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My TEDxDubai talk »

This is a talk that I gave at TEDxDubai about open innovation in October. It's fairly similar to the talk I gave in Italy, but slightly longer and broader. TEDx Dubai 2009 - Joichi Ito from Giorgio Ungania on Vimeo. Following is the Prezi that I used. PS : There is a section where I talked about Infoseek's original business model of trying to charge each user per search. It might sound like I was involved in the pivot to advertising when I said, "we were thinking". While I helped run Infoseek Japan later, at the time that decision was...

Creative Commons fund raising campaign update and a request »

We're getting close to the end of our fund raising campaign and I wanted to give you an update and ask you to consider contributing again this year if you're a past supporter and give for the first time if you're not. ;-) Over a year ago, I took over the the role of CEO of Creative Commons from Lawrence Lessig. As you might imagine, following the founder and visionary leader was a daunting task and I have tried to focus my energy on the elements that I felt the most suited to execute on. Larry and the founding board...

Capitale Digitale »

Gave a talk at the Italian Parliament for Capitale Digitale, a series of events involving a group of MPs from the Italian Parliament, Telecom Italia, Wired Magazine and others. The have a Facebook Group, a YouTube channel (I wonder if they're going to post my talk...) and I think they were streaming it. It was an interesting time to be talking to the Italian Parliament, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi having recently been attacked with a statuette of the Milan cathedral by Massimo Tartaglia causing the government to go after Facebook where Tartagalia's fan pages was ordered to be shut down....

Neoteny »

I wrote this for Seth's new book. -- Neoteny is the retention of childlike attributes in adulthood. Human beings are younger longer than any other creature on earth, taking almost twenty years until we become adults. While we retain many our childlike attributes into adulthood most of us stop playing when we become adults and focus on work. When we are young, we learn, we socialize, we play, we experiment, we are curious, we feel wonder, we feel joy, we change, we grow, we imagine, we hope. In adulthood, we are serious, we produce, we focus, we fight, we protect...
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