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This is EXACTLY the point I'm trying to make. Kenji Eno, my Japanese guest blogger and successful game creator wanted to become a musician, but became a game creator instead because there was more freedom in the game industry at the time. People who used to spend their money on CD's moved to spending money on the i-mode data packet bills. Creators and consumers / participants can switch formats. If the music industry continues to suck as a platform, I'm sure people will be happy to move on for awhile until it basically collapses. Music will never go away, but music can be encapsulated in games, karaoke, ring tones, live performances and many other things that are our of reach of the stupid record companies. Record companies are like pharaohs and their pyramids. You can't have slaves anymore on the Net so stop trying to build and protect pyramids!

Hit Charade
The music industry's self-inflicted wounds.
By Mark Jenkins
Posted Tuesday, August 20, 2002, at 8:19 AM PT

2001 may not be the year the music died, but the pop biz did develop a nagging headache, and it's not going away. The recorded-music industry's first slump in more than two decades continues this year; the number of discs sold is slipping and so is the appeal of last year's stars. Britney Spears' latest album has moved 4 million copies - a big number, but less than half what its predecessor did.

Hit Charade - The music industry's self-inflicted wounds. By Mark Jenkins


Who can't get behind the collapse of a major record company? These Nazi's have reigned far too long. They quake in their boots at thought of people FREEly exchanging music. Brittany & N-Sync may have their place, but not the place the industry gives them. MTV is onto some pretty interesting ideas. AT least they do take chances with their programming (reality based, quiz shows, animation). The only thing is, your hard pressed to find an actual MUSIC VIDEO on that channel.8-(

I agree.. Its time for them to go out of business.. but I doubt it will happen..

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