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Please help us Free Bassel, open source developer and CC volunteer »

Basseljoi / CC BY On March 15, 2012, Bassel Khartabil was detained in a wave of arrests in the Mazzeh district of Damascus. Since then, his family has received no official explanation for his detention or information regarding his whereabouts. However, his family has recently learned from previous detainees at the security branch of Kafer Sousa, Damascus, that Bassel is being held at this location. Bassel Khartabil, a Palestinian-born Syrian, 31, is a respected computer engineer specializing in open source software development, the type of contributions the Internet is built upon. He launched his career ten years ago in Syria,...

Kill Decision by Daniel Suarez »

Photo I took of Daniel in 2009 when we met for drink in a maid cafe in LA. I just finished reading Kill Decision by Daniel Suarez. Daniel became one of my favorite science fiction writers when I read Daemon. Steward Brand turned me on to Daemon. If you haven't read Deamon, you should. I wrote about it back in 2008. After Daemon, Daniel wrote a sequel, Freedom™, which was also awesome. In addition to being gripping thrillers that you can't put down, the books are all based on existing or near future technologies that make the stories amazingly scary...
Whiplash by Joi Ito and Jeff Howe
Freesouls by Joi Ito

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