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Lecture at Hotel Okura - Japan痴 New Economy »

I gave a talk at the Hotel Okura Executive Luncheon Meeting about Japan New Economy. It was printed in the Nikkei Weekly and here is the pdf file. The editor, Andrew Nichols, did a great job editing a rather rambling talk. Thanks!...

Politicians: Their Ignorance Is Our Bliss »

From my column in Japan Inc.: - Had lunch with Yasuhide Uno of Osaka Yusen. His father wired up much of Japan with a cable music service, without MPT approval. - Had dinner with Ryu Murakami, the Akutagawa Award-winning writer of Coin Locker Babies fame who is now writing an email magazine on finance. - Professor Iwamura is one of the smartest people I know; he studies extensively on his own and has become one of Japan's leading experts in a myriad of fields, including macroeconomics, cryptography, risk, venture business, and policy. lso, several Japanese government agencies had their websites...
Whiplash by Joi Ito and Jeff Howe

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