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dietcoke.jpgGosuke sent me this interesting link. It is about the dangers of Aspartame. Nutrasweet in the US and "Pal Sweet Diet" in Japan are Aspartame. Aspartame is an active ingredient in Diet Coke which I drink A LOT of. I am going to definitely take dive into the links on this page. If what this page says is true, I probably should stop drinking Diet Coke today...

I have attached some of the highlights from the page below, but I would go to their page which has a lot of links if you currently drink a lot of diet soda products.

Here are some highlights from the page:

Aspartame is poison!
  • Aspartame/Nutrasweet is not very sweet in itself, that may be why Equal puts Dextrose (sugar) and maltodextrin as the first ingredients, so that it tastes sweet.
  • Aspartame/Nutrasweet is a brain drug that stimulates your brain so you think that the food you're eating tastes sweet. If you pay attention you'll notice that when using Aspartame/Nutrasweet, everything you eat at the same time also tastes sweet! This may be why Aspartame/Nutrasweet causes you to crave carbohydrates. Hence, you won't lose weight using it.
    BTW, cyclamates got pulled off the market in the 70's in the US (but not Canada or the rest of the world) because the sugar industry saw too much of their market disappear.
  • Aspartame/Nutrasweet (aspartylphenylalanine-methyl-ester) breaks down to its poison constituents at 86 degrees (Aspartic Acid 40%, Phenylalanine 50%, and Methanol 10%). Remember your stomach is at 98.6 degrees! Therefore you should never use Aspartame/Nutrasweet in hot beverages or cooked foods such as Jello. How the FDA allows this remains a mystery. There is mounting evidence that the "Burning Mouth Syndrome" experienced by the Desert Storm troops was actually Methanol poisoning from the Diet Coke they drank lots of, after being exposed to desert temperatures.
  • Aspartame/Nutrasweet's 10% Methanol appears in the body quickly and is the same alcohol (wood alcohol also in lacquer thinner), that your mother correctly warned you could make you blind. Many skid-row alcoholics had major problems with this cheap but deadly form of alcohol.
  • Aspartame/Nutrasweet's 40% Aspartic Acid is an "excitotoxin" in the brain and excites neurons to death, i.e. it kills brain cells and causes other nerve damage.
  • Aspartame/Nutrasweet triggers Migraine Headaches This even happened to me!. The Usenet is filled with posts by people who have pinned their migraines down to aspartame/Nutrasweet consumption.
  • Aspartame/Nutrasweet's breakdown products attack the bodies tissues and create Formaldehyde which builds up in the tissues forever. Remember the smelly, eye watering fumes from the frogs you dissected in school? They were preserved with Formaldehyde! Formaldehyde is thought to cause cancer.
    The American Bottlers Association did not want the FDA to approve Aspartame/Nutrasweet because of what the test report showed. But the FDA approved it anyway!
  • Airline pilots stay away from Aspartame/Nutrasweet because they are well aware of the documented dangers.
  • Aspartame/Nutrasweet also breaks down to diketopiperazine [DKP] which is proven to cause Brain Tumors! Brain Tumors used to be rare. Several of the rats in the original study formed brain tumors during their Aspartame/Nutrasweet exposure. The researchers surgically removed the tumors and returned the rats to the study and discounted the tumors.


I've been testing many combinations of various compounds for 10 years and I can recommend this particular set:
L-Phenylalanine or L-Tyrosine 1000 mg
Vitamine C 1000 mg
Vitamine B6 200 mg
Gingko Biloba 60 mg
Guarana 200 - 600 mg

take this in empty stomach. if you want an extra boost, add: Vinpocetine 5 mg

these are all available at many vitamine stores in the US (no prescription needed).

- technoshaman

Sorry, but I like nutrasweet and I'm not giving it up. I dont think I use tons of it and I dont bake with it, so for now, I think I'll stay securely in denial. Anyone care to join me?


I knew it is in sugerless gums that I chew when I don't have time to brush my teeth after lunch. I've been wondering what to choose instead but I still chew them.

I think the above set of compound is far better in effect to get over addiction of dietsoda kind. but for chewing gums I still haven't found alternatives.

I did a PubMed search on aspartame, and found two relevant articles--"Aspartame: review of safety", and Cytotoxic effects of methanol, formaldehyde, and formate on dissociated rat thymocytes: a possibility of aspartame toxicity." Both indicate that your Diet Coke habit is perfectly safe. (Which is a good thing for me, since I drink plenty of it, myself.)

Try a toothbrush.

Hi ell. Thanks for the links. I'm feeling a bit better now. I think the great thing about blogs is that someone like you can quickly post something to my blog that helps bring what was making its rounds on the mailing lists into perspective. I had no idea that PubMed even existed until I saw your post. Thanks! I said, "If what this page says is true," hoping that it would spark a debate... I think it is healthy to question authority at every turn, but to be able to track down the facts and make our own decisions. I don't think that the "fear-mongering" sites will go away and I think that open discussion is the best way to resolve these issues...

Anyway, I will read the PubMed articles and let you know if I stop drinking Diet Coke. ;-)

We used to drink tons of soda and the thing that ended the madness wasn't so much the chemical, but the fact that we were going through crazy amounts of cans and plastic bottles. It made us feel horrible each time we took out the recycling. I switched to making iced herbal tea with a little sugar, and we still sometimes splurge on a can or two once in awhile. I stopped using artificial sweetener in coffee and we are probably consuming a little more sugar now, but I feel more comfortable with it than I did with the splenda packs. :-)

Those links that ell provided should not be looked at as a panacea, in my view, to nutrasweet users. The first link gives next to nothing other than a rehash of the issues. Several other products have went through extensive research only to be recalled later. Drug products especially, I don't need to cite them here because they have been widely documented by the media. The studies were tampered with to get the required results for the patent. That point was not refuted but it is also hard to prove. One thing is true though, money talks and people walk to it. I will put nothing past people when money is involved. One woman embezzled 2 million dollars from her workplace to a Nigerian e-mail scammer hoping to get a return on it. This is documented especially when companies put money into finding cures for diseases. They only research items that they can patent and profit off of. I want to see impartial independent studies, without lobby money backing, that can prove that it is a farce. Then after that I want them to find the actual cause for these people's conditions disappearing over night after they stopped use. You can use flow cytometry studies until you are blue in the face, but theoretical examples cannot simulate real life situations and other factors that come into play in a human being's body. That is impossible to simulate and isolate in any lab test. People's diets here need to be compared to others in other nations as well to find simularities and disparities. Then all this info needs to be combined into one and a final case should be made before the FDA. I am not a user of nutrasweet but I think we need a final solution to this soon. This panic-induced flooding of information into e-mail is getting nowhere.

Reasonable points. However, doing a larger search on "aspartame and safety" in pubmed brings up quite a few studies done over the past 15 years, including this one, which was a human subjects study.

As to the "actual cause of these people's symptoms disappearing overnight," first I'd want independent verification that said symptoms did exist, and did "disappear." And I'd want randomized trials that showed that it was more than a placebo effect, which is what I suspect.

Of course, I'll freely admit that as a hard-core user of Diet Coke, I personally have a vested interest in believing that it's safe. :-)

I think we're in agreement, though, about the "panic-induced flooding of information into e-mail," and not just in the context of aspartame.

That link was a good one, although the sample was small, it gives a promising end. I agree on all points in your post.

All I gotta ask is why do people eat that crap ? why not just eat regular sugar ? is it to lose weight (rather I should say fat) ? cause that shit don't work. You can easily lose fat all while eating regular sugar. I've been as low as 4 % body fat and still ate sugar and sugar products. I think the discussion here should be about regular coke too..cause everyone knows that stuff is EVIL :)

Well, I have no problem. I just drink ordinary Coke, because Diet Coke tastes of shit anyway.
Normal Coke rules the world! Lol.

anthony that shows how stupid u r!!!!!!

Bobby, you seem to have missed the point here, we are not discussing the nutritional benifits of aspartame for the purposes of weight loss. Rather, we are evaluationg the potential health hazzards of a chemical in a much consumed beverage. Tha "shit" may don't work, or maybe it do work - last time I checked there was no final word on what the 'one true diet' should be. The Japanese eat more saturated fats and the French drink more red wine, and still America has the fattest people in the world. Things aren't that simple, and discussion should never be waved away by those who don't see the point of it. Spare us your supreme wisdom, and cut the potty mouth.

Well, the aspertame is fine but what about the caffeine? I drink A LOT of Diet Coke too and I worry about the caffeine. And to the guy who says why not drink regular Coke. Well, I drink about 10 cans of Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper a day. If you figure a can of 'regular' Coke has about 120 calories, it is beneficial to me to drink 0 calories versus 1200. Also, after you drink diet soda for about 6 months and get used to it, regular soda tastes WAY TO SWEET!! I will continue to drink a lot of diet soda simply because I can not stop.

I use to drink at least 3 cans of diet coke a day. I had lots of mild headaches. I quit drinking it about 20 months ago and I have only had one short headache in all that time.


The japanese consume more saturated fats (ie. animal products) than americans? how can this be true? for one thing they simply do not eat as much as americans and for another thing they have assimilated soy, and its various products, into their diets much more readily than americans have. i do remember though the author of one of my vegan cookbooks recounting how difficult it was to be vegan in japan, which suprised me.

I drink Diet Coke far too much, it has practically replaced water to me. To some extent I know that cant be good but its too hard to give up. The official Coke website refuted the dangers of Aspartame and said that the levels of caffeine are well within the acceptable limits. To pose a danger, you would have to drink about 15 cans a day. Still... which is right? Some say Aspartame is bad, some say its not? So confusing. I am also worried about the phosporous which is supposed to cause osteophorosis

"The official Coke website refuted the dangers of Aspartame and said that the levels of caffeine are well within the acceptable limits."

Are you kidding me? Are you really going to even think of believing the Megacorporation that makes BILLIONS selling this stuff!? They would NEVER admit that they have been selling you a neuro-toxin all these years......

If you are still using Diet coke or anything with Aspartame in it after reading the info-------you're a FOOL------I got hooked on diet coke about five years ago----recently I started having weird things happening to me such as muscle spasms all day----different areas of my body-----aches down my whole arm----back aches --tired all the time---memory loss----huge cravings for sweets which I had only gotten this last year-----I kept saying to myself it has to be something in my diet.
I had always thought to myself, "Im drinking way too much Diet Coke " Like I said I got addicted to it but never thought it caused major problems---I never really knew what exactly Aspartame was-----I just figured it has to be safe the FDA had to have tested and approved it----but now I SEE THE LIGHT !!!!!!!!!
I had said for the hell of it let me stop Diet Coke and see what happens-----within three days my muscle spasms stopped the aches in my arms went away--cravings went away----no more back ache----and got alot of energy back. I then said let me see for the hell of it if anyone else has had any problems. I got online and punched in DIET COKE PROBLEMS and an unbelieveable amount of sights came up---and what I read shocked the hell out of me.
It all makes sense now-----our goverment let this poisen be passed by the FDA ( ALL for $$$$$$$$$$$ ) even though it was never tested like it should have been-----with all the companies involved in this and all the $$$$$$$$$$$ money they have to keep it hush hush-----makes complete sense why I know so many people who all have problems----and all different----but they all are taking some kind of Aspartame on a daily basis------This is what everyone has been wondering what's causing all the illness these days.
They're testing everything where I live On Long Island from the water to the telephone lines to try and figure out why all the Cancer rate is so high ----IT"S RIGHT ON THE SUPERMARKET SHELVES !!!
In over 5,000 products which alot of people are taking thinking it's healthy to have instead of suger-----so so so wrong !! If anyone is reading this and figures that you have been taking it and have no problems----just wait----it all effects people different ways and takes longer in some than others----but you will have them eventually and then probably get mis-diagnosed by a doctor ---put on some medication but continue to consume Aspartame---the real problem---the poisen !!! With all the money involved in this I can see why it's not all over the airways---these companys control the papers---the TV everything-----this should be on the top of the news every night------Please ,Please get off it while you're not ill and spread the word about it to all friends and family---especailly those who are sick and may not realize it's Aspartame----like one sight said that I read---THIS IS THE REAL CRIME OF THE CENTURY !!!!!!!!!!

I too drank way too much diet coke and even started using equal.i knew that it wasn't good for me- because i was drinking it way too much. I have stopped drinking it all together after soem five years of drinking it non stop. i am now sleeping better, and not having headaches anymore. Its so scary that the governments are allowing this stuff to be available with all the chemicals in it. I have now stopped drinking it and feel so much better.

I too drank way too much diet coke and even started using equal.i knew that it wasn't good for me- because i was drinking it way too much. I have stopped drinking it all together after soem five years of drinking it non stop. i am now sleeping better, and not having headaches anymore. Its so scary that the governments are allowing this stuff to be available with all the chemicals in it. I have now stopped drinking it and feel so much better.

Folks, sweetners like this are CHEMICALS. Th eless chemicals you pu tin your bodies, the better. We are poisoning ourselves enough already, do we *really* need "diet-coke" and others to add to the pile?

Real fruit juice! Tea! Coffee even! Water... Much better alternatives.


silly. i agree with your view. but how about oxygen? that is a chemical. might want some of that in you. be more researched in your answers.

I may be totally wrong, but I found that eliminating diet coke from my life has been a godsend. I did it before I read this site. All I knew was that it caused neurological damage (was hearing that all over the place) and that I was becoming extremely addicted to it (3 or more 20 oz bottles a day).

I drank it since I was sixteen and since that point I had problems. I suffered from anxiety, I had headaches, and I had OCD. I've tried everything for years to stop all that--anti-depressants, migraine meds, etc. Finally just gave up on trying to treat myself, because nothing was really working.

This year I went back to college and was really chugging the diet cokes so I could stay up and study. I gained a lot of weight. When I finished school and started dieting, I noticed that I'd be a lot hungrier after drinking a diet coke.

I switched to decaf Diet was the same thing. Plus, decaf also made me HYPER like diet coke. Couldn't ever drink it before bed.

It's been over two weeks now and I've finally gotten them out of my system. As a substitute, I've been drinking flavored seltzer water--which is GREAT because it has 0 calories, is tasty (but has NO sweetners) and it hydrates me (something diet coke never did since it's a diuretic (sp?).

My skin looks smooth and younger (I used to have really bad acne problems). I've started to lose weight, partially because I'm hungry all the time.

What really blew my mind, though, is that all my migraine headaches, anxiety and OCD has totally disappeared. I will NEVER drink that crap again. I found this site and a lot of others like this and I'm not surprised.

In fact, I'm a bit concerned...Mental illness has been steadily rising in the US. I wonder if much of it could be linked to diet coke or other things we put in our bodies.

My best friend drinks up to 5 Diet Cokes a day. She has heart problems to begin with, and she kinda wheezes sometimes, like she has trouble breathing, like shes trying to catch her breath. I keep telling her to maybe stop drinking the Diet Coke because it seemed to help her mom when she had similar problems. Does anyone have any sugestions about how i can tell her or help her to stop, or at least cut back, on the Diet Coke?

My best friend drinks up to 5 Diet Cokes a day. She has heart problems to begin with, and she kinda wheezes sometimes, like she has trouble breathing, like shes trying to catch her breath. I keep telling her to maybe stop drinking the Diet Coke because it seemed to help her mom when she had similar problems. Does anyone have any sugestions about how i can tell her or help her to stop, or at least cut back, on the Diet Coke?

Is Diet Coke Addictive?

Every Diet Coke drinker I know can't stop at just one. They all know the bad effects, but can't stop. I gave caffeine, and diet coke up for 3 months, but as soon as I had one I was hooked again.


I've been tired alot and having a lot of hot flashes. Does anyone know if hot flashes can be caused by me drinking too much diet coke.

Diet Coke is very bad for anyone! I used to smoke about a pack a day and drink a little more than a liter a day of Diet Coke. I had a lot of anxiety problems, suffered from headaches and insomnia. I figured the majority of these problems were caused by the Stimulative Nicotine and other Chemicals in the cigarets. Consequetly I stopped smoking over a year ago but to satisfy my oral fixation from the cigarets I stared drinking more Diet Coke. The Headaches did decrease slightly however, my anxiety and insomnia have only gotten worse and on some occasions I have even had breif spells of blurred vision lasting 1 to 2 days. I have a masters degree in psychology and I'm positve my anxiety is not a natural dissorder. Rather my anxiety only occurs when I drink Diet Coke and the same for the insomnia I have experienced as well as the blurred vison and slight loss of memory which I forgot to mention earlier. I stopped drinking Diet Coke about 2 months ago and have experienced none of these problems since. The Coke Company's statement that Asparteme or the Isolated Amino Acid Phenylalanine is safe is only justified because of the lack of research for which the product has been subject to. I`m 25 years old and healty 25 yr olds such as myself dont just get the symptoms I have described above. All I know is that maybe Diet Coke didnt cause any problems in lab rats but lab rats are not human. In 20 years Coke will be in court for the same reason the tobacco companies were 4 years ago. As far as I am concerned Coke Co. and Phillip Morris should both be boycotted by the American People untill they are both Bankrupt.

I drink far too much diet coke/other diet drinks. i have never EVER had any of the problems mentioned. I drink tons of the stuff... I am addicted to it. but i have had no spasms, or headaches, or pains, or aches... I do stay up late into the night though, but thats only because i dont like sleeping, and if I needed the sleep - it wasnt hard for me to lay down and go to sleep. This is a bunch of crap- all these "symptoms" I bet none of these people even realized they had "Symptoms" until they read about it- it's the power of suggestion, if a lab reports that too much aspartame dissolves your skin- you automatically believe it? Nah- continue your drinking folks. I know I will.

Holy crap. Diet Coke- I am amazed. Me and my friend drink so much Diet Coke everyday. Lately, he's been getting headaches and ive been seeming to lose my memory and getting stomach aches more. Everytime one of us does something stupid, we joke around- "Oh, its the Diet Coke...". Well, things have gotten worse and i was actually beggining to it really the Diet Coke? I've always heard about the dangers of drinking too much of it, but the thought sounded completely absurd to me that Diet Coke was actually making me dumber. So i decided to search it and found that there are tons of people with the same side effects as us. Well, you now have me convinced that it's the Diet Coke, but quiting Diet Coke?..I think that just might be impossible...

Holy crap. Diet Coke- I am amazed. Me and my friend drink so much Diet Coke everyday. Lately, he's been getting headaches and ive been seeming to lose my memory and getting stomach aches more. Everytime one of us does something stupid, we joke around- "Oh, its the Diet Coke...". Well, things have gotten worse and i was actually beggining to it really the Diet Coke? I've always heard about the dangers of drinking too much of it, but the thought sounded completely absurd to me that Diet Coke was actually making me dumber. So i decided to search it and found that there are tons of people with the same side effects as us. Well, you now have me convinced that it's the Diet Coke, but quiting Diet Coke?..I think that just might be impossible...

Holy crap. Diet Coke- I am amazed. Me and my friend drink so much Diet Coke everyday. Lately, he's been getting headaches and ive been seeming to lose my memory and getting stomach aches more. Everytime one of us does something stupid, we joke around- "Oh, its the Diet Coke...". Well, things have gotten worse and i was actually beggining to it really the Diet Coke? I've always heard about the dangers of drinking too much of it, but the thought sounded completely absurd to me that Diet Coke was actually making me dumber. So i decided to search it and found that there are tons of people with the same side effects as us. Well, you now have me convinced that it's the Diet Coke, but quiting Diet Coke?..I think that just might be impossible...

I stopped drinking cola sodas over 10 years ago, because I found that whenever I consumed them, I would get this tenderness and intense pain in the lower region of my belly, and the soda would burn all the way down my throat! I couldn't tolerate them. Then, I picked up a new habit, I started chewing Extra, Winter Fresh and the new Wrigley's Doublemint gums, I immediately started having the worst dizzy spells! For a While, I didn't associate the dizzy spells with the gum chewing, and I was chewing at least 5-6 packs, which is approximately 25-30 sticks of gum a day! I am a college student and I started chewing the gum because I was told it would help me concentrate as I studied, or (so I thought).
I would get these heart palpitaitons, slight headaches and just feel all "out of sorts", I also felt nervous and anxious, but still it never occured to me to check out the gum.
The final straw came one day while driving home, I experienced a severe dizzy spell that left me totally disoriented and unable to even walk straight once I left my vehicle. I nearly lost consciousness, as the whole area was spinning around me. I thought it was because I hadn't taken my vitamins, but I noticed that even when I started taking my vitamins, the moment I started chewing the gum, I'd get these same symptoms! Then one day, just because I noticed a different "taste" to my doublemint chewing gum, I decided to read the lable, and there it was-- a warning lable that stated: "This product contains Phenalanine", in bold letters!
I was stunned and immediately went on the internet to check out this ingrediant, and at the same time, I also discovered that the other gums I had chewed, contained Aspartame in them! As of this writing, I have stopped chewing these gums and I now drink plenty of WATER and "Not from Concentrate" Orange Juice. I believe the Lord blessed me to find out about this poison and I know that He will bless me to find another chewing gum that won't harm me. Thank you for this forum

I really think aspartame is bad for the human body!! It makes me mad to know that many people are dying from this product!! They should actually do something about it or I will!! I will prove and testify agaisnt them and prove it is killing many children out there!!!!!! You never know it could be myself because I am a diet coke drinker.

I really think aspartame is bad for the human body!! It makes me mad to know that many people are dying from this product!! They should actually do something about it or I will!! I will prove and testify agaisnt them and prove it is killing many children out there!!!!!! You never know it could be myself because I am a diet coke drinker.

I really think aspartame is bad for the human body!! It makes me mad to know that many people are dying from this product!! They should actually do something about it or I will!! I will prove and testify agaisnt them and prove it is killing many children out there!!!!!! You never know it could be myself because I am a diet coke drinker.

I am a 23 yr. old college graduate. I have my Ba. in psychology and my former physiological psych. professor warned women not to drink DIET soda. He claimed that it can cause a calcium deficient in bones leading to osteoperosis and instructed us to research the chemical phenylaline.

However, that was not enough motivation for me to quit drinking DIET COKE. I never realize that people, such as myself , could actually began to crave the drink!

I am glad this article is posted because the thought of getting cancer is enough motivation for me to make a cut back and eventually eliminate my intake of Diet Coke and other Aspartame products.

The irony is that most people use these products with the hopes of losing weight yet many of the users remain overweight.

I think it would be NAIVE of us consumers to expect a Billion dollar industry such as COKE to admit there product is unsafe. There is so much deceit involve in consumer sales because the love of money is the root of all evil. Billion dollar corporations do not have a conscious. Wake up America, save your health!

It all makes sense!!! I have been drinking Diet Coke since I was 5 and I'm 15 now! I am the only fat person in my whole family and I eat the same amount than most people, but drink a lot of Diet Coke. I don't ever get headaches from it, but I do have cravings after I drink it, I also have sever breathing problems after running but I don't ahve asthma, and I have memory loss and sometimes I have small muscle spasms. Although, I do think I am addicted, having been drinking it for 10 years straight. I have however found one benefit of drinking Diet Coke; I have yet to get a single cavity, and I think that's because I drink Diet sodas that are sugar free. Also, after drinking sugar free drinks, any drink with sugar is unbearably SWEET!! It's just gross, but after reading this info. I won't drink it so religiously. Maybe 1 or 2 a week for a while, then maybe i'll be able to stop for good. If you have any comments for me, please tell me.



i drink a ton of diet pop every day. i also drink a minimum of 4litres of water every day. i have no health concerns what so ever and have lost 35lbs in the last 3 months. ther thing is most americans who diet, order a diet coke with the supersized big mac and fries. gimme a break. WATER WATER WATER then coke, diet or not

What about the diabetic people who crave the sweet taste and have no other alternative. A friend of mine who is diabetic is doing just fine because he weightlifts and does cardio three times a week. I think the immediate signs of headaches is associated mainly to outside factors such as school and health to begin with.

I really don't get why people would drink regular soda unless they have a legitimate health concern about the artificial sweeteners. There are literally no benefits to drinking regular soda - meaning that there are only negatives! Why drink all that sugar? I can drink as much diet soda as I want and it never hurts my diet. Before I realized regular soda was fattening, I used to get it when I was hungry at work - and it did help with the hunger! But there was no nutritional benefit to it. I just don't understand why people would knowingly put that much empty calories into their body if they didn't have to.

Hmmm... it's hard to believe all these people have had problems with Diet Coke... i drink diet soda and i haven't noticed anything unusual. It's not any more addictive then regular soda... post should show IPs because i get the feeling some people are reposting under fake names to try to make DIET COKE look bad.

Yes taking in empty calories are bad, I do not know why people would do that either. However I do not know why people would intentionally take in a neuro-toxin either. Yes your health may be fine right now however 85 percent of the time the first symptom of a heart attack is death! So do not wait on those health problems to show up before you start to worry.
Not only is Diet Coke addicting, it seems that it also causes loss of intelligence, because some of the defensive comments put forward by some of the posters here,can not be put forth by able minded people.

Fountain Diet Cokes are sweetened with saccarine, not aspartame. The aspartame doesn't hold up as well in the syrup!

Ok, so is this general point that aspartame is bad or "Diet Coke" is bad. I have somewhat recently become a Diet A&W junkie. When I say junkie I mean it. I drink about a case a day when I can afford it. It seemed like a near harmless addiction considering the lack of carbs (Im a diabetic) and of course no fat. There is about 100g of sodium per can tho. Not sure what that can do.
So ok, Im drinking a LOT of it, but it's caffeine free, sugar free, fat free. IS there an addictive property here literally? I am ALWAYS thirsty due to poor sugar control yet, so it COULD be attributed to regular thirst for a drink I really like maybe?, the urban legend site, has a detailed page on the aspartame-causes-every-disease-in-the-book urban legend:

Like many, I've been told for years now that Diet Coke is eventually going to eat a hole thru my stomach (or my brain!).....It wasn’t until a few weeks ago, when a constant stomach pain forced me to start to seriously reconsider my diet......I always knew I drank an excessive amount of Diet Coke.....Visit 7-eleven on my way to work for a Super Big Gulp (44oz.) & all thru the day at work, where we have a free fountain coke machine in the cafeteria....Basically, I kept my 44oz cup filled up all day long....

Many folks commented about two...three....four 20oz bottles a day....some even a six pack or more of cans.....I think I consumed on average, four to six 44oz cups a day....roughly 18 cans a day, for probably 15 years now...

After doing about an hour of research on the Internet, I was frightened enough to at least give it a try (stop cold turkey)......I can tell you I haven't had a history of headaches or sleeping problems, but I do have muscle spasms, and as of late, serious stomach pains.....My body knows it's the Diet Coke because as of very recently, just a sip will heighten the pain!

I've been off for about 60 hours now (2.5 days)......

I have a headache, but my stomach pain is at idol currently...

This SUX, but we'll see how it plays out!

I drink a moderate amount of diet coke (or "Coke light" as it's called here), primarily because it contains next to no calories at all while regular coke contains massive amounts.

In response to the original question on this site, people are now listing all sorts of diseases that they supposedly had and that vanished immediately when they dropped the diet coke habit. I find most of this very hard to believe and I'm beginning to think at least half the posters are "trolls" (coming up with nonsense stories just to provoke or inspire debate) or are simply imagining things. That latter point is not a criticism -- we can all do this from time to time and the human mind is powerful and has been shown to sometimes affect the rest of the body. That's the placebo effect and it's taken into account in medical studies, by ensuring that subjects do not know whether or not the drug they are given is effective or not.

Claudia said she wanted to testify that aspartame kills children. No offense intended but I wonder who she is to make such a determination. What evidence does she have other than the rumours frequenting various sites? Did anyone actually read the links provided by ell? They, and related scientific articles conclude that there does not appear to be any danger with aspartame in humans even with abuse-level doses.

I am not claiming that aspartame is completely safe. By all means, if you believe you are drinking too much diet coke (or drinking or eating too much or too little of anything), by all means, make an adjustment. It will probably be beneficial. However, we should be careful when drawing any conclusions with certainty and right now there seems to be more evidence suggesting it is safe than that it has all these doomsday effects some people on this thread (not all) make hysteric comments about.




I am also a big fan of diet coke.

However, I think the idea of being addicted to it is inaccurate. I believe the fact that one can consume as much of it as one likes without any calorific intake may be the real reason it is so popular.

I also drink litres of it each day. But depending on my training session (i.e. the season of the year) i have to drink litres of SOMETHING. This can be water, orange juice, lemonade, and when I'm dietting (to tone up for competitions) diet coke. I have no problem coming off it, as long as I drink lots and lots of other liquids.

People concerned with weight loss experience negative emotions when drinking fatning soft drinks, and it is the lack of negative emotions that leads to so much diet soft drink "abuse."

I.e. there is a psychological reason, rather than a physical addiction.

My 2 cents worth... :)

Um, I was just wondering if your positive all this stuff on diet sodas are true. Especially the part about it being a brain drug that makes you think it's sweet.

Are you positive all this is true? Especially the part where you said it's a brain drug and that it makes you think it's sweet. I really need to know. I think i might have just screwed up my science project...

Most of the people who have commented here sound like complete morons. Anyone who drinks 10 cans of soda per day has other problems besides what's in the can. And insomnia?! Hello, Coke contains caffeine... caffeine keeps you up. Maybe if you got to sleep you wouldn't have headaches in the first place, idiot. And another guy who started chewing gum instead - what's wrong with you? Do you HAVE to be a consumer or something? Why? What do you need it for?

Idiots, all of ya.

Many of the psychological complaints listed here occur with or without diet Coke. Just because you had decreased symptoms off the sauce doesn't mean it was the diet Coke. It's convenient to nail it all to the nice little 12 oz. can--but there are many other factors in our lives which can contribute to mental illness--particularly major life changes.

I Elina think diet coke has a bad after taste. Do you know why? my antie loves any thing that is a diet baverlage soft drinks.
But im not use to the taste yet.
Is it because im not use to it or is it suppose to taste that way?
From; Elina

Missy says she is smarter than all of you and her diet coke doesn't hurt anything
I beilive she's in denial just like an alchoholic on their first apointment.

Missy says she is smarter than all of you and her diet coke doesn't hurt anything
I beilive she's in denial just like an alchoholic on their first apointment.

To my husband that thinks I'm
a alchoholic to diet coke and to all the other people that say bad things about diet coke.
I have been drinking diet coke for years now and not one!!!!
bad thing has happen to me. I evan quit diet coke because I was told it was bad but I did not have any bad things to me. well I felt like why It taste great and I love it so I started
drinking it again. well first I weigh 103 lbs and before I started drinking diet coke I was 125 lbs I never had any bad problems with diet coke I can still remember things since I was 5 and I am old now. I would like to know if it is doing these
bad things to you all why arn't you sending your info to the goverment?????? Is it because we have no real PROOF???? well any way I believe it is ok for you and I drink 6 cans a day. My husband drinks 24 cups of coffee in a day and 3 pks of cigs a day you tell me if that is safe? or better than drinking diet coke :) still living and happy:) and drinking diet coke :) enjoy life while you are here we all only have one life to live thn we meet our Father in heaven God bless you all!!! :o)

I have recently joined a weightloss programme, and was told that I could not drink my favorite drink "Coke", and was forced (told) to drink "Diet Coke" - This really scare, irritates, and makes my want to drink plain water - although this give me no where near the pleasure that "Coke" or "Diet Coke" gives me.... HELP!!!

I have recently joined a weightloss programme, and was told that I could not drink my favorite drink "Coke", and was forced (told) to drink "Diet Coke" - This really scare, irritates, and makes my want to drink plain water - although this give me no where near the pleasure that "Coke" or "Diet Coke" gives me.... HELP!!!

You want help, fatboy?

Why don't you get off your fat ass and get some exercise. You don't need to be in a weight loss 'programme' and you don't need to be drinking Coke or any variation thereof.


Quitting anything addictive can be really hard, both psychologically & physically. Here are some of the things you can expect when you stop an addictive habit: headaches, joint aches, fatigue, short temper, acne, bad breath, possible diarrhea, forgetfullness. These symptoms will go away about a week after stopping the behavior. They happen because the body is actually cleaning out all the toxins which have been stored in the system for the time of the addiction. These symptoms are GOOD! It means the body is healing itself. Once you have acclimated to your new life without addiction, the psychological effects (i.e. bad moods) will lift and you will find a new freedom. I have gone through these symptoms a number of times---I quit coffee, diet coke, cigarettes -- and the first time is the worst, so don't give up. Know those horrible headaches or the hole in your life where your addiction used to be will be gone soon. I recommend getting exercise during this period of change -- even if it's just a walk through your neighborhood. Exercise is proven to increase production of serotonin which elevates mood. It also boosts your immune system, gets the blood flowing and can help you lose weight (which is why I assume most people use Diet Coke). Other things to do while you're withdrawing: long baths, naps, home-cooked meals that are light on animal products, phone calls with friends, large glasses of water, going to the movies, doing something creative even if you don't consider yourself to be "creative:" drawing pictures with your kid's crayons, arranging flowers, cutting up magazines and making a collage, gardening, writing the story of your life.

Finally, here is an idea of what to drink now that you're off the coke. Get some sparkling water and some not-from-concentrate organic juice. I like gratefruit. Get a wine glass (not necessary, but fun!) and fill it 1/4 - 1/2 with the juice, then top it off with the sparkling water. Now you have a delicious, refreshing and healthy carbonated beverage. If you are frugal with the amount of juice you use, you will be low on calories. You will also save money on the juice since you're only drinking a little at a time. (Be sure you get NOT-FROM-CONCENTRATE. Concentrates use only a small percentage of juice and the rest is sweeteners such as aspartame and corn syrup. Ocean Spray is a prime example of what NOT to buy. Try Knudsen's instead. It's worth any extra cost). My best to all of you. I quit a Diet Coke habit that was overwhelming. For one full year all I did was drink Diet Coke, Slimfast and smoke cigarettes. Yeah, I was skinny, but I was also a psychological mess. I looked good, felt awful. Fortunately, I was able to pull myself out of this situation and slowly took the road to recovery, through friends, reading books on health, and exercise. I am still thin, but now I am healthy, too.
Best to you all.

I agree so much I will not drink diet least later on.


Where are the results of any studies made on diet coke? I would like to read them, and analyze all of the negative claims. Is there a website?

I drink plenty of diet coke!!! I am a loyal fan. How ever that tumour fact scares the hell out of me!! but then again scientists are always coming up with new foods we should stay away from!!!!!!! What will it be tomorrow? I just balence out my diet coke in water to remove some of the nasty stuff, oh well i will die happy!

Ey! I think this is a very interesting information! I definetely will stop drinking diet coke or any diet product! Thanks!

I think you all are a little too paranoid. Also I would like someone to produce evidence that someone has died because of thier habit of drinking diet coke. I mean directly related. I would also like to see a long term study with a good size test group about the negative effects of drinking diet coke. If not then I say "take a chance and don't be so paranoid".

Aspartame: I'm no expert, but if you eat sugar a chemical is released into the brain much like Aspartame to make you think the food is sweet. Does this mean drinking normal coke which has sugar will release chemicals in the brain to inidicate it is sweet, and is therefore much like drinking diet coke, though your body may be expecting sugar??? People usually get headaches from dehydration of the brain, so it follows why poeople might stop getting headaches when they they drink more water and less coke. Aspartame bothers me because it is a big money spinner and it was released onto the market when it was shown in trials not to be safe. Later it was shown to be safe. Does safe include studies on the effects it has on the brain? If someone has a science based URL to the affects on the brain, that may of interest.

Diet coke isnt bad for you because of aspartame, or caffeine (unless you drink ungodly amounts of it) but because it does leech your bones from the phosphorous. Bah its not aspartame i drink more than a kid my age should drink and i have no trouble sleeping, rarley if ever get headaches cept during weather changes, and muscle spasms? only have like one of those a month cause im still a growin kid here. As long as i drink milk i should be fine.

(All natural does not mean better folks. Pot, tobacco, cocaine, cyanide and many other poisons are natural).

I am a Diet Coke addict and I am going to quit tonight and see what happens. I have noticed I keep losing my train of thought during conversations and I have definatley noticed memory loss. I am not paranoid and have thought lately maybe my diet has something to do with it. Every year for the last 10 I have noticed I drink more and more Diet Coke. I will be interested to see if quitting makes a difference. I use to laugh about getting cancer until I saw my sister die of a brain tumor and my mother from lung cancer.

I have been drinking diet coke for years, and would have one a day around noon time. I did notice that for a time, I was starting to want it earlier in the day, and if I had one closer to 10, I would want more later in the afternoon. I already had my doubts about how healthy this was, so I made a conscious effort to cut back to the one. I absolutely agree, for all you nay-sayers, that it does give you a variety of symptoms. I came searching for a site like this because I have had thoughts that it might be true that my memory things, stomach pain, sluggishness, and I even get underarm sweats now at times when I have one...I never sweat---ever, at any other time, even during exercise this particular way...I have isolated it to the Diet Coke. I do find myself forgetting what I am saying in the middle of sentences, too, and have had some tests, and there is nothing wrong with me. This is with only one 12 oz. can a day. I know it doesn't make me feel good, but it's a habit, and I still drink one every day. I was also told years ago by my best friend who is a physician that diet soda definately impeedes weight loss. It actually triggers something in your body that makes your body hold onto the fat (lay explanation), sorry, but it is true, and has been proven. I am not overweight, but when I want to shed a little, I know it makes it harder when drinking diet soda. It might not affect everyone, or even everyone the same way, but there is a basis for the concern. I am going to renew my effort to eliminate it for good. There are enough other things to drink out there. I don't need cancer, or to feel sluggish. I want to be around to see my kids grow up, and no love of diet coke is worth missing out on that!

I really dislike diet drinks and I have always been a thin person, but now I'm in my mid 40's and I've gained 10 pounds. I don't like it, so I thought I'd try eating a little less and cutting back on sugar. That's why a couple months ago I started sweetening my morning coffee (large cup!) with Equal instead of sugar. For about a month now, I have felt bad every day. Many days my stomach hurts a little. I don't have my normal energy. I've been trying to figure out what's wrong with me. Last night I realized it might be the nutrasweet, so I got on-line and searched for "nutrasweet" and "stomach". I found all this bad news about nutrasweet. No more nutrasweet for me! (By the way, it did not help me shed those 10 pounds.)

Remember Saccharin was banned and supposed to be cancerous years ago, now it is back and it is "unbanned" and they say it's not cancerous or harmful. Can we believe them at all? Is Aspartame bad for you now and okay later or okay now and bad later? They say everything causes cancer! Remember when they said eating too much Spinach can cause cancer? (That is true by the way because if you have too much you have iron overload and you can get cancer from that.) Anyway, my point is that maybe it's people who get cancer, not this or that that causes it. It just happens. You know what they say..."S$%t happens!"

Remember Saccharin was banned and supposed to be cancerous years ago, now it is back and it is "unbanned" and they say it's not cancerous or harmful. Can we believe them at all? Is Aspartame bad for you now and okay later or okay now and bad later? They say everything causes cancer! Remember when they said eating too much Spinach can cause cancer? (That is true by the way because if you have too much you have iron overload and you can get cancer from that.) Anyway, my point is that maybe it's people who get cancer, not this or that that causes it. It just happens. You know what they say..."S$%t happens!"

Remember Saccharin was banned and supposed to be cancerous years ago, now it is back and it is "unbanned" and they say it's not cancerous or harmful. Can we believe them at all? Is Aspartame bad for you now and okay later or okay now and bad later? They say everything causes cancer! Remember when they said eating too much Spinach can cause cancer? (That is true by the way because if you have too much you have iron overload and you can get cancer from that.) Anyway, my point is that maybe it's people who get cancer, not this or that that causes it. It just happens. You know what they say..."S$%t happens!"

Oh yah, to the poster named "Hadley", I'm sorry but your "physician" friend is clearly mistaken. No where in medical literature does it say that soda pop impedes weightloss. That is simply untrue. I have lost 130 lbs by myself by reducing my caloric intake and drinking lots and lots of diet coke. Thanks to Diet Coke I was able to satisfy my cravings for something sweet and thus resisted high calorie foods. Diet Coke, this one's for you!

I will be reducing then stopping Diet Coke at least on a trial basis. My concern is that I've been increasingly anxious and having cognitive difficulty as well as some other minior neurological symptoms. Lexapro helped this some but I drink 4-6 Diet Cokes a day. Sometimes more. I've been doing this for years.

I consider myself the perfect guinea pig for such a study. I also beleive that it's possible that some people have these effects from aspartame while others may not. Just as not everybody that smokes gets cancer etc....

i hate diet coke and all soda in general. If you think long and hard about it, you will too. Stay away from all these fake drinks. Or go on drinking it until you die i dont care.

Diet coke is deadly especially if you see the initials TN

To Kaki's response, I didn't see an M.D. next to your name, and he is not mistaken...he is an expert on weight and weight loss.
Any idiot knows that you WILL of course lose weight by reducing your caloric intake, diet coke or not. But if you drank water instead of diet coke during the time you were losing that weight, it would have come off faster. I think what I said was that diet soda IMPEEDES (interferes with) weight loss, I never said it PREVENTS it. Medical schools know it, and talk about it, and you can believe it or not.

aside from all this aspartame issue, one should be concerned about the phosphorus. i am (almost) a doctorate of pharmacy (2006) and i believe that well beyond the risk of cancer, people should be concerned of teh risk of osteoporosis. the phosphorus exchanges for calcium in your bones and can cause major problems later on in life. one should be aware of that with ALL beverages that are carbinated (ie. coke, pepsi, beer, champagne, you name it).....

I would like to share this story with you all, as some people think that giving up Diet Coke will be some sort of panacea for all their ills.

I am a diehard Diet Coke drinker and have been for almost 10 years. I'd say I drink 3-4 cans a day on average.

For Lent, since I was blessed with my first child this past year, I gave up something I truly loved - something that was a true sacrifice - Diet Coke.

I drank flavored seltzer or plain seltzer during the Lenten season. I never had any of the aforementioned symptoms, and when I gave it up over those 40 days, I didn't see any change in my sleeping habits, my body didn't feel any better or worse - I had no change in anything with respect to my body.

Sure enough, at the end of Lent (this past weekend), I went right back to my Diet Coke, and the only difference I noticed was that it seemed sweeter to me than before - not unlike the way I viewed Regular Coke after a few months of drinking Diet - very syrupy. The last couple of days, I've had to dilute it with seltzer, but I'm sure that soon enough I'll be back where I was before. (Plus I wonder what Regular Coke would taste like at this point - it'd probably seem as thick as molasses.)

The bottom line is this: everyone's body chemistry is different. Some people can drink it without having it affect them; others can't.

If you have some of the symptoms other people mentioned, and you cut out Diet Coke or Aspartame altogether and your problems disappear, fantastic.

If you're like me, and you drink it with no ill effects, congratulations on being one of "the lucky ones."

God Bless.

P. S. I actually stumbled across this site to find out exactly how much aspartame was in a can of Diet Coke (packet equivalency). After reading these stories I felt like I had to share mine.

Hand me another diet coke!!!!!

well you have to die eventually. might as well do what you want while you're alive.

Soda, diet or otherwise is not the healthiest thing we could be drinking. Besides the aspartame, and all the other hemicals in diet soda, what about all the acid in ALL sodas? People are on here debating about diet soda and how they love it and aren't gonna stop drinking it, well more power to you all, but water always was and still is the healthiest thing you can drink, and aids in weight loss better than any other drink, it has zero fat, zero calories, and if it's good water it is full of healthy minerals. As far as the cancer thing, cancer rates are rising because of the way our food is handled, nothing is really natural anymore, meats are pumped full of horomones, vegetables are being cloned. Everything in the grocery store can kill you these days!

66 year old female)In October of 2003 I had a pituitary adenoma (partially)removed. Now it is being monitored. Now I am being treated for Parkinson's. I drink Diet Coke moderately but since its inception. Comments please.

66 year old female)In October of 2003 I had a pituitary adenoma (partially)removed. Now it is being monitored. Now I am being treated for Parkinson's. I drink Diet Coke moderately but since its inception. Comments please.

66 year old female)In October of 2003 I had a pituitary adenoma (partially)removed. Now it is being monitored. Now I am being treated for Parkinson's. I drink Diet Coke moderately but since its inception. Comments please.

I was just reading all your comments, and I know how good soda is, believe me, I've been drinking it for years. However, have you ever looked into how horrible just the carbonation alone is for you? Not just the artificial sweeteners, which if you search around, you can find a lot of information on Aspartame, but it eats away at your bones; for every 8 oz of soda, you should drink twice as much milk to counteract it. Have you ever seen the experiment where the kid puts a tooth in coke for like a week? and it dissolves!! Goodness, it has even been shown to contribute to kidney stones. I'm looking into this, as its my current project, here's some of what I've found: , . Ever had your heart race while you're sitting at rest? while my "normal" resting heart rate is about 80 bpm, it jumps up to 120 bpm within half an hour of consuming any soda containing caffeine and sugar,no exercise, sitting at the dinner table and I'm a 5'5" 125 lb 20 year old woman. I'll be the one of the first to raise my hand that I drink soda, but I'm going to try to cut back on it because there is absolutely nothing about soda that makes it worth drinking. I hope some of you who read this are somewhat enlightened, I know I have been, after hearing about formaldehyde being formed in the body with only diet soda, and then looking into it. Here's one more site for the list:
Hopefully this will give you a better taste for water.

Dear Morons:

Guess what happens when you drink 5+ cans of any soda beverage?? that's right, you consume a shitload of caffine. NO WONDER YOU GET STOMACH AND HEAD ACHES. Everyone who's saying aspartame is SO bad for us, because its a chemical? Everythign we eat has freakin chemicals in it. And aspartame causes cancer in mice?? There's NO WAY a human being can consume the amount of diet coke as they injected into those animals pound for pound.

If you wanna live better, don't replace your water with diet coke, and exercise. Too much of practically anything is bad for you.


Diet Coke is the best!
Helps to satisfy my ravenous carb.cravings, and therefore preventing binges!

No wonder your getting headaches, you drink it way too much!! I’ve read many places its ok to drink 2-3 cans a day. DON’T EXCEED THAT. Not even with regular coke! Its just pure dumbness. Have you heard of getting diabetis from TOO much sugar? Trust me, it happens. My SD has diabetis from too much sugar.

Also, if you drink lots of diet, just drink lots of water too. I drink a couple cans a day, but for every can I drink, I drink two glasses of water. So say I drink 3 cans of pop, I drink 6 glasses and then go up to 8 or 10 so im getting enough water. Try it, you’ll lower your chances of getting this “cancer” that you get from aspartame.

It's amazing what a little information and a lot of imagination will accomplish with simple minds. Anything in excess is unhealthy. Just proves that Americans are frightened people, who fear everything. Of all the things that you encounter day to day that could harm you, Diet Coke is one of the smallest threats. The air you breath, the other food you eat. Get a grip people.

Tastes real good with Wild

Long Live Diet Coke!!! Even the initials in my name are "DC", if you want to get technical "DLC" - which could be Diet Lime Coke (which isn't half bad). Nothing like a cold glass first thing in the morning. Listen to the fizz - ahhhh! I have a term "supplies are dangerously low" when I'm 1/2 down on my 2 liter. And what is up with the 1.5 liters now in the store - I'm gettin nervous. Hey - there are worse habits in life than Diet Coke.

Long Live Diet Coke!!! Even the initials in my name are "DC", if you want to get technical "DLC" - which could be Diet Lime Coke (which isn't half bad). Nothing like a cold glass first thing in the morning. Listen to the fizz - ahhhh! I have a term "supplies are dangerously low" when I'm 1/2 down on my 2 liter. And what is up with the 1.5 liters now in the store - I'm gettin nervous. Hey - there are worse habits in life than Diet Coke.

Hello! I've been a Diet-Coke or regular Coke drug addict for 26 years, starting small, then really geting hooked on that Diet-Coke-type drug addiction, because I became disillusioned with school. I got kicked out of a high school, partially because nobody really cared enough about me to help me with mental retardation problems I had since I was 2 years old. Even though I eventually graduated college at 40 years of age, from the time I started college at 19 years old, I haven't really cared about my grades in school; I earned D's in advanced math or science classes in college pretty often, although I got good or excellent grades in easier college courses. The one twist: the advanced math or science professors I had made up their own grading curves, which made it appear as though I was getting good or average grades, which is not true; in fact, I have a learning disability(s), my grades in many of these advanced math or science courses were barely passing at all, and I flunked one advanced math course, one advanced science course, and a communications course. I also earned a D in FORTRAN computer programming, although a FORTRAN instructor used a curved grading scale to make it look like I was getting an A, when I did quite poorly in the course on FORTRAN programming. After I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in 1986, I made up my own graduate degree program in Astrophysics Theory and took a few side courses over a 12-and-a half-year period until August 1999, when I graduated myself with a Doctor of Physics degree. However, as a self-study-graduate student taking that course out on an outside field, I gave my family and others trouble, making stupid, clumsy blunders that are not normal; I've been a closet sex pervert since December 1981 and engaged in a lot of crazy sex antics in college and everywhere else, including masturbations and sexually teasing and tormenting other students silently and playfully, and got into trouble in school and elsewhere time and again. I had some headaches, episodes of diahrea, a bloated abdomen, and some occasional leg cramps. I also pass gas pretty much, and quite often.

Well, alrighty, then. What does one add to that?

Ok folks, here is the deal!
Lets break down "Diet Coke."

1. Carbonated water: Contains purified carbon dioxide and sodium. Not a real big threat, the sodium will make you feel dehydrated (some people confuse this for hunger).

2. Caramel Color: Burnt sugar used for coloring or sweetening foods. Still Sugar? Possibly! Still not a big threat though.

3. Aspartame: Artificial sweetener formed from Aspartic Acid. Aspartic Acid is a nonessential amino acid and can be created from other amino acids in the liver. Aspartic Acid is important because it regulates the urea cycle for the proper elimination of waste products. If there is an imbalance with this amino acid in the urea cycle (too much from Diet Coke or anything else), then symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration (anxiety), headache, mental confusion, and sometimes unable to tolerate protein foods (ya' that’s means you, doing a protein and Diet Coke diet and probably not feeling well).

4. Phosphoric Acid: Used in Fertilizers, dental cements, and has a bitter taste. Not always a great thing to consume too much of, as true with anything. It causes chemical instability in the body. Then, bad things happen as always with anything.

5. Potassium Benzoate: Well, first of all Potassium is chemically changed by electrolysis and changed into salts that can be found in fertilizers and soaps. Benzoate is another salt derived from the acid Benzoic. Benzoic Acid is used to flavor tobacco, perfumes, teeth cleaners (one good thing), contains an aroma, and has many other uses. I wonder how it "Protects the taste" though? Probably just an addictive, and tricks the body into wanting it more, just like cologne's and other stimulating products.

6. Natural Flavors: Not sure of Coke's definition and what they are pertaining to "natural" flavors. Most of these ingredients are altered in some ester or unnatural way.

7. Citric Acid: Created by fermentation of carbohydrates or of course from certain fruits. Too much acid in the stomach can cause gastric ulcers or stomach irritation. Again, too much of anything causes chemical instability in the body. Then, bad things happen.

8. Caffeine: The addiction drug of the uneducated world. Here is what happens and why people tend to "need their Diet Coke" or whatever. The caffeine hits the brain and binds to adenosine receptors. This causes you to feel awake and alert. Normally adenosine is supposed to connect to these receptors and slow down nerve cell activity (causing drowsiness). When this happens the pituitary gland thinks there is something wrong, so it releases epinephrine (adrenaline) to prepare the body for an emergency. At this point the body is ready for action and is at a higher state of alert than normal. This is ok but not for long periods of time. Being at this state for long periods wear down the body faster. Having the body thinking there is emergency going on all the time is not good at all. This also has a dramatic effect on the very important "deep cycle" phase of sleep. The body cannot get the "deep sleep" it needs due to the caffeine levels still in the body and caffeine still binding to the adenosine receptors. Caffeine has a half-life of about 5 1/2 hours. So if you drink a Diet Coke at 6:00pm and go to sleep at 11:30pm, the caffeine level in your body is only half gone. You are not getting quality sleep because the proper "deep sleep cycles" where never really achieved.
Then, in this same group, there is dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter and stimulates the pleasure parts of the brain. This is believed to be the addiction part of caffeine, which results into the conscious or subconscious addiction of caffeinated products. When the caffeine wears off, side effects occur, then the consumer grabs for more to mask the effects.

There! Now when you are drinking a Diet Coke you can read this article and ponder upon the element and make a decision for yourself. The bottom line is this. The body can function on a well-balanced nutritious diet with water or an occasional soda. When doses upon doses of “Diet Coke” or other foreign abundances of chemicals enter the body, the body starts getting confused on what is going on and what is doing what. This is probably why the strange side effects start happening. The body has a normal state and with the essential nutrients would still remain its normal state even if Coke® was never formed back in 1886. Lets not chemically and abusively over due ourselves because of a silly mental habit, then you might actually feel normal.

"The Dr."

Any questions or additional help to the above (June 7, 2004 05:32 PM) document email me at
"The Dr."

You guys are idiots, less Calories per day equals weight loss. If you drink regular soda, then switch to diet soda -- then you will have taken in less calories. Ive lost 15 pounds in a year due to this, and I kept my same eating habits. Why must everyone try to discourage others, I mean come on aspartame bad for you? yeah im sure if you consume a box of it a week. You guys are pawns and believe every little unfounded theory you hear.

What a load of bullshit most of you go on with. I have at least 2 x 600ml Diet Cokes a day and have been for over 10 years. I do not drink anything other than water and the occasional alcholic beverage and do not smoke and there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. I had a full fitness test 2 months ago and my kidneys were fine, blood count was perfect, no high blood pressure, no shortness of breathe no ongoing stomach aches and very few headaches though I do admit if I go a couple of days without one I do get a headache. But this is common with most stimulants. Maybe you think its the Diet coke that sparks your problems. Why don't you have a look at your lifestyle and diet. It is easy to blame weight and fitness on Diet Coke. Eat a s alad and go for a run.

You are saying that Aspartame is poison. Where do you get your information or sources from? I have heard that diet coke is good from some n bad from others.

I am alergic to alcohol and since aspertame comverts to wood alcohol (which effects the brain) when heated I was getting sick when drinking or eating anything made with aspertame. Soda is served cold but people don't think about the time it spends on a truck or in a warehouse. When I stopped using these products, I stopped being sick. People have also been diognosed with false positives in MS tests.

All i have to say is... i have not had any symptoms that alotta people said they had, ive lost a good amount of weight with it, and ITS NOT THAT ADDICTING.. I've been drinking all sorts of diet soda and feel good everyday. Its been years i've been drinking it. SO yall can be free and say what you want. I know what diet can do, and it hasn't done jack shit. So DRINK ON

I really love Coke Light. The taste is much better than Diet Coke, and I don't need to worry about increasing weight. Though, I've heard some bad, but do you know how many foods we have taken daily which also poison to ourself? At least we can have a bit control, just drink on.

My suspicion is that drinking diet coke everyday is actually bad for you.

When a company I used to work for stopped giving away free sodas, I switched from 4 diet cokes per day to 4 bottles of water per day. Although I never noted any negative side effects from all of the diet soda I drank, I did notice a dramatic difference once I had switched to water.

I felt so much better! Somehow, I felt less sluggish, more clear-headed, and less addicted. Now, diet coke tastes like medicine to me.

I am addicted to diet coke !! Its terrible during the week at work i drink 3 cans in 8 hours one on the way home and 1-2 more before i go to bed at night. Then on the weekends watch out.. I would say I go thru 36 cans a week no joke I love it but i hate it i am worried that it may affect things in my body over time anyone have any suggestions or thoughts.

I am addicted to diet coke !! Its terrible during the week at work i drink 3 cans in 8 hours one on the way home and 1-2 more before i go to bed at night. Then on the weekends watch out.. I would say I go thru 36 cans a week no joke I love it but i hate it i am worried that it may affect things in my body over time anyone have any suggestions or thoughts.

If diet coke and aspartame are as bad as people here say they are, I dont think the FDA would allow the sale of it. I also think that if aspartame was dangerous to our health, there would be so many more health problems linked to it than there are. The only horror stories you ever hear about it are the ones online - thats where you can find every rumor in the world. I drink a TON of diet soda (maybe about 6 cans a day, maybe more, maybe less) and there is not a single thing wrong with my health due to it. Bottom line, aspartame doesnt cause memory loss or sleep problems and if it really was dangerous, doctors, magazines, and tv programs would constantly tell us not to consume it. Drink your diet coke and dont worry about it because nothing will happen!!

everything in moderation !

Look all you have to do is a couple of searches on the net and you will find out that the whole Aspartame/Nutrisweet thing has been kicking around the net for ages. Now, if you are a dyed in the wool conspiracy theoris you aren't going to believe anyone but the should wrap your head in aluminum foil and maybe the voices in your head will go away. However, the fact that you don't see our nation's emergency wards crammed with people suffering acute attacks of "Aspartame poisoning" should clue you in on the level of danger...unless they are taking the patients to secret underground labs at Area 51!

Here is an excerpt from a longer report written to address romors that aspartame had adverse effects on Multiple Schlerosis sufferers:

The Inappropriate and Unsubstantiated Alarm Over Aspartame

David Squillacote, MD
Senior Medical Advisor, Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
January 12, 1999

1. Aspartame does cause the production of small amounts of methanol, but no more than normal consumption of fruits and vegetables.
2. There are about 200 mg of aspartame in 12 ounces of most diet drinks. Even with greater than 2000 mg of aspartame, there is no change in the levels of methanol in normal adults. Normal volunteers have taken 600 mg/hour of aspartame for 8 hours without significant increases in serum methanol. Normal men have taken 10,000 mg of aspartame without any side effects.
3. Infants who have received equivalently enormous doses of aspartame show no increase in serum methanol levels.
4. Methanol itself is not the problem in "methanol poisoning". It is the generation of formic acid when the methanol is very high that causes the dangerous acidosis and the blindness. Normal volunteers have taken 14,000 mg of aspartame. Even though their methanol levels rose, the formic acid did not. The methanol levels returned to normal within 8 hours.
5. When aspartame-containing beverages are left at high storage temperatures, the aspartame can degrade and form small amounts of methanol.
6. Diketopiperazine (DKP) is another breakdown product of aspartame. It has not been show to be carcinogenic (causes cancers).
7. There is no connection between "Desert Storm Syndrome" and aspartame.

Look, you don't want to believe the guy, you figure he is in the pay of major food corporations, FINE. But that just shows you how silly it is to say that the internet and bloggers are some sort of alternative to mainstream media. Yes, I would love it if it were true but the internet is a playground for the lunatic fringe and the problem is that anything in nice html looks "believable".

So just pop open a Diet Coke and RELAX!

Michael S. Copley

Let's use some logic please. Since artificial food additives, in general, began to be applied in the early 20th Century, cancer, MS, and other diseases have increased (as a percentage of the population). Perhaps we are better at detecting/identifying the diseases; perhaps not. We are messing with nature. Stick to natural foods and you remove the risk associated with relying on the FDA and other agencies' best estimates of harm from artificial additives. Regulators (such as the FDA) have been wrong before. They can be wrong again.

I have not drank Diet Coke and never will, recently I saw a commercial for Propel (a Gatorade product), I bought a pack of it and started drinking it, it tasted horribly sweet, I had already heard about aspratame and other artificial sweeteners, I kept on drinking it and just couldn't take anymore of it, it was NASTY! I looked at the ingredients and saw Acesulfame Potassium, I looked it up on the internet and saw that it was related to Aspratame, which causes many symptoms like having headaches and that sort. I can't chew any gum anymore because it filled with aspratame. The new coke called C2 is just as bad as Diet Coke. Most Diet Coke drinkers that I know seem to be abit strange. I've warned some but they didn't care a single bit, they just kept on drinking it and drinking it. It is very addictive obiviously. What gets me angery is that companies make tons of money off it!!! And the FDA approved this?!!!? Unfortunately, artificial sweeteners are bad for you and you are posining yourself if you drink or eat it. I hope that one day that all artificial sweeteners will be gone.

That was some scary stuff to think about. I'm only a teenager and thinking about how much diet soda I drink isn't a good thing if these statements are true. I hope that it wont effect me I think I will stop drinking it ...incase.

How weird, I have a co-worker who has complained of the same symptoms listed here, migraines, stomach ache, muscle aches. I can't say for sure that it is the diet coke, but she drank dr. pepper pretty religiously up until a couple of years ago, and she did not have these complaints then. By the way, she has bad gas all the time too.

I broke my collar bone about a year ago and it never healed so I had to have surgery. They inserted a plate to keep the bones stable. The doctor told me that smoking is extrememly bad for calcium formation so I quit smoking and I quit drinking. I always drank a lot of soda but after that I started drinking a lot of diet coke and diet drpepper to curb the nicotine withdrawl. Its been six months and the last time I saw the doctor, my arm still wasn't showing any signs of healing. I've been taking calcium supplements since then as well but it doesn't seem to be helping. Now I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the carbonation in the soda. Anyone have any ideas? I havn't been drinking as much of it but when I see my doctor next month, I'll be sure to ask him.

you shitheads are so damned clueless. i drink 96 diet cokes a week and i am perfectly cokes and my smokes are the only things that give me pleasure and i will be damned if i listen to you panick promoting deadheads.kiss my ass.

lona, keep your anger to yourself, I think your fool to drink 96 diet cokes a week, you should take a diet off diet cokes! I don't think we are the ones that are cluelss I think you are, and anyone who agrees with you.

A lot of the aforementioned ill symptoms are due to dehydration as caffiene is a duiretic. This also leads to bone loss in women. The mineral loss from dehydration induces the drawing of calcium from bone. And eventually osteoporosis. Dehydration will cause wheezing (asthma). Acidic quality of diet sodas will raise havoc with stomach acids. This makes you feel hungry. So, best thing to do is make yourself some tea and sweeten it with the herb called Stevia. It's a natural sweetener, much much sweeter than sugar. Try it and you see what I mean, it's amazing. I make a creation using hibiscus, spearmint, lemonbalm and ofcourse stevia. Iced is yummy. Oh, and where the hell is Ralph Nader on this issue? I would join a law suit against Coke because the stuff IS ADDICTIVE and absolute poison. And they are poisoning people all over the world. Hey, if we can take on the tobacco industry, why not. Oh, and I will add psoratic arthritis to the list of ills and I know diet coke is the culprit. I just discovered an uncle who has PA and guess what he was guzzling when I went to visit him recently. I'm taking a two week vacation and my number one goal is to get off the soda and save my life. Good luck to the rest of you who also attempt to kick this awful addiction. I know it's going to be really tough.

I drink shed loads of diet coke and am constantly being nagged by my mum and boyfriend to 'give up the habit!'.I keep trying to persuade them that it's better than alcohol and that if you look at what tea does to the inside of a tea cup then what does that do to your insides but they are not to be swayed!! However, having read various articles re. losing calcium and having increased my exercise and reduced my calorie and fat intake with no results I have decided to attempt to cut right down and possibly even give up my diet coke. But as others have mentioned it does seem sad that nothing seems harmless anymore and maybe a can a day won't hurt?!?

I'd first try one diet coke a day, then 1 every other day then try once a week, and so on, so then soon you'll be off of diet coke. Take it slowly, its hard to get off something your addicted to. Its good not to drink any diet sodas at all. Its best to stick to regular soda and use sugar than anything else.

Aspertame is out there, check your tea and just about everything you eat, giving up diet coke only is not the answer to your problems.

Aspratame is surely out there. Thats the bad part and many people drink diet coke. This forum isn't just about Diet Coke, its also about Aspratame. Just because the FDA approved it, doesn't mean its any good for you. Don't say "I don't care because the FDA approved it." My friend did that when I tried to tell her about how bad aspratame was. People need to know about this.

Ok, didn't buy any of this. Fought it tooth and nail with the wife. I am a lifelong diet coke guy. I mean, I drank it like it was going out of style. I quit five weeks ago. I am not going tell you my memory got better or my skin is more youthful or whatever, but I will tell you this: I have had a sweating problem all of my adult life. I am in great shape, exercise all the time, but I used to sweat sitting down, in the winter, through sports coats, suits, you name it. The doctor told me years ago that it was just me, something that some people have. Well, (spooky drum roll) not anymore. No diet coke, no sweating. I haven't been reviewed by the FDA (lol)so take it all with a grain of salt, but I'm here to tell you that it (something in it) was the root of my sweating problem. Pretty good info if your in the shoes I was in.

I told my Nana that I used Equal in my tea and coffee and I drink diet coke because real sugar gives me bad skin. She said that artificial sweeteners have something in them that is used to embalm bodies, but I can't remember the name of it. Anyway now I'm freaked out but don't know what to believe. I'm not going to use artificial sweeteners until I find out the truth though.

I should note that both aspartic acid and phenylalanine are not poisons but perectly natural amino acids. Phenylalanine is even an essential amino acid--you can't live without it. Aspartic acid is produced by your body, and both are incorporated into proteins in your body right now. Methanol is mildly toxic, yes, but your liver can and does process it without any problems. It is produced in small quantities by bacteria in your gut and in breaking down natural esthers in vegetables. The equivalent sweetness of one gram of sugar generates approximately 500 micrograms of methanol--a truly microscopic amount.

This is pure scaremongering pseudoscience.

Just a quick note to say that most of the comments declaring the problems with aspartame to be psuedo-scientific scare-mongering are accurate; the science isn't there to back up the claims. HOWEVER, there is a nearly overwhelming body of anecdotal evidence that points to some serious problems, linkable to the intake of aspartame, for some of members of the human race.

A personal example: My wife developed serious hormonal problems in her early thirties similar to the more severe cases of menopause--uncontrollable crying and emotional outbursts, intestinal disturbances, poor temperature regulation, etc. She stopped any intake of aspartame as part of a diet (ironic, that, eh?) to lose a few pounds (5 or 10) and the symptoms cleared up. We didn't realize what the problem had been immediately but we eventually figured it out and over the course of several months we experimented and confirmed, to our satisfaction, that the aspartame was having some very very serious effects on her body (and mental stability...and indirectly mine, frankly :) ).

Everyone is different (I can't eat cheese because it triggers migraines) and you have to evaluate these things for yourself. (Oh, and it wasn't and isn't any of the government's business.)

I am also a firm believer that this stuff will cause problems with your body. Everyone is different with the way our bodies react to breaking down substances, but I almost had heart surgery because of aspartame and the side effects it caused. I constantly used it in my ice tea, while also consuming Crystal Light products, sugar free jello, diet pop, breath saver mints, etc. My body started having allergic reactions to it, my heart would race so fast you could not count the beats. I literally thought I was going to die. I have never been so scared in my life. I started making a log of my daily food and all substances and finally put two and two together. But, before I (may I say again, I) figured this out, I had numerous heart tests, which came back okay, went to talk with a specialist in Pittsburgh, PA regarding my heart, they thought I had an abnormality of some kind, which come to find out, I do not. Long story short, after stopping consuming this product completely, I have not had ONE epidode of the problems I were having. I am 35 years old, not taking any medication of any kind, and completely healthy. This stuff is so bad for you. I really think people are being diagnosed today for things they do not have because of the consumption of this CRAP. I get so angry because of this whole deal. People that are still using it. IS IT REALLY WORTH IT? Thanks . . .

I've been drinking Diet-Coke just on weekends since 1 or 2 years ago and I've noticed kinda loss of short time memory. It's true, and it is scaring. I know I just drink a little percent of what almost all of you have drank in your whole lifes, but really sometimes I don't remember some kind of things, specially when my mom gives me orders. I want to obey her but the minute after that I forgot what she just told me and I continue with my stuff.
Lol, once she had to go out and left me in care of the chicken and potatoes on the stove, guess what? That dinner died roosted. Why? Because I FORGOT!
Maybe I'm just crazy and Diet-Coke is not guilty of my stupudity, but my mom is not happy with me...

A good way to get off the overpopulation.

If you must know, it is not a good way to get rid of overpopulation. The world is crazy enough thank you. If we didn't consume Artficial Sweeteners at least it would make the world be more normal. It seems as though many more people are become lazy, weird and idiotic. All they care about is Diet Coke. You may want to disagree with me about that fact. But in a way, its true. Whenever you have an addiction, thats all you care about besides your family and friends. Still how can you be so stupid to think that Diet Coke is really going to make you lose weight?! Physiologically, you think its going to make you lose weight so you may lose weight if you drink it, but Diet Coke isn't whats going to make you lose weight and thats a fact.

what else is Aspartame in?

The October 2, 2004 issue of the British Medical Journal carries an editorial concluding that aspartame has been "demonised unfairly" in sections of the press and on the Internet.

The BMJ editorial states: "Evidence does not support links between aspartame and cancer, hair loss, depression, dementia, behavioural disturbances, or any of the other conditions appearing in websites. Agencies such as the Food Standards Agency, European Food Standards Authority, and the Food and Drug Administration have a duty to monitor relations between foodstuffs and health and to commission research when reasonable doubt emerges. Aspartame's safety was convincing to the European Scientific Committee on Food in 1988,but proving negatives is difficult, and it is even harder to persuade vocal sectors of the public whose opinions are fuelled more by anecdote than by evidence. The Food Standards Agency takes public concerns very seriously and thus pressed the European Scientific Committee on Food to conduct a further review, encompassing over 500 reports, in 2002. It concluded from biochemical, clinical, and behavioural research that the acceptable daily intake of 40 mg/kg/day of aspartame remained entirely safe-except for people with phenylketonuria."

alright im 19 and i plan to go into modeling soon but i still have an adolescent acne problem if diet coke does things that will keep your skin clear, keep your weight down, and this and that then i will continue to drink it hopefully not 4 life but we live in a world where everything is a hazard you cant even have sex anymore!!!! whatever thats like??? it's like i can choose to remain a virgin to keep from catching herpes and now i can choose to stop drinking diet coke to keep from catcing brain cancer omg if we are alive by the year 2020 we're gonna walking mutants shipped to another planet who knows maybe it will be better that way


Where did you get that quote from? You can't trust the people that make aspartame..of course they are going to say its OK for you. They want...MONEY! Don't you get it? Big businesses make millions on aspartame. Aspartame is cheaper because its artificial. These people don't care if it harms you. The government doesn't really even know about it..and if they do why are are they sitting on their butts just watching all of this happen? Its sick. And if you really believe what big businesses like Coca-Cola say then how can you ever believe what other people that are trying to tell you how bad it really is. Many of my friends are consuming Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners. I am trying my best to get them off! Imagine trying to get millions off it. Its not easy!
Aspartame is just as bad as alchohol maybe even worse. At least with alchohol you know that there is a risk. Not that many people know that aspartame harms you. Thats why people NEED to tell other people even the they don't want to believe you.

Aspartame is currently in over 5,000 products at the least. It is almost impossible to name them all. But I'd recommend you to look at the ingredients to all products. You just can't trust anything any more. By the way there are other artificial sweeteners just like aspartame..neotame, asceuflame-K, Sacchrin and many more. Already there has been an artifical sweetener thats been banned from the United States. I am convinced that all artificial sweetners are bad for people. Hope that helps you a bit.. Stay away from anything that is sugar-free.


Read about Don Rumsfeld's (Sp? Sorry, I'm a Canuck) involvement in the big aspartame caper if you really believe that the FDA approved this dangerous chemical "carte blanche." Several lawsuits are in progress.

Why am I so interested? Because for years, I had serious migraines and visual problems. Since reading about aspartame and giving up my sugar-free gum habit, the headaches subsided. My brother-in-law and mother-in-law drink huge quantities of diet Coke as they have Type 2 diabetes. The brother-in-law recently had a series of strokes that Doctors cannot trace to anything, and his mother has just been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Of course, none of this proves that aspartame is dangerous, but I find it strange that my husband is in excellent health and drinks only water, red wine or grape juice.

"what else is Aspartame in?"

Tomatoes! At least the equivalent ingredients are in them. Honestly, anyone who can possibly say that aspartame is bad for you at this stage is ignorant, retarded and emotionally disturbed. Usually it comes from 14 year old fat girls who can't keep their weight down and is full of grammatical errors etc. (just look at some of the anti-diet coke sites). Sugar is what will really kill you or many other ingredients found in made-up foods. Occasionally out of the blue these weirdos will get inspired to write a paragraph that has the appearance of looking intelligent in order to attempt to persuade unsuspecting people on the internet who haven't looked into the subject. Trust me, THESE PEOPLE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ANYTHING!!!! Especially anything medical. Look at this quote from probably the most respected anti-aspartame vindicate ever:

"During a lecture I said "If you are using aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, etc.) and you suffer from fibromyalgia symptoms, spasms, shooting pains, numbness in your legs, cramps, vertigo, dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, joint pain, depression, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, blurred vision, or memory loss-you probably have Aspartame Disease!" People were jumping up during the lecture saying, "I've got this, is it reversible?" It is rampant. Some of the speakers at my lecture even were suffering from these symptoms. "

Oh yeah sure. If I have a head in the morning I probably have aspartame disease. If I fail an exam I probably have aspartame disease. If anything happens me ever that I don't like I almost definitely have aspartame disease.

Phenylalanine was supposed to be the rotgut of aspartame before, the part that would kill you and your children and all your braincells and then suddenly it all stopped when it was started to be used as a drug in the pharmaceutical industry! As an anti-depressant and in far greater quantities than anyone on Diet Coke would intake. Funny how we never hear anything about that part of aspartame anymore.

Jaki, you obviously haven't done your homework! Aspartame has been the most widely tested drug EVER by the FDA (that is the big cheese in the drug and food regulation, but I wouldn't put it past you thinking even they are conspiring to poison us) and EVERY SINGLE test has come back as conclusively proving that aspartame does no damage at all, the same with every other regulatory body who has tested it. When you test something so much, SOMETIMES tests might come back as inconclusive: ie. they probably were nothing but they couldn't be absolutely 100% sure, that's what happens with everything. The FDA and others have spend enough time on this insane testing and retesting of aspartame, for god's sake just ignore the weirdos and let them get on with their very important work.

Oh Padraig,

True the FDA HAS done MANY tests on aspartame but maybe not ENOUGH.

"Its great for you! It may cause a few headaches but other than that its just fine!"
That’s what the FDA says, the thing is some people don't get any symptoms! While other people get really sick from it. So when you tell the people that don't get symptoms from it, they just shrug their shoulders and keep on comsuming it.

I have done my homework if you must know. Oh and by the way, many anti-depressants are causing people to try to commit suicide, bring weapons to school, and other psychotic things. Obviously YOU haven't done your homework.
So what do you want me to do? Get over it? Think again pal. I'm not going to just ignore the weirdos. Theres to many of them!
For God's sakes pal, Think.



I would rather drink water, exercise, and eat a well-balanced diet free of ANY artificial ingredients. Nutra-sweet is a man-made chemical with many uncertain (probably dangerous) health effects. Do you think the huge soda industries care about our health? Don't be part of their experiment. Have some common sense. Don't you care about what you put in your body?


yo I love the DC man!!! It the bomb! yo grea' for yo! grea' for da yo! I be tellin' you now, tellin yo. It no carb! no calori. it be great! yo kno' wha' I sayin'? It grea. ya man! grea righ'? thas right man. be cool man. i lik da dc man! tastes lik dc man!

Nothing beats a diet coke, in the last 6 years i think i have gone 3 days in total without a diet coke, i have gotten cramps evry now and then and I decide to give it up but once they go then i am straight back on to it, sometimes having 3 litres a day, i think i should give it up but I just cant.

I'm sorry - I haven't read all of the responses yet. I just felt so angered by people's ignorance that I felt the need to put in my two bob's worth right away.

Some of you are quoting FDA and MSA statements to 'prove' aspartame is safe. The MSA is funded by soda companies. (I'm not sure if the FDA is too, but it wouldn't surprise me if it is). For this very reason, they want to make aspartame - and the other ingredients of sodas - seem safe.

They also, I'm sure, don't like the thought of Coca Cola, or some other huge megacorporation, meeting them in court with a defamation case. These companies have enormous pockets and, I'm sure that if they couldn't pay you to shut up, they would have no qualms in having you experience some sort of 'acident'.

Aside from this - what do you Diet Coke lovers have to say to the people here who bring us their case studies:
weight gain
anxiety disorders , (the list goes on)
all gone when they quit Coke.

One guy suggested they are all using fake names, trying to make Coke look bad. Well, there are, I'd say, at least 100 of these replies ON THIS PAGE ONLY (do a Google search). What would they have to gain from defaming Coke, anyway? I suppose they might be from rival beverage manufacturers. Right. How then do you explain this controvercy going on for so long.

Why don't you admit that these people may have a point. Why don't you weigh up the evidence - from both sides - for yourselfs and decide. Instead of just blindly defending the object of your addiction. I'm sure you'll be wanting to quit.

Hi, I have to do a speech on persuading people to stop drinking diet coke. You have given lots of great high tech statistics. Do you have anything that would be really informative ot a bunch of highschool girls to persuade them to really stop drinking diet Coke? If you do i would love to hear them ASAP. Thanks

Sure there are risks in overusing Diet Coke--but no one can deny that more people are dying of causes related to being overweight than are dying of aspartame-related causes, and if you think consuming a couple 140 calorie sodas a day won't make you gain weight, you couldn't be more wrong. I started using sometime in 10th grade and am now a high school senior. Diet Coke has kept me from pigging out on junkfood at sleepovers, it's allowed me to stay awake long enough to finish my mountains of homework on many a night, and some days it's given me the energy I needed just to make it through. High school girls, start taking better care of your bodies and switch to Diet.

Good GOD, I had NO IDEA there were so many people out there addicted to Diet Coke!!

I remember drinking it off and on a decade ago, my love was mostly orange soda back then though.. Since then I've shaken that monkey and I drink only water and beer now, with the rare gatorade or sobe. Water ALL THE WAY BABY!! I must drink 8-12 glasses a day. I love it! = D

To all those suffering from DC addiction, I am sorry, but trust me, a few years off soda and you won't even wanna drink the foul stuff anymore. Good Luck!!

I love diet coke. I only have one a day but after reading this article I think I'll stick to bottled water. Thanks for the info.

I have been recently drinking almost and sometimes more than 4 liters of Diet Dr. Pepper a day (every day). I also have been drinking the same amount of water.

Diet pop causes water retention. I have experienced no direct noticeable problems otherwise (but know there must be some). I work out alot and lift weights. I have a body-builder's physique, all accept my stomach when relaxed looks like a small pot belly! I think it is from diet pop causing water retention among other things. I also seem to eat alot more, sometimes around 4,000 calories a day lately with large meals causing my stomach to stretch.

People thing they lose weight with diet pop, but it is empty calories and water retention. The fermeldahyde issue isn't good either.

this is crazy.. who would of thought that something called diet could even make u crave for carbs even more...but yea aspertame is really bad for you.. its killing brain cells.. i mean c'mon.. well e-maill me if ya got any otha info on diet coke!

I have been drinking diet coke on average 6 cans a day for the last ten years,didnt think i had a problem until recently, i have the usual people laughing saying sarah cant go through a day without a can of coke in jest, but they are right im struggling with out it its like cocaine to a junkie sweating till the next fix, my health has deteriated over the years im not saying its down to the diet coke but it will be interesting to see if it improves at all after the diet coke stops running through my system it will take a long time seeing its had a constant flow for the last ten years.

Five days with out diet coke,and to be honest the first three days were hell,Tiredness,Snappy, Stomach cramps,i am starting to fill better,dont get me wrong i cant prove its to do with the diet coke but in the back of my mind i would say it was. My children have been really supportive of me the are only aged 10 and 8 and they have noticed a difference my 15 month old dos'nt really care my husband has given up alcohal in support for a month The craving is still there but not so bad now going to give it a month and if i dont notice any differnce with my health then its hello diet coke, oh how i have missed you......... or on a serious note if there has been a improvemant then i must say good bye to it for good

If you think about it every product on the market that you put in your body or on your body causes some kind of disease or infection. We are never going to get rid of that fact. Most of these things doctors just put in our head to make money. Wake up!

I didn't read every post, so this has probably been mentioned, but I'll say it anyway. I agree that we should be aware of aspartame, but I think many of the problems people are describing are caused from the caffeine. I don't know all the scientific details, but caffeine is addicting and dehydrating to say the least. It would probably be the same if you drank a few cups of coffee every day instead of coke. When your body is used to having the caffeine, you will get headaches, tired, cranky, etc. when it doens't have it, so you drink more, just intensifying the addiction. The more coke you drink, the thirstier you are. Everyone knows water, 64 ounces a day, is good for you. Drinking caffeine of any kind just reverses that and makes you dehydrated, which causes its own set of problems. I love know this because I am addicted to the caffeine and I get tired and a headache if i don't have it sometimes. But yeah, I still drink it:) So, don't blame it all on the aspartame, save some for caffeine. :)

I have migraines, and I drink a ton of diet pepsi. I also have anorexia, though, which means that even if I wanted would be hard to give up my diet pepsi, because I'm so enmeshed in my eating disorder and diet sodas are 'safe' for me.

But I'll definitely try to cut down. It seems almost intuitive...I wonder how safe these things can be...

I'm trying to get more xylitol/ sorbital concoctions...not aspartame, which I hear is the worst.


My goodness... you see some of the people posting here: 6 cans a day, 10 cans a day... even one at 18 cans a day! If you're drinking 10 cans of anything a day, you might consider revising your diet.

To the hypochondriacs and self-diagnosers out there, it's not the aspartame that is causing your psychological, neurological, or physical problems. As humans, we like to attribute "cause and effect" to all sorts of things. "My hip's acting up... must be a change in the weather." Wrong, your hip's just acting up. Similarly, "I was feeling crappy so I stopped drinking Diet Coke and now I'm miraculously better." Wrong, you changed certain life habits and are now constantly monitoring how you feel... short term, you'll feel better.

I mean, seriously, people. If consuming aspartame led to build-up of permanent formaldehyde poisons, brain-altering toxins, and whatever doomsday symptoms these unsubstantiated rumours suggest... why would quitting drinking them improve anything at all? Your brain chemistry would have already been changed! Your body would be filled with toxins! Believe it or not, you don't "cleanse" your body of formaldehyde or cancer-causing toxins in a matter of days or even weeks... cancer treatment would be a lot different if that were true.

Listening to anecdotal evidence, referring to studies without properly citing them, or citing your miraculous improvements from withdrawing from (or horrible side effects from consuming) aspartame doesn't really contribute at all to anything. The studies have been done, folks. Check:

Aspartame's safe. I'm very sorry that your problems cannot be attributed to the little cans that you purchase every day/week... you're gonna have to start looking to other parts of your life to fix them.

Via Email:

I tried to post to your website and couldn't. PLEASE don't let people think that these symptoms are from caffeine. (per Katie) I am 3 weeks off diet cokes from 4 20oz a day. (listen as I refer to it as if I am off drugs) However, I am drinking coffee or tea to lesson the withdrawal symptoms. I will tackle the caffeine another time but the symptoms are very very strong from only eliminating the diet cokes. It has taken me 2 - 2 1/2 weeks to get control of the anxiety, irritability and cravings. I get even more upset as I watch people give this DRUG to their children. I raised one child that was allowed to drink diet soda and one that won't touch the stuff....guess which one looks better and is healthier?
Could this be the next industry we attack when all the tobacco companies are gone??? If so, count me in.

Look guys, although you may say its diet cokes bad, it does have some proven benefits. drinking one can of diet coke per day or more can stop weight gain, so the more you eat the fat wont show up on your body. It raises metabolism...decreases the bodies ability to store fat...and it still tastes good without all that sugar. You think diet cokes bad?? It has the same amount of caffeine in a regualr cup of NO Fat and No Sugar.regualr soft drinks like regualr coke are loadede with sugar...which causes more problems such as birth defects, diabetes, alot of stored fat around the mid section of you body, blood pressure, heart problems, causes sugar cravings from other foods, and OBESITY. Sugar in Soft drinks have been known to cause the most weight gain than regular meals. I am 10 kilos lighter than i was at the start of last year, and i think it has alot to do with deit coke, because i never exercised and ate the same. im now 46 kilos and i love being lighter and more active. Just think of your self sitting on a bus taking up two seats and not being able to move properly... than you'll wish that you had stuck to diet coke.

i've been drinking diet coke for 14 years.i am 29 and started drinking it when i was 15. i am such an addict.i have atleast 2 liters a day everyday.i was having bad stomache problems and i went to the doctors and was told that diet coke has been eating away at my stomache lining.i had a camera shoved down my thoat and pictures were taken of my stomache.yet i still cant stop drinking it.

Hi. I'm 16 and have been heavily drinking diet coke for probably 3 or 4 years now. I easily drink about 3 or 4 cans and 2 bottles of it a day, sometimes more if I go out to eat and get refills on my diet coke. anyway, i like others, drink it because i've never really liked the taste of water and would much rather prefer 0 calories of diet coke a day to thousands of calories of coke i would drink. I will admit that i am addicted to the caffeine...

However, i have NEVER EVER had any problems with stomach aches or dizziness or any of what to me sounds like not very concrete or even definitely directly related problems to drinking diet coke. I also am very slim for my height and play sports and only drink water during soccer games or volleyball matches. I have never had any problems in sports either. I have NEVER heard of someone getting cancer and the doctor relating it to fake sweetener before. I think some of you are being sucked into symptoms that you are associating with diet coke even though they are common problems that everyone has regardless.

All of us (or at least most) consume tons of chemicals every day. Though I'm sure Diet Coke cant be beneficial and good for you, I am not so sure that it is poisonous or even detrimental in the long run to your health (past caffeine addictions). No concrete overwhelming evidence has been presented that the other side of the argument has not refuted or disproved. Also, dont you all realize that enough of any substance, pumped through tiny mice's veins, will produce cancer?

this comment is to rebecca (16)if you dont think diet coke is harmfull to your health if you consume it in large amounts why dont you try this test at home.if you have a tooth any tooth will do a saved tooth or animal tooth.i realize this may be hard to get but if you can put it in a cup of diet coke and see how long it takes to disappear.if it can in a tooth in about 24 hours it can do damage to you in the long are still young and have only been drinking this stuff for 3 or 4 years we'll see how your doing after 16 years it will catch up with you

I came across this site because I've been feeling so sick lately and I constantly comment to my roommate who drinks at least ten cans of regular coke a day that it's gonna kill him, but he says my diet coke and crystal light will kill me first. So I started thinking about it and I realized I've been consuming nothing but aspertame and water (Less water) for the past four years!! I make crystal light by the gallon and drink several diet sodas a day and more when I have mixed drinks and much more when I go out to dinner. I've been getting severe head aches and they're the kind of head aches that makes me think it's diabetes and that some sugar will help it go away but then I end up consuming gross quantities of sugar and then I feel really sick.
Last time this happened, I chalked it up to dehydration and drank mass quantities of water. I am about to go dump my crystal light down the drain and switch to water completely. Does anyone have any good ideas for making my water taste flavorful in a healthy way? Should I say good bye to diet soda forever?

Hi i have been drinking diet coke for about five years now and am so addicted i wpould probally drink 5 cans per day, sometimes i dont even enjoy it but its just an addiction, siting here rite now thinkinG bout it is making my mouth water!!!!!!!!Tonight i clicked on diet coke website and was absolutely shocked with what i saw, i knew it wasnt prob that good for you, but never thought it was that bad!!!! I have just broken down as im angry that i have made my body put up with it. Probally about two years ago all of a sudden i started having trouble sleeping i still do its like anxiety trouble relaxing and breathing i think it is the coke now, has anyone else been suffering as well? i have also put on about 20kgs and all since i have been drinking diet coke, i am addicted to carbs but they still dont satisfy me, and very sore abdominal area, very weird i say. Well no diet coke for me bring on the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i WILL KEEP U POSTED WITH MY PROGRESS

There is no doubt Diet Coke is addictive - but we already know that caffeine is addictive, so it might just be that. I have tried going to Diet Sprite in the past, and my experience is that I do not become addicted to that, which would argue against me being addicted to aspartame. Whether this generalizes beyond me, I can't say. I also had the whole endoscopy/colonoscopy thing due to GI problems, and the only thing it found was some staining in my colon that I looked up on the internet and it is associated with aspartame (or maybe phenylalanine - I can't remember). I asked my gastroenterologist about the staining and he said it is not dangerous. My whole family gets GI problems, and I'm the only one with the diet coke addiction, so unfortunately I think my GI problems are probably more attributable to genetics. I also have depression...once again very prevalent in my family.

I'm trying to reduce the amount of diet coke I consume, because I do believe, as many people have said on this website, that anything to excess is not good for you. The problem with diet coke is that it is hard for me to just drink one or two a day due to the addiction. I would advise anyone not to start on the diet coke because it is so easy to drink it to excess, but I really don't see any solid evidence for it being harmful in reasonable quantities.

I'm working towards a diploma in Pharmaceutical and Food Science up in Canada. I stumbled upon this site while writing a paper on Aspartame. I just wanted to remind everyone that a large number of scientific organizations and regulatory bodies have found no credible evidence linking consumption of Aspartame to memory loss, multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus, cancer, Parkinson's disease, or heart disease and stroke. Very few compounds have gotten such a close look by the US Food and Drug Admin. or Heath Canada.

Alzeheimer Association
American Cancer Society
American Diabetes Association
American Dietetic Association
American Heart Association
Lupus Foundation of America
The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
American Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
National Cancer Institute
National Parkinson Foundation

ALL of these organizations support the FDA's approval of aspartame. In addition, European nations, Brazil and the French Food Safety Agency have all put the sweetener under intense review.

Now, if you want to believe this is some grand conspiracy to get people to consume a "poison", fine by me. Perhaps we should make an effort to be educated BEFORE we send emails to everyone we know about how "Diet Coke kills". These scientific organizations are really trying to get to the bottom of all of this and my thought is that these people are certainly more educated on the subject than we are.

ive been drinking diet coke everyday for the past five years, my drinking has increased too about 3 Litres per day, my teeth I feel are rotting and feel like they are going to snap, Diet coke i know for a fact boosts a persons moods who intake as much as I do, to the extreme, I dont sleep and when I do I sleep for a good 12 hours.. today for instance I have not eaten and already drunk 1.5 litres of diet coke!! I dread too think what my insides look like and also what a Dentist would say if they saw the state of my teeth... anyone got any ideas too try and rid my body of all the toxins? any recipies or professional help that may be available??


I think the best way to get rid of the toxins within your body is to drink as much water as possible. Water not only will help get rid of the toxins it will also make you feel better, and water will help your complexion. If you're looking for a subsitute for suger, I recommend stevia. Stevia is safe for diabetics, 300 times sweeter than sugar, has no calories and no carbs. In Japan they are using Stevia in diet coke and wrigley's gum. For some reason the FDA won't approve Stevia to be an additive in the U.S.

I hope I helped.

Hi Celewen

I drink loads of water as i work out at the gym! does anyone else notice on here how the joints feel after drinking copious amounts of diet coke? going by the comments on here it obviously hasnt been proven that diet coke or coke in general is bad for a person am i right?

A little off the subject, but Diet Coke also totally eliminates the enamel on your teeth, leading to tons of decay, I know, it happened to me, I thought I was safe cause there is no sugar, but I was wrong. Its not the sugar, its the carbonation that rots teeth. I'm only 19, wish I had found out sooner....

Who cares? Excess Drugs, alcohol and ciggerettes
are twice as bad, as well as foods high in fat
and carbohydrate like pastries
I dont care if its bad I drink it coz i like it
if they find out its bad theyl find a cure just
as fast

Some interesting comments on this sight. I just did a report for my college class on gum and its ingredients took me to aspertame. In the books, mags, and sites my info backs up the people on this site who have had problems with aspertame and what they are saying. Sorry to those of you who are fighting this information, but they are right on. Look up for some good insights from "actual" doctors. All of us would prefer that people who make products for the masses to consume, would care what affects their ingredients have, but the bottom line is the almighty buck!!!

I've posted before but may not have been strong enough in my statements. Both sides of the debate on this site are incorrect. As far as I know there is no credible, scientific evidence that Aspartame is dangerous to human beings in general. So those of you who believe the sale of this substance is all a greedy conspiracy are operating from an unsupported premise. On the other hand, there is a great deal of anecdotal evidence that Aspartame does cause problems for some individuals so those of you who are poo-pooing the personal stories of recovery from ill-health with the elimination of this substance are ALSO operating from an unsupported (and unscientific, I might add) premise.

I will again use my experience with cheese. It took me 5 years to figure out that cheese was triggering my migraines. Now, I may have a predisposition to migraines and cheese may not be the CAUSE, but that does not change the fact that cheese is not good for me and I should not consume it.

Finally, I will note for ALL that no substance should be banned by the government. They should, if anything, disseminate information and let individual people make individual choices. The Vioxx controversy is a case in point: if I'm 25 and suffer from mild arthritis it may not be worth the risk to my health to use Vioxx; if I'm 86 and Vioxx is the ONLY thing that makes my life bearable, it is worth the risk. Individuals making individual choices, that is freedom. And keep in mind that if the government can tell you what you can't use, it can also tell you what you must use.

hey omg i miss u gurl!! o god i am off coke 4eva no gurl!!!!!!

yo sry bout dat gurl, i meant now, not no!!! lolz, ttyl

yo ne1 else here??!!

The opinions on here are certainly a very mixed bag!

I like the way some Diet Coke addicts have been so terribly offended here. Name calling, personal insults and all! Lol!

To be perfectly honest, I don't know what on earth to go with here, seeing as there people fighing very passionately on both sides.

I used to be absolutely addicted to drinking Coke, Diet Coke and Pepsi when I was a child, and I refused to drink anything else. To my knowledge; it didn't do me any harm.

I went without for a quite a few years, and I can't stand the taste of normal Coke now. Diet Coke is much tasiter to me.
I have only started drinking Diet Coke again these last few days.

I have had a headache or two, but I do believe it was caused by reasons other than drinking Diet Coke.

Nowadays you don't know what is "safe" to eat or drink. I do believe that there will be downsides to literally EVERYTHING.

I will finish off my bottle of Diet Coke, and then probably stick to a nice healthy juice more. :) I'm not giving it up completely though - Anything in moderation I believe, is ok. I don't wish to be addicted to it again like I used to though.

If I was to believe absolutely everything I read, I would be scared to step out of the door!

Also; I have seen not ONE piece of evidence to support the so called "facts" that people are defending so passionately and throwing around here.

When I have proof of all this, I will only then take serious notice. Otherwise, it's just gossip and heresay to me.

Charlotte: Your comment "If they find out it's bad, they'll find a cure just as fast." It must be a nice feeling to trust government. However, the reality is that "they" already suspect it's bad for you. It's when people begin dying (and that there's a proven link it to the product) that more studies may be done. Meanwhile, the damage is already being done in your body. The thing about this product and others which use artificial sweeteners is that "they" know that they don't kill you quickly. "They" know that toxins can be put into products in small amounts and that maybe 20 years from now you'll have a heart attack, arthritis, whatever AND that it will never be traced back to any particular product. Something else that surprises me is that you seem to think that the medical establishment has come up with "cures". If you know of even ONE cure please let me know and I'll alert the media. Curing people doesn't make money for these pharmaceutical companies. You are young and you have alot to learn about the powers that be.

I can't believe all the diet coke addicts here. I can't believe how many of you have replaced the water in your diet with diet coke, and joke about it, shrug it off, or are just blase about it. You consume without regard, then react when something bad happens - what about applying some critical thinking before grazing at the trough? Baa baa ...

Most of the anti aspartame was put out by one or two people. As far as can tell its fiction that they created.
You can buy the soda with Splenda. I find its often too sweet but some arent bad.

I have now replaced diet coke with pure H2O... this is great.

I will update my blog with detail on how to make the switch on

Remember... to brush your teeth, and if this is not possible, just rinse with a glass of water each time you have has a Diet Coke - or any other carbonated drink to keep a healthy smile.

Further to my previous comment on March 8...
I'm going to make an assumption that many of the people contributing to this chat site are fairly young teens and 20s. When you begin feeling tired all the time, when you find you can't conceive a child, or when you do get pregnant you have troubles, a hard delivery, a seemingly (at first) healthy child and find out later that that child has serious health and/orlearning problems - maybe you'll remember our little CHAT about coke and all the other poisons you put into your body. It's not too late to change and save the next generation - your children! Or, we can rely on natural selection...

I know that corporations cannot be stopped now, so the only way to save people from deadly affects can be to just not support those companies I suppose. Well I never drink diet soda or anything with Phenylalanine or Phenylketenurics because i know anything foreign to what the body can take is out of the question, I hope a lot of you will do the same. Thanks for your time.

all these people saying to drink milk...most of it has rbgh (bovine growth hormone) and massive doses of antibiotics. there are plenty of people who believe its why girls start puberty at 8 and why cancer is such an epidemic (rbgh is a human carcinogen, and a fairly severe one). everyone here seems like a preachy dork, if there was some sort of consensus about artificial sweeteners (despite governmental corruption etc) then it would be more widely known. of all the shit you put in your body (not to mention tap water and air and general toxins you come into contact with) why flip out about soda

I drink diet coke, and it tastes good. However I am going to DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How can I stop I HATE water.

Lori-do you have any evidence to support your outrageous claims?? Prove that there is a correlation between Aspartame and no being able to "conceive a child, or to get pregnant you have troubles, a hard delivery, a seemingly (at first) healthy child and find out later that that child has serious health and/or learning problems". I would love to see true scientific proof of these outlandish allegations.

You know that you should never make assumptions about individuals. You claim "assumption that many of the people contributing to this chat site are fairly young teens and 20s" If it were true that the individuals who were commenting are only young teens and 20s, what big difference does that make. You can not assume that they would know any less about this subject than anyone else because they are younger compared to the average age of the population. Assumptions usually develop into false ideas that create hypes.

25 years of diet beverage drinking and five healthy children later, I have to disagree with low fertility, etc. Moderation, moderation, moderation.

thanks so much for the info! I needed it for Health class! I also stopped my parents from drinking diet soda.
Thanks again!

I used to hate water too! Until I met my husband who brought to my attention the fact that I need to be watching what I eat and drink. Over a period of time I got used to water although it still isn't my favorite. Pop whether it is diet or regular has nothing good in it. My friend never really drank pop and then when she got in college she probably had 2 or 3 cans a day and within a year she had 7 cavities. If it is eating away at her teeth that fast what is it doing in our bodies. I believe there are many other foods out there that people are eating daily that are not good for you. Yes even the air we breath is polluted which we can't help, but why not do something about the things that we can help. It is foolish to put something into your body that you know is not good for you. One thing my husband and I have been doing is juicing carrots and apples and drinking that. It doesn't taste bad at all.

hi my husband and i drink two cases of diet pepsi every 3 days. i don't know if that's why we fight all the time .what do you think"?

Hey, I drink a load of DC every day and have considerable problems staying away at work!! I drink an average of 7 330ml cans a day and sometimes more on the weekend.

With the recent viewing of 'Super Size Me' and spending the last several days reviewing comments made on here, I have decided to stop contibuting to Coke Cola's $1 Billion profits this year and have a stab at giving up this wonderful drink. DC have me where they want me at the moment, 'Addicted'.

Don't think there will be any over night changes here, but lets see if 2 weeks will make a difference.

I will leave the issues between Aspartame and no being able to "conceive a child" to when I get to that stage in my life. It is an interesting discussion but on one I wish to enter.

Anyone got any further advice on how they struggled to over come this drink.


help me!!! im addicted! i have like 20+ cans of DC a day! i cant stop... i have so many headaches :(

any1 got any advice?

I'm informally researching the effects of aspartame, and at one point read an article detailing different symptoms of aspartame poisoning, including multiple sclerosis-like symptoms. I would like to send that info on to another friend who was unexpectedly diagnosed with ms after over a year of not knowing what was wrong, and having most of her tests come back negative, but I can't seem to find it again. Any ideas?

I knew my diet coke habit was bad for me - a 2 liter bottle or more a day. I've had a number of health issues over the past few years (actually as my usage increased), but none of them seemed linked. My doctors said that I'm just getting older - well, I'm not yet forty!!! Finally, after much nagging, I decided that it must be the caffeine that was the problem, so I switched to caffeine-free diet coke. That made no difference to anything - even my sleep pattern/problem.

Then I was finally diagnosed with a tumor on my pituitary gland. This kind of tumor effects so many parts of your metabolism that it's not surprising I was having all these health issues. Of course the docs don't tell you everything you want to know - or things occur to you afterward - so I started reading about this kind of tumor on the web. Aspartame was mentioned so frequently as a possible trigger that I realized that THAT might be the problem. So I figured, the time has come and what the hell - can't be that hard not to drink the stuff. Well, it was REALLY hard to quit, but I did. It is amazing what you can do when the doctor says TUMOR to you. The first two weeks were hell - you don't realize how much a part of your life it has become until you take it out. (And who knows how I will function without it in the months to come, especially the summer.) Now, amazingly, I am starting to feel like my old self again. From what I've read, quitting the aspartame may shrink the tumor and it might even disappear (but that's probably being overly optimistic).

I knew this stuff probably wasn't too good for me, but to have this much of an effect on my health is truly astounding. I used to laugh off my addiction, and ignore what people were telling me about it being EVIL, but I now realize the damage it has done to me - and to how many others...

If you're trying to quit, take it one drink at a time. Go to the caffeine-free first, then switch one soda for water, then gradually all water. For me, I am now drinking far less fluids overall - a sign that the aspartame is truly thirst-stimulating (as opposed to quenching) and ADDICTIVE. I read that it takes from 2-8 weeks to get over it, and can honestly say that you absolutely need to shoot for the 2 weeks to start. Each day that you are off it, it gets easier. But it is possible - my friends are still stunned by my quitting!!!

BTW, I started drinking the diet soda as part of a weight loss effort. Now that I'm off it, I'm finally losing weight... That's part of what keeps me going!

I know that putting chemicals into your body is stupid, especially when you read them on the label.

Not including everything I know about Aspartame and caffeine and the effects on the human body they have, just try this experiment to see what ANY Coca-Cola product will do.

==Experiment #1

In one glass, fill it with coke or diet coke and put in a chicken bone, such as a leg.

In another glass, fill it with coke or diet coke, and put in a nail that can get rusty.

Do the same with 2 other glasses of water, and the same objects (another nail and another chicken bone).

Set all 4 glasses aside for 1 week.

After the week is over, notice anything weird about the nail or the chicken bone in the coke or diet coke? Compare the same objects that you put in the water vs the coke. If that doesn't change your mind, nothing will. Your body is designed as a mostly water based lifeform.

You can use coke or diet coke as a degreaser for your car engines and parts when cleaning them. Phosphorus is not nice to your body, which allows the aspartame and caffeine to wreak havoc on your body even more.

==Experiment #2

Here is another experiment you can try: Keep drinking the amounts of diet drinks that you are now. Then go get your blood tested for traces of methanol, Aspartic Acid, & Phenylalanine. You may have to go to several doctors or clinics, depending on if they are in the companies pockets or not. Don't tell them why you want tested for that, or make up something about the environment you've been in lately, etc.

Then, after you get the results back, stop drinking and consuming ANY drinks or foods with aspartame in them (gums, candies, drinks, alot of flavored waters) for 3 days. Go back and get your blood tested for those chemicals.

==Experiment #3

Buy some white mice, like you would feed to a smaller pet snake. Make sure you have ample space and objects in the cages (such as a maze in each, and have an exercise wheel) for the mice to navigate around. You will need at least 2 cages like this. Now go buy a bottle of sugar free sweetener (aspartame), the liquid sweetener is usually clear. Or use diet coke or nutrasweet packets mixed throughly with water.

- Mice in cage #1 (2-4 mice), you will feed normally, but start putting 2-3 drops of the aspartame substance of your choice into their water once a day for 2 weeks (small water bottle, 20z, max). Each day, at the same time, put some kind of treat into the cages, at the oposite end of where most of the mice are at. Keep notes about how long it takes the mice to navigate to the treats each day. (you can use a sharpie marker to mark a different colored dot on each mouse, if you want to track each one's isses) Observe the mice. Their movements, how active they are, agility, navigation skills to the treats, how they interact with each other, etc.

- Mice in cage # 2 (2-4 mice), you will feed normally and water normally for 2 weeks. (OR as another part of the experiment, have 3 cages, 3 mice each, 1 cage on water, 1 on aspartame coke, and 1 on regular coke, to see more efffects) Each day, at the same time, put some kind of treat into the cages, at the oposite end of where most of the mice are at. Keep notes about how long it takes the mice to navigate to the treats each day. Observe the mice. Their movements, how active they are, agility, navigation skills to the treats, how they interact with each other, etc.

After 2 weeks, make your final observations on both cages. Now conduct the experiment for another 2 weeks, but take the aspartame mice in cage #1 OFF of aspartame (use a new bottle, throw the old water bottle you put aspartame in away. If you care about any living thing, don't re-use it).
Make the same notes and observations for the mice in both cages that you did for the previous experiment.

===> Common sense: Don't put crap into your body that's not suppose to be in it. My general rule on foods and drinks, is if the ingredient or food wasn't around 600-1,000 years ago, DON'T CONSUME IT. That will help you tremendously.

==>Some ingredients to watch out for: monosodium glutamate, glutamates, aspartates, aspartame, asulfame k, hydrolyzed proteins (whey, wheat, soy, etc).

I've helped people get off of the diet crap and help watch what they eat. Please don't keep damaging your body.

Hi Jim here. It may be possible that diet coke is fruitful for body but some doctors and online consultancies say that don't drink diet coke.If you are taking diet coke then you can face lots of diseases likes, shooting pains, numbness in your legs, cramps, vertigo, dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, joint pain, depression, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, blurred vision, or memory loss.


Even daily large doses of the high-intensity sweetener aspartame, also known as NutraSweet, had no adverse effect on study subjects' health and well-being, a visiting scientist at MIT reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition last week.

"We conclude that aspartame is safe for the general population," said Paul A. Spiers, visiting scientist in the Clinical Research Center (CRC).

And this from TIME MAGAZINE:

A widely disseminated e-mail by a "Nancy Markle" links aspartame to Alzheimer's, birth defects, brain cancer, diabetes, Gulf War syndrome, lupus, multiple sclerosis and seizures. Right away, the long list warrants skepticism. Just as no single chemical cures everything, none causes everything.

Get a grip, stop falling for these HOAXES!

I totally agree with Samhain959. Show me some scietific data that shows low doses of aspartame gives you cancer, and all those other effects. Just dont have aspartame if you have PKU!!

wow, its amazing how people who don't understand what "chemicals" are get so scared of them.

first, to the guy who listed the experiments, and said it will damage chicken bones, etc. its because it has acid in it. your stomach makes weak acid also. weak acids are not bad for you. don't recommend soaking your teeth in them, but they're harmless otherwise. want to ban lemons too? everyone should have their stomach removed because it makes "acid" which isn't "water" and is evil!

What makes things harmful is the way they react with your body, not how they were produced. marijuana is natural, it must not be harmful! wrong. you can go eat poop or fungus or wood because they're natural, but its not a great idea. the "chemical" methanol they put in aspartame is bad right, its not "natural". uh oh, you're right have some fruit juice instead, its "natural"!

"Methanol is found naturally in fruit juice and distilled spirits such as whiskey, wine, and beer." This website also says that each can of soda you drink produces about 20mg of methanol, and the average person naturally consumes about 10mg of methanol a day aside from sodas.
hmm... last time i checked, fruit juice and beer have been around for 600-1000 years...

"Lethal doses [of methanol] are thought to range from 30-240 mL; the minimum lethal dose is believed to be 1 g/kg body weight."
so, let's say you have 6 cans a day. that's 120mg of methanol consumed (web pages confirm this, i think the first one had it). let's say you're a small woman, you are 50kg. so you're consuming 130mg a day, and the minimum lethal dose is 50g ... every day, you're consuming .25% of the minimum lethal dose... Even if you had 24 sodas a day, you'd still be consuming less than 1% of the minimum lethal dose of methanol. this is if you weigh 110 pounds. so you could have a couple thousand cans of soda before your life was in danger. get a grip people, you can chug soda all day long and it won't do anything to you, if you're obese and sit on your ass all day eating fries and steak, its not the soda that's causing your health problems...

Glad to see that some people are finally countering the "logic" (not) that others have posted here. Many of these posters seem to be in denial about how many, many factors can affect our health. Why are all these people assuming that Diet Coke alone is ruining their lives? What about stress, or allergies, or lack of exercise or nutrition? I developed allergies after moving from a desert state to another state with many "molds". I never assumed it was just one "thing". I took Claritin, and while some of my allergies went away, I felt awful. On my own, I researched Claritin - not just through message boards or blogs, but by actually looking up scientific and medical information (such as MedLine, Physician's Drug Reference,, etc), and learning that it had some dangerous side effects, and was similar chemically to meth. (It's interesting how few people have been willing to follow up the medical info on asparatame, and how many insuiniate, like Mr. "Grim", that all doctors are in the "pockets" of big business. Articles in professional journals have to be vetted extensively, and follow a scientific methodology. Saying, "Diet Coke kills" is not scientific proof.)

Drinking gallons and gallons of anything daily, even water, is not healthy. (Yes, too much water can actually be bad. Hyponatraemia - literally drowning after drinking too much water - occurs sometimes when a person drinks so much water that they lose needed sodium.)

And as for regular sodas, the main problem is not that they're evil, but that they are primarily empty calories with little nutritional value. There's nothing wrong with having a single can of soda or so, or eating chocolate, and so on, in moderation. But if you're drinking lots of Coke, diet or not, instead of drinking water or eating decent food, that's not healthy.

Mr. Grim suggests to delete all "whey, wheat, soy, etc" from your diet, and that he's saved all sorts of people from their terrible diets. Interesting that he doesn't provide any information about where he got his training or information - especially considering that a vegetarian who cut out whole grains like wheat, and protein like soy, would become extremely malnourished and struggle to get necessary vitamins. (I assume that his nickname "Mr. Grim" is short for "Grim Reaper"?) Rather than following a fad diet (as Mr. Grim would have you do), why not keep a food diary. Track if there are foods you are less tolerant of. Does eating a big bowl of pasta make you feel tired? Do you feel less tired if you have less pasta and eat it with cut vegetables? Do you get gas when you eat a plate of broccoli? Can you tolerate dairy products? Different people react differently to certain foods.

And as Kevin pointed out, there are many acidic things we eat, like citrus fruits, but we don't ban them, either.

Lori's comment about how all these young Diet Coke drinkers will be infertile is not only without factuality, but also insulting and patronizing. Does Lori stand over these people and watch everything they eat, and everything they come into contact with that could cause them later health problems? Is Lori a mind-reader? The only thing missing from her comment is a "You'll be sorry, little twerps!" Hopefully Lori does not ordinarily speak to other people like that in real life.

When it comes to infertility, being overweight is a risk factor. There's also a number of other environmental risk factors that seem to increase risk of certain diseases, as well as genetics. But few people seem to understand that fertility peaks in the late teens and twenties, and most folks today have children at a later age than in the past. This is why some people have more difficulty conceiving, and why the birth rate is down in most industrialized countries.

Keep in mind that those who overuse aspartame (ie many cans a day) often do so because of other issues - they are likely obese or eating poorly, and have underlying physical problems that existed before diet drinks. We all know people who eat two portions of fattening food, and lots of empty calories, and then wash it down with a diet drink, thinking that it will help. If you're drinking more Diet Coke than you are drinking water, you're getting dehydrated and not getting good nutrition.

For the record, I think asparatame is disgusting and never touch the stuff, because I hate the aftertaste. I drink regular soda, although my husband and I both felt better when we quit drinking as much (more than a glass a day) and began drinking more flavored water - add a lime, lemons or other fruit to sparkling water. No calories, no preservatives, and very refreshing in hot weather.

I have been drinking Diet Coke for 20 years- 144oz( mega 4-5 a day--)cups from the conveniece stores- I have been diagnosed with the following- Mood Swings- Severe Depression- Social anxiety- SEVERE PANIC ATTACKS- I have be in and out of mental health facilities- I am now on a list of anti-depressants- I have Blurred vision and Short term memory loss- anxiety attacks- Due to the aspertame/Nutrasweet found in DIET COKE- I would like to part of a class action suite against- The Atlanta Based Company- Please contact me in the USA- PH# 404-271-0679-

What a joke. Diet Coke doesn't do shit. Live your damn lives people. Bitch about something proven like cigarrettes or something. Not shit that has no documented proof. And don't tell me about classified documents or changed experiments. Get over it.

In my opinion, you can’t blame aspartame for every disease under the sun. While I don’t want to discredit any of the symptoms people are experiencing, I’m skeptical that the cause of these symptoms is aspartame. I pride myself on staying up-to-date on the latest health news and I did some research about aspartame. After weeding through a lot of info, I found out that there have been a lot of studies done proving the safety of aspartame. In fact a lot of people even attribute all the negative info about aspartame to an Internet hoax. For those skeptics out there, try these links for the aspartame info from the American Council on Science and Health, the Aspartame Information Center and the aspartame urban legend on Snopes.




Diet Coke has less calories than regular Coke for sure, but it isn't a healthy alternative per se, because it's a chemical concoction. Kick the habit and drink water. It's that simple. There's no scientific argument that can be made for habitual Diet Coke usage.

hi my name is julie brake an my mom drinks diet coke alot an i was wondering what i should try an get her to stop an what could make the substence so addicding.


I was wondering, apartment from headaches, stomach aches, cancer.......death, does consuming Diet Coke make you FAT?? If not helping in getting Fat does it help in loosing FAT?

I guess the real question I'm asking is does it effect your weight in any way?

hehehehehe, apartment!

I meant just 'apart'

Pitter Patter - I don't think Diet Coke could ever make you fat because it has zero calories.

I'm not sure if I really experience any side affects from diet coke because i have drank it all of my life. There is only one way to find out... stop drinking it for a month. I know its going to be hard, but i have realised that it is just as bad of an addiction as cigarettes.

Will diet coke kill you?--Thats what they say.
Can lamps kill you?--Apparently.
Can you die from being lonly?--So the papers say!
Can certain types of food give you cancer?--Thats what i've heard.
Can You die from being angry?--I've read that you can.
Is the Atkins diet going to kill you?--Well, the radio said so.
Traffic Jams Wouldn't kill you, would they?--Oh yeah heard that too.
Can sitting in the dark kill you?--The man on the TV said it could...
My friend told me Laptops can kill me!
My nan says plastic Food containers can kill you!
The list is endless. If i gave up all these things that could apparently hurt me, there'd be no fun! Plus, Can't random things like big buses coming around the corner, piano's falling from the sky and genrally leaving your house kill you just as well?

@bex. I see your point, but there's no reason to knock those who show self-discipline by their decision to take responsibility for a healthy lifestyle. I don't think we should be paranoid about diet coke, but why are you so willing to let it off the hook?

Plus, Can't random things like big buses coming around the corner, piano's falling from the sky and genrally leaving your house kill you just as well?

You forgot about the killer asteroid, yet the world moves on anyway. Disaster is no reason to give up and relinquish control over the things we can affect. I'm a bit of a health nut and fitness geek, but I gotta tell ya that nothing feels better than being healthy and in good shape.

I'm a teenager , i'm healthy & in shape an i drink diet coke and after reading alot of the blogs i got scared. So I did some research into aspartame and came across this site an this informaton. Hope this helps other confused and scared diet coke drinkers.

Is aspartame safe?

The FDA and almost all scientists who are familiar with the data collected on aspartame safety conclude that aspartame, and its use in a wide variety of products, is a safe and useful option for those individuals who prefer a low-calorie sweetener. In fact, the FDA Commissioner noted upon approval that "few compounds have withstood such detailed testing and repeated, close scrutiny, and the process through which aspartame has gone should provide the public with additional confidence of its safety."

In addition to the rigorous review by the FDA, the full body of research on aspartame has been evaluated by numerous governmental and medical authorities including: American Medical Association Council on Scientific Affairs, American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Nutrition, American Diabetes Association, American Dietetic Association, American Cancer Society, American Dental Association, American Council on Science and Health, The Epilepsy Institute, Joint Expert Committee of Food Additives of the World Health Organization and the Scientific Committee for Food of the European Union.

Some critics claim that aspartame’s breakdown components (aspartic acid, phenylalanine, methanol) could have harmful effects. However, those claims are unfounded. Aspartic acid and phenylalanine are building blocks of protein that are found in all protein-containing foods. Methanol is found naturally in the body and in many foods such as fruit and vegetable juices. The FDA reviewed animal, clinical and consumption studies submitted by the sweetener’s manufacturer, as well as the existing body of scientific data, and "concluded that the studies demonstrated the safety of these components."

Diet Coke is not poison. You should not be afraid of it. Then again, 2/3 of the Earth isn't covered in Diet Coke. And my plants will die when I give them Diet Coke. I'm just saying -- we should not pretend Diet Coke is a healthy alternative to anything. Perhaps the overarching issue here is that people drink too much soda and are looking for excuses to make themselves feel okay about it.


I've found reading the comments above very informative. My dad used to be an agent for Nutrasweet in Germany so I was kind of raised on thinking it was great.

All the articles and comments seem to reference Diet Coke, but I drink a lot of Pepsi Max because I hate the taste of diet coke... Does anyone know if that uses the same aspertame based sweetner as diet coke?

My mum has the theory that the damaging component of these "fizzy drinks" is the gasses that are inserted to create the bubbles. She reckons that these could actually rot through the stomach lining...

Is she just trying to put me off my diet fizzy coke or has she got a point...?


Ok, is it just me or do people not see that almost anything can be unhealthy for you if you start binging on it? Umm, moderation is the key. Drinking over a liter of diet coke a day?? Craziness.

This all has been an interesting read. My business partner let me on to some of these "Diet Coke is Poison" links today because I drink on average about 2-3 Diet cokes a day. I'm not a conspiracy theorist in the least, but I also am becoming someone rather disgusted with or US government and it's war spending agenda, recent approval of crude oil laws that were previously viewed as "TOXIC & POLLUTING", worsening healthcare and insurance coverage (horrible actually -- how many times have you received bills recently for services your insurance should be covering?), allowing local governments to dictate imminent domain (that's saying local towns and counties can take your land or part of your land by force if they find condos would suit your property better -- this is dead true and happened to a business owner down the block from our building -- paid taxes regularly, but his stamp and comic book shop sits in the middle of several empty lots of recently demolitioned buildings that a developer want to build condos on) and hundreds of other disgusting truths. Enough babble, I'll keep it simple:

1. I start coughing after speaking for several hours and get cotton-mouth, especially come colder weather, after about my second diet coke -- deep into winter, it can be caused after one can. I tested it out and it does not happen at all after regular Coke. When I went for sinus treatment during the winter, my doctor stated point blank that "Diet Coke may be contributing to the cough" -- I monitored my actions thought the day and it definitely had everything to do with my cough and postnasal drip. After 3 glasses, spread out throughout the day my body gradually starts rejecting the stuff like something poisonous and I get cold-like symptoms.

2. Regular Coke almost tastes disgusting after being hooked on Diet -- what's interesting is that there also seems to be something downright missing from the regular Coke, as if my body craves the NutraSweet and a regular Coke isn't doing the job.

3. Diet Coke with Splenda tastes like crap as well -- like some chemically vanilla flavor for some reason.

4. I've had the mild mood swings, achy muscles, headaches, and difficulty losing weight like many others have mentioned.

5. The most disturbing factor is the obvious intensified addiction Diet Coke has -- when I was younger and drank regular Coke, I never felt the "NEED" for more than one.

I am really beginning to believe that the stuff is a mild poison taken over time and marketed unsafely as a "Diet Soft Drink" insinuating "Healthier". I'm sure there are several people who will refute my findings here, but why would I be bothering here if there was not solid evidence at hand. The chemicals in any food stuff in the grocery store should not cause amplified addiction mixed with allergic reactions to those who have no other known allergies. That in itself is very wrong and what sucks is I love the stuff.

Remember the WOW less fat chips -- yeah, that diarrhea inducing chip didn't last long did it? It takes immediate extreme results for the FDA to give a crap. No pun intended. Like Celphones and wireless networks -- we'll never pay attention to the dangers of items so stimulating if the negative results are not immediate (IE: microwaves). We all need to change and make our governments change their laws to be more protective... but good luck there.... especially our current US government. Sorry to every American that takes our free right to critisize our own government as "Unpatriotic", but if you aree of that ilk, you one of two people I don't really care about 1. low-IQ-Republican-party-brainwashed-following-fool-because-you-think-they-have-balls or 2. so-evil-and-greedy-you-don't-care-about-the-air-your-children's-children-will-breathe. Simple and in your face, but true.

So, yeah, DC is probably bad for you. Ha-Ha... DC... get it? HA!


I've read this page with some amusement, in my opinion the issue here is not whether diet coke is bad for you, but why on earth most of you think you need to drink it at all. It's quite simple, if you're thirsty, drink water!

The people who stated they are drinking upwards of 2 or 3 cans are day are being excessive and irresponsible with their bodies. Those who are drinking more than 10 are clearly irrational to the extreme.

If you are drinking that much coke you are probably replacing water with coke. You are probably incredibly dehydrated. No wonder you have headaches and feel fuzzy and ill. Seriously people, you're all nuts. Stop drinking the coke and start drinking water. It's very simple.

The addiction you feel is without doubt from the caffeine. This keeps you up at night, it dehydrates you, it makes you shaky if you have too much. You also "come down" from it between hits, making you crave more.

The aspartame issue is practically irrelevant to the argument of whether diet coke is bad for you. Yes it is, if only that it is uneccessary - you don't need it to live! What's the use of making your body process drinks it doesn't need? It has no health or nutrition value and it costs money to buy that I'm sure you'd rather spend on shoes or what ever other irrelevant things you fancy. If you imagine you are thirsty pour yourself a lovely drink of water.

Stop being ridiculous and start drinking water.

I have read all of your comments and one thing seems to keep enforcing itself to me: Everything in Moderation is the Key. Every week you open a newspaper and something different is believed to cause cancer. Mobile phones, computers, too much exposure to radiation. I'm not a doctor or a medical scientist and, at times, I have been so scared about myself or some-one I love exposing themselves to something that may increase their risk of cancer. What can we do? In this day and age every-one has a mobile phone, a television set, a computer, a treated timber deck. We all use deoderant and most of them contain aluminiunm. We eat processed and refined meals because we are busy, busy, busy. What is right and what is wrong? Probably no-one can tell you that. I've been following the "Diet-Coke Debate" for quite some time now. I've been off it, I've been back on it, and I say to myself what is the right thing to do? I enjoy caffeine, but I don't like to drink coffee. Real coke or pepsi has too strong a flavour for me. Often I think, maybe I should adopt a purely organic lifestyle and diet.I think about my grandparents generation and the fact that cancer wasn't around anywhere near as much and that they weren't over-exposed to radiation because microwaves and mobile phones weren't invented. They were poor so they cooked simple meals with vegetables from their own gardens. But then I say, people were still dying back then, perhaps cancer wasn't yet discovered? Doesn't cancer change the cells in our bodies? Maybe some of us are more prone to it than others? I think having a poor diet, smoking a packet of cigarettes a day, no excercise and having 10 or even 5 cokes a day doesn't doing your body any favours. Yet we can do everything right and heed every warning and bad things still happen to our bodies. Healthy discussion is great because it allows us to evaluate things and draw our own conclusions from data and feedback. My only advice is to don't worry your lives away. Life is too short. If you enjoy something as long as it's not to excess and it's balanced by a healthy lifestyle, where is the harm? If we took heed of every "cancer" warning, we would all be freaks living inside a big plastic bubble and afraid to leave the house. Or perhaps we would pitch a tent in the middle of the bush away from power lines, satelite dishes and the pollution of our everyday lives. Do you really want to live like that? Maybe some of you do, but I know that I don't and if one of my vices is to enjoy a can or two of diet coke, occassionally use a mobile phone, watch TV etc. then I don't think that it will kill me, but hey, I won't know until it happens will I? Who knows I'm probably doing a hundred other things that have been yet to make their debut in the papers as being carconogenic!!
Enjoy life everyone, because this is it!~

lalala!! i av bin drinkin coke 4 yrs so i think that its gr8!!smokin on the other hand shud b banned 4 ever!!
it is the worst habit n e 1 cud av nd i play footy so thats another reeson y i dnt smoke!! so there shud nt b a thing agenst coke there shud only b a thing agenst smokin nd untill it gets stopped dnt dis coke!!it made me hu i am 2day!!
lotsa lov
random person!!

snort charly smoke regal and drink stella. OK

Here is the truth:

The FDA no longer works for the American Public they work for:
- The Meat industry
- The Dairy industry
- Artificial Sweetners company
- Big Pharma
- In otherwords anyone who has enough money to lobby. We are being mislead about our diets at every turn. - is a wonderful place to start. It sounds a bit extreme, and most of you will probably ignore it and go back to a lifestyle that will kill you, and make you useless after 40 (when you finally have enough money to enjoy life and not work all the time).

When you become a vegetarian these are the nasty truths you learn about.

I would bet that none of you can keep up with me physically --- and I don't even do everything 100%. The truth is --- you don't have to be miserable

yea its ok apart from the fact that ur killin urself(not that i av a problem wit that) and others around u!all i can say is well done im sure they wil thank u!selffish pirck!(on skool comp cant swear!!)

Folks I have drank Diet Coke and Diet drinks in general for nearly nine years. I have had previous pregnancies that turned into healthy children. After my last son was born I started drinking diet thinking it was good for me.
I don't know all the studies but I know what happened to me. My menstrual cycles started going all out of whack. I had repeat miscarriages and often didn't ovulate at all. I also had serious migraine headaches and horrible diarrhea that sometimes was so bad that I would break into a cold sweat. I finally started to make the connection after the diarrhea started because it would be the worst after drinking diet drinks. Now I have read a few things on aspartame and stopped 'cold turkey' I didn't link the fertility and menses issues at first to this and thought it was seperate all together but thought that the other things were most certainly linked. Well folks I quit drinking or eating anything with aspartame in it a month ago and guess what, I haven't had diarrhea, migraines or anything such as this since. I have started to have a normal menses and I ovulated right on a normal schedule this month. So for the nay sayers perhaps you shouldn't nay say so quickly until you understand what it is like to not make it to the bathroom after drinking one of these drinks or what it is like to not be able to drive home because of a migraine and so forth.
I will never drink anything or eat anything with a chemical sweetner in it again.

so if i drink 8 cans of pepsi max on average per day... am i going to 1) go blind, 2)get a brain tumor 3) get brittle bone disease 4) get cancer, and 5) die early..?

I'm 17, and all I drink is caffeine free diet coke. I'm addicted to it. How can I stop?

Oh my god. I don't usually post on these kinds of things, but this is just ridiculous. How many other people are just so amazed by the stupidity of some of these posts that they just HAVE to say SOMETHING to calm their nerves.

I work in a job where I respond to the concerns of these crazy 'I'm going to take on the world' conspiracy theorists day in and day out. Fortunately, I also get to respond to the concerns of reasonable people with plausible and credible concerns. That part keeps me (mostly) sane.

I am not an expert on the effects of aspertame on humans.

I am confident that the majority of people who have posted on this thread are not experts on the effects of aspertame on humans (though many have pointed to the research of experts [kudos to you] and many have relied on anecdotal, unscientific, and generally ridiculous and implausbile theories [shame on you.]

Giving the conspiracy theorists the benefit of the doubt, let's assume that every health regulatory agency in the world like the FDA is controlled by money hungry corporations and have no concern for the health of the people they serve. I am certain that there are a wide range of highly educated scientific professionals in the world who have studied for many years in order to serve the common good. If there are significant health risks related directly and solely to reasonable, regular ingestion of aspertame (or even abuse levels) I am confident that at least ONE credible scientist would have examined these concerns and concluded such. Judging by the fact that NO ONE can point to a SINGLE scientific (governmental, independent or otherwise) study that sheds even a sliver of light on these doomsday effects of aspertame, I find it infinitely difficult to take the claims of death and destruction from aspertame seriously (unless every good scientist has been co-opted by the corporation, right?) Further, the fact that there are a number of studies that conclusively find no health risks associated with aspertame only strengthens my case.

Frankly, if you're drinking a tanker truck a day of anything you're an idiot. At the same time, if you're not eating properly, you're going to have some health problems. Anyone who was suffering these horrible symptoms and after giving up theire 74 diet cokes a day was magically cured is a miracle. If you're drinking 74 diet cokes a day I'd be suprised if the rest of your diet was full and balanced.

It's true that the rates of obesity and deadly diseases have been on the rise in North America. To blame it all on diet coke is ridiculous. To blame it on the Coca-Cola culture, however, is plausible.

North American culture is the pentultimate example of consumerism. I'm sure (although I'm not an expert here either) that many of the health problems our society is experiencing are related to the fact that our diets suck. Diet coke is probably one of the more positive stories of consumerism-- for a diet coke addict drinking a case a day, that's much more than 2000 fewer calories per day than if they were consuming regular coke. Thats almost the entire recommended caloric intake for a normal, healthy, individual. Drinking regular coke, this individual would be headed for certain serious obesity and all the problems associated with it. Diet coke may not be an angel-- drinking a bottle of water instead of a can of coke (diet or otherwise) would almost certainly be a healthier choice-- but I have a suspicion the compound health benefits of diet coke over coke are significant.

I think most of us know that we're heading for some serious problems in the future if we don't curb our North American consumeristic diets and cut out some of the fast foods and processed foods and excess sugar and salt and all that crap. That's a widely accepted fact.

If I can offer any advice to those who are on a crusade against diet coke (apart from 'get your god damned facts straight') it would be that they broaden their cause: stop wasting your time trying to 'take down the man' with your sermons about the corporation's control of everything that is the world (which may well be true), stop trying to prove you know more about aspertame than anyone else, and focus on 'spreading the gospel' of eating a healthy balanced diet that includes a resonable caloric intake and a reasonable amount of exercise-- with or without the aid of a reasonable amount of diet coke. That, you can be sure, will save more lives.

Hi guys Im in medical school and wanted to add just a couple of scientific facts from common medical knowledge:
Look on the side of any diet product and it warns about phenylalanine. This is a amino acid that in people who can not break it down ("phenylketonurics" as it says on the bottle) are in danger because high blood levels is 100% documented to cause progessive mental deterioration including seizures, hyperactivity, neuronal demyelination (like in multiple sclerosis), tremors. All of these effects occur in people with the disease PKU where they lack an enzyme that breaks phenylalanine into tyrosine. (Tyrosine is then made into neurotransmiters like dopamine and norepinephrine as well as melanin pigment in your skin.) Therefore it is possible that if you drink a lot of diet products you overload your body with this amino acid, the question is how much is too much... Another point to consider is the "preservatives" added like potasium benzoate I notice at least in the Diet Pepsi I have in my fridge!!! By the way breakfast cereals have a lot of preservatives as well. One additional point is that these products are great for diabetics and drinking a lot of sugar drinks causes very high glucose levels that may eventually cause insulin resistance defining type 2 diabetes. Is diabetes worse than drinking diet coke? Absolutely--having diabetes is considered equivalent as a risk factor as having a prior heart attack in the risk of getting a heart attack. Follow the food pyramid, exercise, and see your physician regularly and you will be doing a lot for yourself.

I've been driking light coke for at least 8 years now... starting with 3, 4 cans a day and going to 8 cans daily. I started having VERY SEVERE headaches lately (later discovered it is called migraine) and I'm associating it directly with the light coke and the aspartame inside of it. Two or 3 days without light coke made my migraines get under control... I mean, the headaches were like death to me! I'm quitting this posion called light coke/aspartame TODAY!!!!!!

this site has ruined my life. officially. diet coke is god

my mom has been drinking diet for as long as i can remember, and just recently i found out that diet coke can actually cause problems with your health. So i decided to look into this a little bit for my moms sake, and now i'm a little worried for her... i think water is a good enough drink for anyone who wants to stay healthy. I just hope i can convince my mom into stop drinking diet coke before something bad happens...

Kudos to ohmygod!!!!! Read it carefully and listen to what they are saying.
I'll end it with this......too much of anything is bad for you (water can be toxic, if you ingest too much of it at one time). Believe it!!

Diet coke is bad and kills you slowly by eating at your brain and posioning your body with toxic chemicals. I hate this shit,(now ex-drinker and old user of other sweetners) I feel so determined to do something about this crap. I am frustrated with the people when i tell them about how bad it is for you they still drink it. We have to all as Americas-well just help wake up america from this killer and refuse our love ones to drink it...I think everyone should tell everyone they know right now to help our future generations. We need this stuff off the streets, oh wait off the shelfs. Now is the time. tell everyone you know. this is not a joke.

Hey Wassup everyone...Hows it going? Well anyway to the point i dont really care whats in it. Does anyone actually no what the ratio of the stuff in aspartame to take effect??? I am 14 and i have beeen drinking it almost all my life and no way i am giving it up. I cant be bothered but someone go and find a ratio of it acctually taking effect.

I find it fascinating that so many set death as the benchmark for whether or not something is bad for you. Does quality of life mean nothing? You don't walk in front of a bus because it might kill you, but you also don't do it because you could be injured and walk with a limp for the rest of your life.

No matter what 'experts' claim, there certainly is enough anecdotal evidence (just look at this blog, how many people have reported symptoms that have disappeared when ceasing the use of aspartame? ) to show that it reduces your quality of life.

Hi guys. I personally have no idea what to say. I'm doing a project on this for school and I wanted to use some quotes but I see there is an argument both ways.
I've been drinking Diet Coke for years and once I saw this site, I quit. As soon as I did though, I started having headaches, dizziness, trouble seeing, all that good stuff. Just a few days ago, I started drinking it again and everything stopped. I'm a bit confused as to the problem.
I can't decide what to put into my report since everyone has a different opinion and from my personal experiences.
If you guys have any suggestions on my problem please let me know. The quitting and getting sick has got me off track. Thanks in advance,


For 2 years I have been battling a rash on my arms legs and neck that will not go away. I have been through 5 doctors. I have been tested by allergists, dermatologists, and medical doctors. I found out today that I am allergic to formaldahyde. It's in everything, meaning that I have to make a lot of changes. But, I also have pain in my joints, trouble using my arms, shortness of breath, and terrible swelling of my ankles. I am convinced after much research that I must have aspartame disease. I am also a diet coke addict. As of 11/30/2005, I stopped drinking diet coke. I will let you know in a month if the symptoms go away.

hey everyone, i had to do a high school project on persuasive i looked for a reasonable glad i found this one and learned differnt point- of -views on this subject "diet coke". Many of my friends drink that stuff all the time. Of course, we are a little younger than most of you guys in here but, i've alwayz heard it was bad for your brain/ health. I never really understood or listened to them. I guess now that i've researched it, it makes good sence. I was never one "hooked" on it, but i did perfer it from coke, just as some of the others in this chat did also. The fact of losing weight and calories. YES, americans are getting fatter everyday.... hints " mcdonalds", we get hooked on now that i kno about the posions in diet more worried about my heath, while im young then to worry about getting obese. just works....sorry bac to the diet coke issue....if u dont like it, simply dont drink it....not hard...if u do like it....well thats ur decison on it...most of u here seem to kno alot of what you are talking im goin with your opinion...based on facts and persuased know i must go write my report....tahnx for all of yall's help... (and yes im from the south) lol

i decided against diet coke :)

oh yeah so does that mean coke zero is bad for you too???? cuz thats another story...gotta love that stuff :)

I have been having a lot of really nauseating heaaches and am extremely crabby. I asked my doctor about it & she started asking me about my diet. When I told her I liked Diet Coke she said it was very bad for you and even worse during PMS. I was shocked as I had never heard that before. So, I am going to do my own little experiment and quit drinking pop all togeteher. If my symptoms go away and/or improve (especially during PMS!!) I guess I can chalk it up to the Diet Coke. What a bummer. Interesting reading about the carb connection to (craving them more when drinking Diet Coke) I sure hope that goes away or at least is not so intense. Who knew!

I dunno. It's the lesser of two evils for me. I am diabetic and can't drink regular soft drinks so i can only drink diet. I don't have it everyday, mainly in social situations and special occations. It tastes so damn goooood though!

Well, all I can say is I wanted to do a little research on the health facts of diet coke and found this board. as a "new years resolution" I have decided to eat better try to give up regular soda's eat less chocolate and less meat. I am craving soda a little today and before I went in the kitchen and got a diet soda, figured I would look around ... I must tell you, that after reading this forum, LOL, I am frankly scared to have a diet coke .. lol .. everyone seems "addicted" to the stuff and it seems to do nothing but cause problems. I guess I'll stick to water... or hot tea (and if there is a problem with decaf tea, I probably don't want to know .. )and if I absolutely must, I'll have a regular coke. Thank you for answering my question ... LOL .. and as an outsider, looking in, those of you who can read these posts and still say "I'll continue to drink 5 - 10 soda's a day and I'm ok with the side effects" .. I hope this forum helps you too!

Dang, I drink like 3 liters a day... And that Tropicana Sugar Free orange drink isn't carbonated and goes down so easily because of that, and I can consume about 6 liters of that a day... But I am a college student, and a very good athlete, and my performance in the classroom or outside of it hasn't been poor, so I shall continue! Ah, the ignorance of youth.

But, I do believe there probably are some healthy hazards. Afterall, I, and many other are ADDICTED, and I don't know many substances that are chemically addictive and safe at the same time... I feel "hungry" for a Diet drink, just like a I feel hungry for food. I did stop drinking for a period of two months (for my gf) once. It was difficult, not impossible. The "hunger" did go away. Also, I drank caffeinated at one point and got a terrible sleeping disorder, but once I started consuming caffeine free diet, everything was back to normal... But this discussion isn't about caffeine, anyways.

But hey, they did tests on tobacco before, and that was deemed safe (I assume, at least). That's because (again, I assume) they barely knew of a "lung cancer" or "brain cell damage" at the time. Everything is relative. You know the saying, "What you don't know can't hurt you." That's what it was with tobacco. Now, since we learned what tobacco interacted with, it became a concern. Same may be true with aspartame, and alot of other commonly used substances, down the road.

peace i'm out taaa class

I would like to say one thing on this. This site is very persuasive! I'm only in Jr.high, but I need to do an Action Science report for my Science class. Any thing that has a good point, and is about science will do. Well, see my school replaced all the mountain dew and 7-up with nothing but Diet crap! T.T I don't think it's fair seeing as non of us students got a chance to vote, or anything! Not to mention that Diet soda is very very bad for you! x-x
So, now that I have some fact's. I might be able to win our regular soda back and maybe some juice! And I'll get a good grade. ^-^ Arigato~ x3

The hysterical statements by the anti-aspartamers are at best unhelpful, and at worst driving paranoid people to avoidable illnesses associated with obesity and excessive sugar intake. Nothing in excess is good for you, but no studies so far suggest conclusively that the comparative level of risk is serious. Each body responds slightly differently to things - headaches etc are the bodies way of telling you to stop or cut down - so do it, but stop drawing unsubstantiated conclusions that confuse others. There are many, many things that we do and consume on a daily basis that are 'dangerous' . In short, get a life.

Well I do have to say that I used to drink alot of Diet Coke
and also get alot of headaches but I have quit the Diet Coke
and haven't had a headache since. I'm just stating what
happen to me so maybe this will help some of you.

The only real negative I've noticed (besides a whole lot of negatives when you drink diet Coke with caffeine... which isn't good for your sleep pattern) is that my dentist said that this much carbonation is extremely harmful to my teeth. He said the natural coating is getting eroded and I will be wearing replacements by the time I'm in my 40s if I keep at this.

I think if you can answer the following question truthfully, then you will live a long happy life: "Has mother nature created Diet Coke?". If you obviously said NO and yet you still drink the stuff - well you deserve everything you get. I rest my case.

Hey, Fernando - you are a halfwit. You clearly enjoy being hysterical, and do not make any effort to be the slightest bit informed. Philosophers call it the "naturalistic fallacy," the assumption that if something is natural it must be good (conversely, the implication is that non-natural things aren't good for us). It is an incredible piece of widespread idiocy: just consider that poisonous mushrooms are "natural," while anti-cancer drugs aren't. Take the time to think about things, my friend, or keep your ignorant rantings to yourself.

i wouldnt be able to give up diet coke for all the money in the world.. im TOTALLY addicted!!! whatever ingredient is is in... KEEP IT COMING MAN!!!

What about Diet Iced Tea? I figure that it tastes good enough to replace Diet Soda for me. I read the label and it does not mention aspertame and does not have a warning for phenylketonurics. Does that mean that it is not as bad for you?

I drank diet soda off and on from age 14 to 28, and was never addicted. I NEVER drank more than about 3 cans a week. Before 14, I drank regular soda, but after my parents telling me, an athlete, I would get too fat drinking regular soda enough times (at 5'6" and 130 pounds) I switched to diet. So at 14 I started getting annoying headaches almost every day, and migraines 1-2 times a month. I thought it was something hormonal, as women's bodies go through a lot of changes in their teens. I went to many doctors over the years to discuss the migraines, receiving about 5 different medications. They told me to watch out for MSG, chocolate, red wine, which I did, with no difference. NO ONE EVER TOLD ME about aspartame, and my parents drink it religiously with no migraines. I read something 10 months ago about the link between aspartame and migraines, and decided to stop drinking it, even though I really drank no more than 3 a week, so I didn't really think that was the problem. I HAVE HAD NO MIGRAINES, and hardly any of the afternoon headaches I used to get in 10 months! Before that, I had never gone more than 2 months without having one. For anyone who has had migraines, you should know what a big deal this is for me. Migraines can be (and mine were) totally debilitating. Most jobs give you 5 sick days a year. I was averaging 10-12 migraines a year, which almost always started in the morning and lasted all day, so I never had a chance at having enough sick days for my migraines. I really don't care if you die-hard diet soda drinkers want to continue to drink it. I just want to get this information out there to people who may be having health problems such as chronic headaches or migraines. I know that no matter how much they like their diet soda, they will want to quit if it is causing their migraines.
I am very upset that I never knew this before - I consider myself a knowledgeable person, I pay attention to the news, and have a Masters degree involving scienitific research. The aspartame lobbyists who spend billions to keep the information from the public somewhat ruined 14 years of my life.

Ell gave the perfect links to evaluate these "diet is bad" theories, dispelling them to mere hypothesese. A few general observations: Everything is made of chemicals. Everything is Natural. Negative and positive effects of chemicals can only be determined so through testing methods; disregard what your friend said. There are many variables which differ from person to person to consider when concluding the cause of symptoms e.g. water condition, diet, age, and for many contributors here, mental health that you should ask: how is my datum verifiable by others? It IS proven, however that there are people who are unable to break down a 'certain' amino acid in diet coke. Said people are given warnings that can be found on packaging.

Being an RN for 20 years, "something" is going to kill us, I see obesity as one of the number one health care risks, so if diet pop reduces weight which in my case, being normal weight but having "battled" heavy setness, I say "drink on" also keeps my body incredibly hydrated....I also can't see myself drinking 2-3 liters of water a day.......since switching to diet dew years ago, I don't catch colds/strep because illnesses don't "stick" to moist cells....

and i think all these accusations that Diet Coke was the sole suspect to their migrain, headache, muscle pain, and what-have-you is very premature. c'mon guys, how SURE are you that the diet Coke is the main culprit? i say it's such a hasty generalization. for all we know other factors out there could've caused you all those pain. but im not discounting the speculation though that maybe Diet Coke played a role.. but not to the extent that you tie down the entirety of the matter to the soda in question.
my friends in the medical field have warned me to cut down on my Diet Coke consumption but *sigh*..i dont know.. i dont know if i can do it..and i dont know who to believe anymore. and like all the other present Diet Coke addicts here, i'd like to believe that it ISNT harmful at all :)

and, oh yeah, id just like to share that i'm one of the living testimonies that Diet Coke is perhaps not harmful to one's health at all. been drinking it since 2001 plus im a hard-core marlboro reds smoker. and guess what, i RARELY get sick in any kind of way! :)

Maybe we should just drink water


Diet Coke isn't the only thing causing these migrains, headaches, muscle pain, ect. It is aspartame which is within the Diet Coke and in many other drinks as well. Aspartame, as well as Ascueflame-K causes these problems.

I am sure you would like to believe it isn't harmful, because that would mean you have been drinking something with a chemical which theoretically, causes neurological problems.

Also, even though you may not have shown any true harmful effects on the outside, who knows what internal damages have been caused by smoking and consuming aspartame.


All the people here talking about how Diet Coke is the cause of all their problems are idiots. Unless you are allergic to Nutrasweet, then the Diet Coke isn't causing your problems... it's the LACK OF HYDRATION.

You're replacing water and other nutrients with Diet Coke. It IS possible to drink only one Diet Coke a day... I do it. Somedays, I don't have any at all. However, all throughout the day, I drink water and Propel (sports drink I consume at the gym). Oftentimes, I have some juice. Soda is a "treat", not a necessity.

I bet if you make sure you get plenty of water (and probably take a vitamin supplement), then drink the Diet Coke after, your problems will go away.

For anyone reading this- all the real information happened in the first twenty or so posts. Than came an enourmous puke-load of "me first and then my turn" stories.

Post #264 Sums it all up quite nicely. Re-iterating Kelly's post, if you're worried about mega conglomerate diet drinks, scared of ingredients that need Russian interpreters, or just generally worried about your own health... try some clean water. Refine yourself to "treats" of a sweet soda.

Everyone should drink water. You all suck!


To quote the immortal words of the philosopher George Carlin: "The Surgeon General has determined that saliva causes stomach cancer, but only when swallowed in small amounts over a long period of time".

Drink on Shriners!!!!!

Well. Coke contain A type of solution called phosphrous that reduces the amount of calcium in your body: bone and teeth. For old people coke is esecptionaly not good because coke generaly makes your bone weak.So for people with bad growth its advicable not to take coke because it makes your bone weak and you could easily have a broken bone.Coke increases the amount of phosphrous in your blood. Coke also decrease the temperature of the substances in your stomach making digestion uneasy for you. If your stomach acid temperature gets below the normal 37 degrees then you are likely to die.

It may be as harmfull as smoking if you dring several cans a day. Simply choose drinks that aren't as sweet as the advertised brands. As for a sugar in coffee, couple of sugar spoons won't make you fat even if you have four caps per day.
Artificial sweeteners are just a marketing ploy for people wanting to keep weight down. Also it is much cheaper using artificial sweeteners in products than a real sugar.
Human body will create more fat from one slice of bread than from 3 two spoons of sugar.

I think it's just a case that if you have anything in excess, it is bad for you! Just cut it down and eat/drink aspatame products moderately and eat fruit&veg!

I can't believe some people are so outrageously ignorant. Aspartame, nutrasweet, splenda and any other artificial sweetener is indeed highly toxic. They ARE NOT good for you. That is why they are banned in some countries. Not in this country however, because our government is very corrupt. They will pass anything to make money. Just like the viral spray that hasn't been passed for 20 years because of how unsafe it was proven to be has now been approved. They're going to be bathing lunch meats and hot dogs in a mixture of live viruses because they will kill a rare bacteria that may be present on the meat. Who cares what the viruses will do to your intestinal flora, your immune system, and anything else it will do?
It all causes disease and cancer and various other health problems. Anyone who says otherwise is the government who is making money off the stuff or someone who is addicted to it and is in denial.
Reminds me of how people in the government, having been paid off by the tobacco industry, were saying one by one "I believe niccotine is not addictive." And saying that cigarettes aren't harmful.... The same things keep happening but with different poisons.


wow, lots of paranoia here. i really don't think diet coke has ANYTHING to do with OCD. this is crazy, obviously people have different effects with different products, that's relivant to just about anything. studies also show that most migrains come from caffeine. there are so many different things in each beverage, im sure coke or mt. dew would do the same. if you're drinking diet coke to lose weight, then exercise....that's why america is over weight, because we're lazy. it's simple, either diet coke is ok for you (no problems) or just stop drinking soda all together. people let the media scare them into a frenzy and start questioning EVERYTHING. live life! be happy! you only have one shot at this. the simple fact that smoking is legal should also tell you not to leave your health in the hands of the government! think for yourselves, use your brains. if its a question of "should i" or "is it bad for me" then don't do it. take care of yourselves!

hey, im just a regular 12 yr old kid with something to comment on all this.

If you all are so stupid that you continue to drink diet coke after you read this, the the common five year old is most likely smarter then you.

And im sure this comment will have no effect and you will just keep drinking, so have fun killing yourselfs, its your body deteriorateing!

hey im just a 12 year old kid too, sitting at my desk. This has been a help in my research report on how diet sodas are bad for consumers. . Also my mom used to be a huge diet coke drinker. but then she went to a spa resort in new mexico and she came back a changed woman.She no longer drank it but now she does again and it is my fault.


so dont drink it anymore, k?


I have been drinking up to 2 litres of diet coke a day for the last six months. I started do develop major health problems, among the most disturbing of which were a constant headache, muscle tremors and aching in my arms. I would wake up in the middle of the night and my arms would be shaking so badly that I was in pain. They started investigations to see if I had MS. A friend told me that she had read somewhere that drinking large amounts of diet coke could cause MS like symptoms. I stopped drinking the stuff and within a week, my symptoms had all disappeared. Frankly, I didn't believe there was a link because I keep reading that there are no dangers in the use of aspartame. Anyway, just to test it for myself, two weeks ago I decided to try diet coke again. Within a week my headache was back and the muscle tremors and aches in my arms (as well as in my back and neck) have returned. The muscle tremors are so bad that my arms are constantly painful and I find it difficult to hold things. I have now stopped the diet coke again and have already started to feel better. I don't care what anyone else says, for my body, there is obviously something toxic about diet coke. It might not affect everyone badly, but the right thing for me is definitely to avoid it and I'll also be avoiding anything with aspartame in it.


then there are people like myself who drink about a 12 pack a day (diet coke) and are completely fine! it's funny, people hear about a certain chemical and start blaming all of their problems on it without any credible tests. maybe it's mental? fear and stress can do ALOT to a body! do you guys drink regular coke when kicking the diet coke habit? if not then please....stop wasting everyones time. if you can't afford a credible test, try that one. not pepsi, coke. please, may find it's extremely helpful.

For those wondering what is better than more of the many sugar-free chewing gums that contain aspartame? many of the trident gums have xylitol instead of aspartame, which is much better, but make sure to check the ingredient list, to make sure!!

Hey, Erm yer i am addicted to diet coke, I am a diabetic and like i started to drink it and am now on like 4 2 litre bottles a day lol.

I am also a bit of a gamer due to not being able to sleep, Thats a bonus side effect time : )

I am truly reaching my last days of diet coke because i have developed pains around my kidneys and i think i can guess whats causing it lol.

I wish I had never started drinking diet coke. I can not blame my pains on diet coke, but for me at age 22 and a drinker of it for about ten years.I'm sure I'd feel alot better without it. Diet coke for me is like crack for crack heads. I think they will soon have some kind of warming lable on it sooner or later. It taste good, but it is breaking my body down as if it was acid. I don't care about some studies because my body tells my mind it's being poisoned. Every time a crack a can the thought passes my mind on why I'm still doing it. Diet coke has a lot more control then some people think. These are thoughts from a heavy drinker.

I do think diet coke is bad for you.
It can cause muscle spasms and headaches.
I went on the treadmill for a little over a mile and I had just had 2 cans of Diet coke. I felt pretty dizzy afterward.
But yeah maybe I am imagining it.

I do KNOW that things taste sweeter when you eat it with diet sodas. You can try it yourself. Eat something before trying a diet soda and keep in mind how sweet it tasted. then drink some diet soda, and eat the same thing you were eating before. It definitely will taste sweeter.

Logically though, it messes up your blood sugar level and obviously if products similar to it have been banned by the FDA for causing cancer it can't exactly be good for you.
And it can make you retain water, for a little while atleast.

Obviously water and tea is a much better alternative.

But if you crave it, I think you should drink it in moderation.
How bad could it be compared to all the other processed shit these food companies put on the shelves?

It won't instantly give you cancer.
It won't instantly make you lose weight.
It won't instantly make you gain weight.
These accusations that it's the worst thing for you in the world are simply ridiculous.
It's like taking a little fact and then completely distorting it.

And yes, diet soda is something you have to get used to.
I used to be addicted to regular coke and I HATED the taste of diet sodas. But then I tried to switch because I knew the regular sodas were causing a weight gain. And eventually I started liking the taste and now regular cokes don't taste that good to me, I don't crave them anyway.

Not sure about pressing coke or diet to getting acne. It did feel like I had more then, but that could easily be my i've been eating more healthy foods and less greasy stuff in general, so that probably is more of the reason.

Careful before you pin everything to the can of diet sodas your drinking.

I don't know if this will post but felt compelled to say something. I can't believe all the people who say that they drink 2+ liters of diet coke a day. What ever happened to moderation? Most of our grandparents (at least in the South) drank 2-4 cups of coffee every morning and most of my family ate way too much fried foods while I was growing up but I am at my desirable weight whereas my brother is over 100lbs overweight. Why? Moderation. I drink maybe one diet coke (12oz) a day and stop eating when I start to feel full (most of the time). I binge like everyone else on Thanksgiving and such but then eat less the next day. Most of the people that I know continue to binge day after day and find themselves way over weight. They just don't seem to understand why. Okay sorry, I guess I got off the subject of diet coke being bad for you. It probably is, as is most of the food and drink that we have easy access to today but still moderation and actually trying to keep yourself in some kind of shape will go a long way.

Diet coke is a syrup, any kind of syrup is bad for your body. your putting unusual chemicals into your body. your choice.

I think that each person is affected differently by different things. Some people get cancer, some don't. Diet Coke may be bad for some people, but not for me. I no longer enjoy regular pop as I don't like the "sugar aftertaste" and it has lots of calories. I limit myself to one pop a day because I know it is not actually good for me, but occasionally drink more, sometimes less. I drink lots of water. I found that if I drink 2 litres of diet Coke, I will have trouble falling asleep. Surprise! One thing that stumps me is why diet Coke (plain) and Diet Dr. Pepper are the only two diet sodas that don't leave a weird, lingering sweet taste in my entire mouth for 13 hours (I timed it.) The original Diet Coke w/Lemon didn't do it, but then it was reformulated. I used to love Fresca and diet root beers, but quit buying anything but the two aforementioned because of this aftertaste. I tried comparing ingredients on an old and a new Diet Cokew/Lemon, and thought I had it narrowed down to a particular ingredient, but I was mistaken. Anyone else notice this? If so, please email me.

Re: JANA - November 21, 2005

I don't think anyone ever answered JANA... hopefully she found out by now that what she was experiencing was caffeine withdrawal. Don't let it scare you.

And as a final note: I LOVE Diet Coke. I visit the Coke store in Las Vegas every time I go and pick up a Diet Coke t-shirt! I also wish I could have inherited from my Dad the vintage Coke machine that is in his shop - now owned by my brother.

I'm addicted to Diet Coke and Diet Coke only. It's not the aspartame or the caffeine. I've tried drinking Diet Pepsi, which has both in it, and I experience withdrawals such as bad headaches, shakiness, and cravings. I think it's something OTHER than the aspartame or caffeine that has me addicted -- something that is not in other diet drinks. Any thoughts?

I get terrible headaches if I don't drink diet cola, as soon as I finish a can, the headache is gone. I started in my teens drinking Tab, and have been addicted ever since. My memory is nonexistent, my hair is thin, and the headaches- Ouch! I am trying to quit now that I am pregnant, but I am not having much luck. I think Kim is right, there probably is something else in the soda that has us addicted & poisoned.

I drink lots of diet coke, but i don't have any of these symptoms. I sleep great, am losing weight, and no spasms or any of that....some people drink coffee every morning to make it through their work day, i happen to drink diet coke...

sounds like a bunch of hypochondriacs to me...

Sipping on a diet coke right now...

Wow, 2 litres of Diet Coke a day? No wonder you were having tremors and feeling terrible! 2 litres of Diet Coke contain an astronomical amount of caffeine. Many doctors recommend not consuming anything containing caffeine after 1:00 PM so that it doesn't interfere with your sleep.

Funny thing about caffeine - most over-the-counter headache or migraine medicines list it as one of the top ingredients. Too much caffeine, however, can worsen headaches. I'm not at all surprised if you consume more than 3-4 cans of Diet Coke in a day and suffer from headaches.

I believe that the people who stopped drinking soda and were miraculously cured are experiencing a placebo effect of sorts. They believed the soda was harming them and they stopped drinking it, and thus believed they were magically better. Perhaps individuals who claim Diet Coke is ruining their lives should examine their diets, the amount of exercise they get, their sleep habits, etc... Go to a doctor and have a checkup. Be honest about your habits in other areas.

For those of you touting water - sure, we should all be drinking more if it and it's probably better for us that caffeine-laden sodas, but don't forget that water contains plenty of bad stuff, too - it is not equivalent to magical unicorn tears. There are traces of toxic chemicals in water supplies all around the U.S. Does this mean our water is going to kill us? No, but it isn't as *pure* as many seem to think. In this day and age, one is hard-pressed to find something that is not potentially harmful in excess.

I don't see how Diet Coke can cause weight gain. Caffeine and carbonation will certainly lead to dehydration and water retention, but a regular Coke has 150 calories per can. A Diet Coke has 0. I switched from regular soda to diet soda, and I lost twenty pounds in six months (I have not altered my diet or fitness schedule). Don't make fun of people who order diet soda with fast food, either. The average "large" soda in America contains 1000 calories. If these people are splurging on not-so-good food, isn't it wiser for them to drink zero calories, as opposed to 1000 calories? HALF A DAY's worth of calories! Is the lightbulb coming on yet?

And someone suggested Juice... did you know that most juices contain as many calories per serving as soda? They're usually chock-full of additives like high-fructose corn syrup. Even if you buy juice that has no sugar or artificial sweeteners added, it will still contain calories - because fruit contains calories!

For you kids using this blog as a source for a paper... go somewhere else! Hardly anyone here has posted any useful, neutral scientific information (unless you clicked on Ell's links). I hope your teachers require you to find credible sources.

One should not live on Diet Coke alone, but the sensational claims to its toxicity are seriously unfounded. They're urban legends! Someone posted the Snopes link early on. Drinking 2 litres of DC a day is probably going to make you feel like poo, but enjoying it in moderation isn't going to harm you. Remember that most diet colas contain very similar ingredients; it is unfair to make libellous comments about Diet Coke specifically.

i drink loads of diet coke. without even looking at medical tests, etc. I know it's not good for me. Is it really so bad? I don't think so either. I'm pretty thin but im also diabetic so i dont many options for soft drinks out there. i wanna cut back on the DC mainly because it makes me thirstier. and simply put, going to take a wizz every 30mins is pretty annoying. i prefer the taste of splenda to aspartame. for diabetics its better for cooking too.

the things ive noticed about my habits after starting to drink lots of DC are basically minimal. less than the aspartame though, carbonation (without enough water) can lead to kidney stones. my coworker just had surgery for it and it was pretty painful (not to mention expensive bills) that would be the reason i'd give it up.

I just have to say, Im offically a hard core user of diet coke, drinking it maybe 2 liters per day, but I have to say after reading everyones blogs, I QUIT regardless what fact you guys think you may have to safe usage of Diet coke, we should all consider that the only reason we KNOW why DIET COKE is bad for you is becuase everyone on here is looking for excusses to say its ok, that alone tells me that we are all wrong in using diet coke as a suplament, when in fact we should all be drinking water and water only, But like GOD says Life is as simple as following one rule Love thy nieghbor as you love yourself, but yet we as humans of earth love to complicate our lives for the simple reason of obtaning money, regardless of the people we effect. So again I say thank you to site developers for giving a chance to people to write there thoughts about DIET COKE, in so giving me the educated decssion to QUIT DIET COKE, (SAY NO DIET COKE).

Yep, I am thinking that diet Coke is canned Satan. I am pretty sure they stuff the boogyman in there too. In fact, I am pretty sure it is the governments way to assist in population control (perhaps the Russians are involved too).

Ok, enough already. There are much worse things in the world. I had stomach pains, rapidly became overweight, and was having dry heaves. This was due entirely by the excessive use of Coke and backed by my doctor. After I quit and went with diet Coke, all these symptoms went away.(lost weight, no more dry heaves, etc, etc).

Do I think diet Coke is good for your teeth?, but do I think it is going to kill the American population with it's poisonous properties that could/should be compared to smoking? Don't be stupid.

As many educated people have stated on this site, Aspartame has gone through rigorous testing and thorough examination to ensure it was safe for the American public by the FDA, and by many other agencies. If you can name one instance (and site credible references) of someone contracting a permanent illness or dying from excessive diet Coke consumption, I would love to read it. And don't tell me that with all the Americans that drink diet Coke in replacement of all other liquids that it's just not publicized.

I have heard everything in this life called "bad" and heard it will "cause cancer." Cigarettes, ok, that's an obvious one, but as for the rest of you hypochondriacs that think your brocolli is going to make your insides turn out, keep up the good fight finding something horribly wrong with everything on earth, and saving us all from mutant hamsters invading our grocery stores and sticking poison into all we eat, and while your at it, look up these two words: psychosomatic and hypochondriac. You might just learn something about yourself.

As for me, after years of compulsively abusing diet Coke, I cut down on my consumption level significantly. Not because I thought it was going to suck out my brains and leave me a pile of mush on the floor one day, but because I think it's always more healthy to give your body what it needs - WATER. And of course I feel better drinking water as it is a basic requirement of your body and diet Coke isn't (and was never meant to be) a replacement.

"I have come to the frightening realization that we are all terminal with life and are going to die"

--me, today

Seriously, people. ANYTHING consumes out of moderation can be bad for you. Diet Coke is not going to kill you. It has not killed anyone yet. They would not sell it if it was bad. Why are we blaming Diet Coke for all of our health problems when, in reality, is probably other stuff causing them. For example, not excercising, stress, eating poorly, smoking, or drinking alcohol.

Why are we even worrying about Diet Doke when there are things out there such as drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol that are actually harmful to your body. This is just ridiculous.

You would have to drink unimaginable amounts of diet coke in order for it to do anything bad to you. Of course, it has no nutritional value, but at least it does not make you fat. I am not saying drink diet coke over water, but let's be realistic. Just because you don't like the taste of diet coke, it's going to be harmful for you. Just because it's a chemical, it's going to affect your body. People, get real. Let's say that you drank tons of Diet Coke that actually made you feel sick because Asparthame is not natural, it's a chemical. Guess what! When you go to the doctor, he is going to give you some medicine (which happens to be a chemical!) to make you feel better.

Stop scaring people who can't consume real sugar, but have to use NutraSweet instead (like diabetics). Let these people enjoy their sweet treats without being paranoid. Live your life, find a hoby, and stop worrying about worthless things. Find a good cause. If you chose to NOT drink diet coke at all, and be healthy by drinking water, good for you. If you are choosing regular coke over diet coke simply because it is "harmful", you lack a common sense.

How about a 2 basic courses (Biology 101 and Chemistry 101)for those of you who claim that diet coke could kill you because it contains "this and that"? It would come very handy. What a shame, knowing that the people who come up with this stuff are adults that probably even have kids...

Anyone here who called their diet coke habit an 'addiction' needs to try some heroin. Give me a break people. "oooh, I have a headache if I don't drink it." Big friggin deal.

Actually any one who says it is harmless is talking mince. As a pharmacist in training I know that it caues hypoension leading to an increae in heart rate which ultimately causes HYPERTENSION. This is just the caffine. Phenylalnine its self is only really toxic to those that have PKU, but if you have PKU its deadly. Last night I drank two pints and two small classes of coke. I felt fine, ecept that my heart felt really tight. It still feels tight but it has lossensend up some what. There isnt actually a chemicall which can repair the neurone in the brain. I guess some can regrow them selves and some cant. we probabaly have spare neurones, as a sort of protective mechanism. Its also suggested we learn via one neurone storring any amount of information, so perhaps the effects are reversible. Formaldehyde is a toxin, but like lead it isnt in your body for ever - its just in there for year and years. I dont know the exact number, and there will always be some residual traces in your body, but most of the toxins can get removed eventually.

What's the deal with being addicted to this stuff, it's not crack, just stop drinking it.

I only:

- drink water
- eat fruit
- proper meals
- occasional ice cream
- regular (sugar only sweetened) bubblegum

I never ever feel ill and never ever get headaches unless I eat something funny abroad.

dont complain and blame it on sodas ur just fat and have no life why are u on the computer if ur fat go excersize

I noticed a comment about diet soda and bone health. I know soda has an effect on bone health, but I don't know anything about specificallty diet soda. Colas has phosphoric acid which could leach calcium from bones. In addition all sodas could potentially cause low bone density due to people drinking soda instead of milk.



you can watch the whole thing on google video (aka the above link). if you believe it to be safe after watching it, good luck with that.
also, for those of you who cant have sugar, Stevia is a safe and natural solution.

While trying to find websites about diet coke ingredients and their affects...........I came across this particular site. Very interesting reading. I am totally hooked on diet coke...........I know they are addicting. I want my diet coke just as a person need their cigarette or an alcoholic needs a drink. I am giving it up now. Not worth taking any more risks. Water with lemon sounds great !!!

why would you trust anything that "COCA"-COLA company produces? their company started by selling drinks that had COCA in it. perhaps a drug that made colombia famous ring a bell?
they used to put "cocaine" in their products... and you actually trust them to be any more responsible or ethical nowadays?
america is a big scam... this country started off corrupt as hell to begin with. african slaves and genocide of native americans ring a bell??? and i think most of the country (via internet) is finally starting to understand the depth of corruption in america. i'm a veteran and i'm ashamed to say i served this POS country.

why would you trust anything that "COCA"-COLA company produces? their company started by selling drinks that had COCA in it. perhaps a drug that made colombia famous ring a bell?
they used to put "cocaine" in their products... and you actually trust them to be any more responsible or ethical nowadays?
america is a big scam... this country started off corrupt as hell to begin with. african slaves and genocide of native americans ring a bell??? and i think most of the country (via internet) is finally starting to understand the depth of corruption in america. i'm a veteran and i'm ashamed to say i served this POS country.

I Love Diet Coke. All The Information About How Bad It Is For You Mayb Tru But Look On The Bright Side, There Is Good Sources Of Phenylalanine In Your Body. I Dont See What All The Fuss Is About. Having Heart Problems And Stuff Like That. My Mum Had A Heart Problem And She Is Fine Now. And Guess What!! It Wasnt From The Diet Coke. My Mum Got Headaches Every Single Day, That She Had To Skip Work It Got So Bad.She Cut Back On Potato Chips! And Yet Again Her Headaches Went Away!!!! My Mum Drinks Diest Coke Every Day. And She Gets Symptoms You Say You get From The 'SHIT' That Is In The Diet Coke!. But Wake Up!!! People Are Trying To Make You Stop Drinking It Cause Of All The Sugar That Is In It. You All Think That You Are Getting These Symptoms Cause Of Something From The Diet Coke!!! Please It Could B Something Else, Like Potato Chips Or Something. IT ISN'T ALWAYS DIET COKE!! Get Over Your Selves And Stop Worrying About Something That Could Be as Easy As cutting Away Chips Or Cheese Or Chocolate Away From Your Diet, It Isnt Always Diet Coke. Get A Grip!!!! And Stop being Sucked In By All The Info That May B Tru. But There Are Always Other Explanations.

I Love My Diet Coke, And I dont Care What You All Think. Just Remember That It Isn't Always The Diet Cokes Fault.

=] Takecare.. ♥

What about "Tab"?

I am a nurse, and for twenty plus years I was ignorant enough to use aspartame on a regular basis. I ignored the safety warnings because, like so many other people on this blog, I loved my diet coke and refused to give it up. Ignorance is bliss. I used to hear a lot of the same arguments from people who refused to give up their cigarettes.

Most of the people on this blog have focused on the safety testing conducted by the company that produces aspertame. Don't you think there might be a slight conflict of interest here? I was much more interested in the independent reports that listed the devastating effects.

Also, is anyone even slightly interested in how this product was approved in the first place? Try googling aspertame and Donald Rumsfeld, you might be surprised.

If you rely on the FDA to tell you what is safe and what is not, you're burrying your head in the sand. Does anyone remember Phen Phen and Redux? The FDA approved it knowing it could cause heart valve damage. I see commercials on tv every day about class action suits over "approved" medications that have injured or killed people. It doesn't boil down to safety, it boils down to money, and the aspertame people had a lot of it.

Aspertame is a neurotoxin. Many neurologists will not treat patients unless they agree to stop using aspertame. Aspertame can cause seizures, it can interfere with seizure medication, and can also interfere with antidepressants.

I stopped using aspertame cold turkey and went through terrible withdrawal symptoms for three weeks. I didn't stop using sugar, caffeine, or anything else, just aspertame. Afterward, I had no more shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and my cystic acne cleared immediately. It was as though the poison was coming out of my pores.

As for diabetics, don't believe aspartame is your friend, either. It causes diabetic neuropathy. Stevia with luo han is what I use, because I'm not willing to give up my sweets, either! Also, if you check out Atkins sweets (they have a great candy bar) they won't spike your blood sugar. There are a lot of healthy alternatives out there. Splenda is also pretty bad, but not as bad as aspartame.

Everyone who reads the comments on this blog should remember that you can only blame someone for screwing you over if you don't know any better. Once you have the information, you're responsible for your own actions. I myself am tired of being screwed over (and paying them to do it) so they can take their diet coke and shove it!


For starters, to the dumb @$$es who think that the governments would allow a corporation to pay a health Authority organisation to keep a chemicals safety leaves 'hush hush', you are completely out of your mind (to put it in a nice way).

and lets be serious, half to people bloging on this site have been addicted to coke (probably as a child) and lost weight of it because the 'evil corporation' desided to open up a niche and help us fattys out buy producing diet coke. i would like to thank coca-cola amatil because i was feed it on tap as a child, and i soon as i switched to diet coke, i lost 7kg in one week. and as for the side affects...

haven't you read to paper lately that says that everything (and i mean everything) can give you cancer, and now you people are trying to make it harder for overweight people to loose weight, how bout recommending they step down from coke after a certain amount of weeks to water, or something. i thank god for diet coke, because of it, i can still have my caffine in the morning (i dont give a $#!7 what you say, i need it, it helps me) and sure aspartame and phenylalame are bad for you. 1. IT SAYS IT ON THE FRICKIN CAN so if your still so dumb you cant read the risk for yourself then maybe you need to pay someone to feed you and 2. its only dangerous in extremely large amounts.

so. a big 'forks' and 'jog on' to you idiots who have waisted your time on this website trying to have your "HIPPY' voices heard. the only reason i wasted my time is because stupid people agrivate me

hey... i just realised something, maybe all you 'anti-diet coke' people are actually owners of big gym corperations and you are trying to get people to go back to regular fatty beverages so you can make money.... ooohhh, maybe you should give me millions of dollars, i just unveiled yet another big conspirosy.... OMG....fools

Come on - simply, the more chemicals we consume, ingest, smell, and rub on our bodies the more cancer, allergies and bad immune systems pop up.

Diet Coke is barely consumable. carbonated water, caramel color, asparatame, acid, potassium benzoate, more acit and caffeine?

remember, the more natural a food is the better it is for you. There is nothing natural about diet coke. one every few days is one thing, but people like my mom who drink 5 a day and complain about so many things listed on this thread like headaches, dry skin, loss of short term memory, and she thinks is 12 years of menopause.

No, its 5 diet cokes a day for 15 years.

bad bad bad. switch to green or black tea and how about a tall glass of cold water for peet's sake!!! diet coke drinkers you are getting more dehydrated with every can. You need water to flush out your system and hydrate every little cell in your body to have a platform of health for your body to have a fighting chance.

everything in moderation, including moderation - but have a glass of red wine at night, not disgusting liquid chemicals.

I'm in year 12 and i have been drinking so much diet coke to prevent me from eating myself obese....
i'm scared i'm going to get cancer!! but seriously.. does anyone know if it has any cancerous effects? or am i just being stupid?

I disagree with everybody and all who say that diet sodas are bad for you. They are GOOD for you, I may be the only person on the planet who says that, but I have been drinking Diet Pop for about 14 years now...10 a day and am considered by my doctor to be in GOOD Health. He keeps telling me to stop drinking because it's bad for you, but why when it's got so many pros and yes so many cons, but what doesn't have pros and cons. Water has pros and cons...ask the people in Walkerton, ON, Third World Countries such as CUBA, and the people from the town in California that Erin Brockovich helped out....yes ask them about the Cons of Water...Enough Already, with the smashing of Diet Sodas...The pros for me: I'm succeptible to Weight Gain, Diet Soda helps prevent that, It helps me with the amount of Energy I need to get through my rigorous work days, It tastes great and is enjoyable with lunch and dinner. If it kills, then it kills slowly, but so does AIR, WATER, WAR, DISEASE, FAMINE, SUICIDE, MURDER, FOOD. That list can go on and on and on...Find something new to talk about, stop wasting all you time complaining about this crap and start using that energy to b more involved in getting North American cars to all run off Water or Electricity by 2020...There's something worth arguing about. Leave Diet Soda alone and just edulge in it...for the love of God you live once and you should Enjoy it....


you who drink so much soda, whether it be regular or diet, will regret it.. I read one of you said you drink 10 cans a day.. SERIOUSLY? wtf.. you cannot be a healthy person.

well, for me , i don't really care.. i'm not a big fan of soft drink but i do drink a canned of pepsi max/ coca cola light a day, just to keep me going on..its a tough year and i need all the caffeine i can get to NOT falling asleep in class.. anyway, no matter what, there's always something that could give us tumor and want free from that? lock yourself in the basement where the dirty gas from the car won't reach you or build a time machine and go back to years before cars and guns and ATOMS BOMB was build. if i'm not wrong, i read in an article about some sorts of vegetable thats could cause cancer! Whats wrong with the scientist?! Don't they have anything to do other doing pointless research? Why don't they find the cure instead of finding the problems in MILLIONS of stuff.. I mean a few research is ok but it seems like whatever kind of food i tried googling in has bad effect no matter its vege, fruits or meats.. What are we suppose to eat? Air? Even air cause cancer..

The main point is, as long as you can control it, you can have it. There's no point in cutting it completely..

I dont think all of this is true ....for ppl interrested

Okay, so get this - every night I would come home with these tiny cuts on my hands. At first I thought they were paper cuts because I work in a bookstore, but now I'm really starting to think it's the aspartame! Does anyone think it's possible for all the diet coke I'm drinking to be... be cutting my hands!? I need to stop drinking it but I can't! It's TOO ADDICTIVE. My God... those big shot companies will do anything to make a buck.

Yes, you sound like that. Uhg.

I have chronic muscle aches and other symptoms attributed to diet cola. I went off it and there was no change in the symptoms. Zero.

I can't imagine Diet Coke is safe. I am addicted to it. I am finally starting to force myself off of it. I drink coffee now. Iced, hot. I am tired of hauling all those bottles and cans outside for recycle. Even at work people joke about how bad of a diet coke junkie I am. That is bad. After 30 years of drinking the stuff it won't be easy to give it up but I need to stay strong.

It isn't that Diet Coke or Aspartame or Caffiene is super bad for you. If you drink 5 cans (nearly 2L!), of course it is going to start affecting your body. The claims that they are dangerous are bogus. But overconsumption of anything even water can be very harmful. Especially with pop in general, you are adding extra acidity to your body, never mind that it is regular or diet

I think people need to think about control. If your drinking one can, your fine. But just because it has no sugar, don't equate this as an ok to drinking it excessively. That goes with coffee, tea, fruit juice, and even water in some cases. If you want, look for water poisoning or overconsumption of water on google!

WARNING: I go off subject quite a bit here, but I feel really strongly about what I have written and I hope that it can maybe help some people who struggle with weight get motivated. I've been a personal trainer for some time now and I have had the Diet Coke vs. Coke argument with many of my clients! My answer is always the same; "drink whichever makes you feel good".

If we want to know what the real problem is, we must stop and observe our modern-day society as it functions. We as a country are absolutely OBSESSED with obesity and dieting. Every five minutes there is an advertisement on the radio or tv about diet products, plans and "The ultimate Ab workout" ..etc. I just have to ask what happened to us? Have we really gotten so paranoid about what we consume that some people won't even drink a can of regular old soda? I can remember a long time ago when there was no such thing as diet soda and this 'obesity epidemic" did not exist. People ate and drank whatever they wanted and never had problems. I believe that it's our lifestyle that needs to change and not our diet! Sure there were heavy people back in the day, but some people were just heavier set naturally. If you looked at a community college campus in the 70's, maybe only 8-10% of the people were obese. Now that number accounts for more than half of that college population!

It has to be the lifestyle, because torturing ourselves with these horrible tasting foods just doesn't seem like it's working! For example; my mother was thin until the 80's, and started doing jenny craig and drinking diet coke when it came out in the early 80's. She has been on every diet plan imaginable since, and is still a diet coke fiend. Guess what, she is still overweight and struggling just as hard with weight gain since the 80's. Do you know why she is still overweight? It's simple, she is not active enough. Period. That is the #1 cause of obesity in the U.S.. I ate pizza every week for 20 years(maybe being Italian helps a bit ha ha) and was never obese as a child or a young adult. I see these poor kids now in middle school who are struggling with their weight and it breaks my heart. Somebody needs to get these kids doing activities, because i ate worse than they do now when i was young; but i worked every junk meal off on the soccer field or basketball court. The real problem however, is the adult world today. People nowadays are so consumed with their work that they do the "starve and stuff" diet(which is worse than eating garbage all day) accompanied by nightly tv shows and computer programs. That equals; slave at the workplace all day, get home and stuff ourselves with whatever we can find or order and then plop down on the couch for some hilarious sitcoms or hours of computer play! The activity level has gone down the tubes!!

Sorry i veered so far off subject (probably should have just started a new thread topic!) but i truly think the answer is getting active in our everyday lives. Then we wouldn't need to argue about diet vs. regular coke. It would no longer be a matter of if it's healthy for you or not, it would just be a matter of taste. Those who like the taste of diet coke would drink diet coke, and the rest would just drink regular and not have to worry if it's making them fat. So start exercising, and if you are seriously overweight, start small and work your way up to a full workout. I guarantee the pounds will come off quicker with exercise rather than waiting around to see if diet coke helps you to not gain weight.

I truly hope some of you found my comment interesting or helpful, and if anyone is having trouble losing weight and needs a little advice; please shoot me an e-mail as i would love to help. After all, it's what i do! :)

Diet soda can make you gain weight - even though diet drinks contain less calories than the original beverage, it that they're really that good. They might still be rich in calories. In addition, there's nothing like sweetened drinks to help you develop a craving for other sweet food, which means more calories.


[url=> ] The Lemonade Diet[/url]

I quit diet pop for 5 days now because of Lent. I have lost 2.5 pounds, and I have not exercised or been dieting. My energy has increased and it's been great. I'm convinced to stop drinking diet pop for good.

Jesus Christ people. You're all ridiculous. Never underestimate the power of suggestion.

Why whey protein is considered one of the best protein foods for humans. The nutritional characteristics of whey protein are outstanding, but you need to be selective when choosing a whey powder.Try to visit if anybody want more info.

"I had something profound and glorifying to contribute to this thread, but for some reason i can't think for the life of me what it was" - he says gulping back his 4th can of diet cola

oh well, cheers everyone!

In the late sixties, the only tests done on primates, that’s if you ignore the current test being conducted on us, Dr. Harold Waisman fed milk laced with aspartame to seven infant monkeys. After 300 days one monkey died of a heart attack, and five had grand mal seizures! G.D Searle, aspartame’s owner at the time, did not submit these results to the FDA prior to getting approval.
Links below

A recent study conducted in the College of Science, King Saud University in Saudi Arabia found “chromosome aberrations” in the bone marrow cells of mice given aspartame, concluding that “aspartame has a genotoxic risk.” Genotoxic chemicals are those which are capable of causing damage to DNA! The duration of this test was only 24 hours.

Link to study below:
I also found details of a couple of studies done on rats and rabbits in Rumania. Unless you have a medical background I would not try and read the text unless you have access to a medical dictionary. Take a look at the six pictures: The ones on the left are the control group, the ones on the right were fed aspartame. The cell damage to the hypothalamus and pituitary in just 30 days are deeply disturbing.

The report concludes: “ The degenerative aspects of brain and pituitary observed in Aspartame-treated rabbits; suggests that it is reasonable to assume that the same infant-to-adult relationship would be true for the Aspartame consumption in humans to children in the prepubertal period of development.”

I would not encourage adult use either!

Link for above study in PDF format :

(I had to download file to read with a PDF reader)

For those of you who would prefer watching a video check out the following “Aspartame – It puts the DIE in Diet Sode + 6000 other products” :

If you get an error when trying to load the video above just go to You tube and search for “watch?v=cVrTKxTpZWY” without the quotations.

Pass this on folks!

Calorie-free diet sodas, like Diet Coke(TM), Diet Pepsi(TM) or Diet-7 Up(TM) seem very good for weight loss or maintenance, compared to their sugar-saturated counterparts.

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