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It's tough being a revolutionary in a Democracy ;-) () »

An old favorite quote from Alexis de 's "Democracy in America" written in 1835. I found this in college, but now it seems more and more relevant......

The Nature of the Firm - R.H.Coase - Notes »

Coase comes up with a definition of the "firm" as an organization that defines employer and employee, master and servant which satisfies the "plain man's" definition of the firm....

Notes on The Sciences of the Artificial, Third Edition by Herbert A. Simon »

Simon has many very interesting models that he develops for thinking about and describing things. In his words, he describes interesting "states" and interesting "processes"....

Miscellaneous Thoughts on the Evolution of Markets »

I just talked to my sister Mimi. She is interested in thinking about the commodification of culture. It is kind of interesting because another way of saying what I am theorizing is the culturalification of economy, which is the same phenomenon, but from the opposite perspective as usual....
Whiplash by Joi Ito and Jeff Howe
Freesouls by Joi Ito

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