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This is an article about the early days of Mondo 2000. I thought we were friends, but this is what they had to say about me. I didn't know I was being "targeted for a possible investment." Of course it's not true that my parents came from "wealthy big business." I think the party they are talking about was the party that Tim Leary organized for me at the Mondo 2000 house to introduce me to a bunch of people in SF. Anyway...

quote: Mondo also partied with people whose money it coveted, throwing one affair for Joichi Ito, its Tokyo correspondent whose parents came from wealthy big business back in Japan, and who were being targeted for possible investment. During the course of conversation, the topic turned to the Japanese language. "You know, there are 12 ways of saying 'thank you' in Japanese," said Ito. "And every one of them insincere," replied novelist John Shirley.

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