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Passing the Creative Commons CEO torch to Cathy Casserly »

When I joined the board of Creative Commons in January of 2003, I thought I'd just be "helping Larry out with his cool non-profit." I was a huge Creative Commons fan, but not a law professor and wasn't really sure exactly what I'd be contributing. As Creative Commons continued to evolve from a very cool idea to a critical part of the sharing infrastructure, the organization continued to grow and thrive and I became more and more involved. In December of 2006, the board appointed me to Chairman of the Board and I worked closely with Larry who was CEO...

Reflections on the INK Conference in Lavasa »

Yesterday, Mizuka picked me up at Narita Airport and we stopped by Doutor Coffee for breakfast on the way to our house. As we sipped our small, slightly boring coffee with our perfectly shaped sandwiches, I noticed a quality control staff member taking the temperature of all of the drinks he was served, measuring the distance between the items of food on display and using a stopwatch to time each activity of the poor girl working the shift. I watched this insane obsessiveness as I tried to explain my India trip to Mizuka. The INK Conference in association with...
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