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Larry's been proposing an idea called The Eric Eldred Act to require a $1 payment to extend copyright. This would cause most works which are out of print and currently unavailable to the public to fall into the public domain while at the same time protecting the copyright of people who are using copywritten work commercially. I think it's a great idea. Larry reports that Congresswoman Lofgren (D-CA) and Congressman Doolittle (R-CA) have agreed to introduce the bill. That's great news.

Thanks to Victor for the heads up on this...


this is certainly a great idea, but i would like to see an addition. if a work is not maintained for purchase--not available in some way--after several years its copyright automatically expires. if a book is out of print for a length of time, project gutenberg can make it available...

I like the idea and endorse it if it disallows prepay. No on the 'availability within time limit' idea. Too many implications and repurcussions.

Here is one way to support this effort:

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