jo’burg salon on

PS I'm still trying to figure out what to talk about. Any suggestions?

Sorry I didn't post this earlier. Larry blogged about it a few days ago.

Lessig Blog
Looking for a General Counsel for Creative Commons

It is with sadness that I post that we’re looking for a new General Counsel at Creative Commons. After two fantastic years at the legal helm, our current GC, Mia Garlick, like the GC before her, Glenn Brown, has been snatched up by the Google Monster. (It’s a nice monster, but very lawyer-hungry).

This is a insanely cool job, though of course, for only non-profit pay. But for anyone eager to move into a more interesting, remake-the-world kind of practice, check out the description on the CC site.

/me shakes fist at Google Monster. ;-)

I've just been registered as a Performer on Eventful. If you'd like me to participate in some event, try using the "Demand me!" feature on the site. I've been messing around with Eventful a bit and it looks quite interesting. I'm going to try posting my public events using this performer interface.

Seth sent me a DVD of Total Immersion swimming (Wikipedia / Official Site) and I tried some of the drills in it for the first time last night. (Thanks Seth!) It appears to be a unique way of helping swimmers to learn balance, drag reduction and timing through a new approach to learning and thinking about your stroke/style. Some of the drills were difficult for me, but I could tell that it was because my balance was not "natural" yet. It was rather frustrating "starting from scratch" but I'm definitely going to give this a try and see how much my swimming improves. I have a feeling that this rather focused and peaceful style of swimming will suit some of the experiments in meditation that I want to conduct.