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Lessig blogs about a very important case:

A district court in the Southern District of New York has struck down the anti-bootlegging provision of the copyright act.

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I am Imagine. We are all on a plane - far above the ground. Suddenly the Pilot has a heart attack. I wonder whether they would ask on the loud speaker for everyone to develop a consensus on the best way to deal with this condition? Or just might they ask for all doctors, yes, maybe even medical professionals with expertise and experience of dealing with heart attacks? Oh, and now guess what, the Co-Pilot just had a heart attack and the autopilot is down. Do we hear a voice on the loud speaker asking for a consensus (maybe even a Stearing Committee) to decide how to fly the plane. Or maybe just maybe do you think that we would hear a voice asking for someone with flight training and perhaps even a specialist in flying 747's to come quickly to the cabin. Oh yes, and at the current trajectory and the current speed the plane will hit the ground in 5.3 minutes. Or is that subject to the uncertainty principle - maybe we should build some consensus. Maybe if we get our heads together mathematical and physical laws could just bend to suit the whim all the passengers. Or maybe we should just all consult Wikipedia! Oh! Oh!,would you risk your life like that. Did you know Emperorhasnoclothes that Psychologist reaserchers have foun on well done doble blind studies that two people having a conversation for 30 minutes, 30% of what they say to each other can be categorized as lies? Three types or ways of lying they mentioned are omissions, commissions and distortions. The most common are distortions. Imagine in 24 hours, imagine distortions versus distorsions in wikipedia, consensus over distortions over consensus on the consensus over distortions and omissions, almost impossible. I think the whole concept of wikipedia is a distortion, wikipedia is a fractal, not a mergint point, so it can not be used as a model, or a source. With a wikipedia model, sience is not possible, nor inventions. If a wikipedia model would have been the source of knowledge to build the “first computer” , today this first computer still would have not been invented yet, nor anything else. Even more wikipedia exist on the base of inventions and discoveries of authoritative people, softwere, hardwere, computers, internet, mathematics, well all authoritative…and like games, is based upon that, I consider that project a computer game, nothing more than that, here everybody may play, some moderators made the rules. Aren’t they authority?glad was block from China and 123 other countries...

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