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Found this on Marc's Voice today...
Mitch Ratcliffe

Listen to your market, stupid writes: RIAA Was Right ... The Sky Is Falling. It appears the music industry's fears were justified; new figures show that e-commerce music sales are down 25 percent as file sharing and CD-burning become commonplace.

Oh, come on. The RIAA wasn't right, instead the RIAA has alienated music audiences so much with the difficult and limited access to online music that sales dropped. It's not due to file sharing and CD-burning, it's because buying online is an even worse deal than buying CDs at the store, where sales are not falling.

Absolutely. I hate these, "fears were justified" figures. So typical. As the record industry starts to force tech saavy customers and artists out of their industry, I wonder where they will go? I know that Kenji Eno for instance became a game developer instead of a musician because of the constraints in the music industry. He wrote, directed and played all of the music in his games. Hopefully we'll find another home for all of the creative energy that was the record industry. Hopefully it will still be "musical"...

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The music industry has been behind the curve since way back when. They tried to impose taxes on blank tapes because it was "killing off the industry." 'course, that was analog. These days it's apparently all about digital dupes. (With a good audio system, the difference in quality is moot anyway.)

I dare to speculate that what the industry spends on legal fees dwarfs what they claim to lose on sales due to piracy.

Jeez, how about a new business model...

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