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Media Lab @ Tokyo 2012 »

On January 17, 2012, we will hold a one-day event - MIT Media Lab @Tokyo 2012 about "The Power of Open: Scaling the Eco System." This is a meeting for existing Media Lab members, industry thought leaders and companies and individuals interested in becoming part of the Media Lab network. It's quite an interesting program. We will be selling tickets to help cover the cost of producing the event and the seats are limited to 150 so are taking registrations on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can see the program and the registration here: Here are the details: Title:...

The Internet, innovation and learning »

Here's how the article that I wrote for the New York Times started before it turned into "In an Open-Source Society, Innovating by the Seat of Our Pants". The New York Times version isn't bad, but here's the original "unabridged" version. The Internet, innovation and learning The Internet isn't really a technology, it's a belief system - a philosophy. I remember very clearly the day I installed a tiny piece of software, MacPPP on my computer, which connected the programs running on it to the global Internet. It immediately transformed my computer from a fancy telex machine to a very...
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