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The BBC talks about Ellen, a flight attendant fired for blogging by Delta Airlines

Ellen Simonetti, who writes the Diary of Flight Attendant, has been fired (BBC article) by Delta Airlines because she posted pictures of herself in uniform. Maybe a blog to protect the rights of fired bloggers should be launched ?

The images were removed as soon as she learned she had been suspended. As far as Ms Simonetti knows, there is no company anti-blogging policy.

There is guidance which suggests the company uniform cannot be used without approval from management, but use in personal pictures on websites is unclear.

I think this is a stupid decision on the part of Delta Airlines. If they didn't have a policy and didn't like it, they should have told her to take it down, not suspend her. What they should have done is not cared. I'm sure her blog would INCREASE the number of Delta Airline flyers, not decrease them. I for one now have a lower image of Delta.

UPDATE: She was not "fired". She was "suspended without pay".


well, Delta is about to declare bankruptcy. uhm...pre-emptive downsizing??

Doesn't surprise me, the employees already don't trust the management, hence why they are about to go bankrupt. The pilots don't trust the company to make good on it's claims to pay out benefits, so instead of deferring, they are asking now to cash it out which doesn't help Delta one bit.

Either way, your right, this does nothing to help Delta and just reenforces why they aren't doing well.

To be fair, we should acknowledge the possibility that Delta doesn't have a problem with Ms. Simonetti's blogging, but with her extraordinarily poor judgement.

Imagine SixApart employees posting pictures of themselves lounging around the office in bikinis and thongs. It would make me want to buy their software, but that's just me.

it's not as if Delta isn't in trouble already. DElta hasn't evolved with the times. And as with any evolution, organisational or other if you are not adaptive to new times, you will fail!
Do these guys not understand social capital and intangibles in organisational reputation?
Go Trolley Dolleys. Get blogging!

She wasn't fired, she was suspended without pay. At least for the moment she is still an employee of Delta.

OK. I admit "fired for blogging" is incorrect. But... she was "suspended for pay for doing something that others had done and appears that it might have something to do with her blogging." They probably didn't have a rule about blogging, but I wouldn't rule out the notion that it was her blogging that they were upset about. If you read the BBC article, she had a journal where she wrote about her escapades and it was the photos that "outed" the her identity and the identity of her employer.

Anyway, it's still stupid from a PR perspective on Delta's part. I think it's heavy handed.

As for the self-importance of bloggers bit. Read the BBC article again. It does focus quite a bit on her blogging and I think blogs make it easier for people to "post photos of themselves on the Internet" so the idea that we companies should think of "blogging policies" is not a stupid one.

Even though Ms. Simonetti left herself exposed, (pun intended) I also think that the Delta reaction was very heavy handed. Simonetti's bosses should be upset with her, but they should have known better than to suspend her. They could have just quietly asked her to take the picture down, gently hint that she might get in trouble if the posting continues, and then keep an eye on the site to make sure it doesn't happen again. But suspension? An angry and arrogant office bully lurks. As I see it, this case boils down to Ms. Simonetti's performance on the job. If it's good, Delta is in trouble. If it's bad, she could be in big trouble.

Can't say I'm blame Delta. Most companies stuipulate that uniforms can only be worn for work purposes. When Playboy ran "The Girls of Starbucks," they were sporting generic green aprons (not that I looked the pictures or anything).

no problems whats all the fuss delta

She should be fired! She’s employed to do a job and not to slack off having pictures taken.
Another fact is that she is laying across some seats and people have to put their heads where her back side has been!
And she could damage Delta property costing the airline money, Also breaking every health and safety rule in the book.
You think she’s been fired unfairly? Then you are crazy! If you owned the airline? And you saw an employee doing that? Wouldn’t you be mad.
Read your employment contract? Any misconduct or embarrassing the airline can result in termination of your contract , Any royalty or important people had happened to see her like that?.

Please advise as to who the current Delta chairman is.

My family has big complaints about lost luggage that never was received on the Atlanta to Madrid flight.
Baggage supervisor is the natiest and rudiest person having met in the public eye,especially dealing with people's personal property.
It has been over 72 hrs,and no one yet seems to know where the luggage is.All they can say is,at the discretion of the pilot,if there is too much luggage aboard,he decides which one stays.If anyone knows the name of the higher up,please forward e-mail to


That was hillarious.

You almost sounded serious ! Amazing sarcasm there, my friend...

... wasnt it ?


Absolutely no one should be fired or suspended for doing something like posting a blog without a first warning. Like someoone above, I believe, her blog is actually an attraction to choose Delta Airlines. Who would not want to be on a flight as very attractive, honest, pretty and very sexy in shape airline attendent who had her looks?

Wow, she is really milking it for all it's worth....she is obviously loving all the attention she is getting from this and is saying that she was fired once for being "too attractive" fo a flight attendant..let me tell her something,,,I have been on flights with Cathay Pacific, Cuban Airlines, BWIA, these are beautiful women not this Austin smut. she's just looking for an acting contract...Delta did a good thing getting rid of a phony like her!

Hi, I'm form Curitiba, south of Brazil... Congratulations!

As a member of Delta management, I must say that I feel your pain. HR is killing the company. A simple "remove your photos in uniform" would have sufficed. Firing was completely out of line, but very much the norm these days.

We suffer from incredibly poor leadership right now, especially in your department. Good luck with your book! You're in a better place now, trust me... Best wishes!

I NORMALLY AM "ALWAYS FOR THE EMPLOYEE,"....However, this gal has got a hellava lot of nerve.

By Simonetti's own admission, she was told by her employer [which demonstrated a strong unacceptance to her behavior by a minor disciplinary action], she was being disciplined because of inappropiate pictures posted on the web. She should have been fired. Flight Attendant must have some college education and sophisticated; Simonetti does not demonstrate she comes equip with the qualification for the job. Regardless of her performance during her "Flight Attendant" duties of being good or bad; her using Delta as a backdrop for her sexually explicit photograph presented a possible security risk. THE PERSON WHO TOOK THE PHOTOS SHOULD be disciplined for aiding her stupidity.

I weighed this issue as I believe a jury would and to be fair. What if this were my company and the uniforms had to be worn only during performance of work but were used in a derogatory manner that may be damaging or embarrasing to my business; would I be made...then I thought, "hell yeah!"

I am sorry Ms. Simonetti, but this demonstrates stupidity on your part. Your actions MIRROR a burgular who broke into a business to steal the safe and attempted entry through the chimney. Unfortunated he got stuck for 6 hours in the chimney and the staff called the police in the morning when they found him whom had to be oiled down to get out. He yelled at the employees laughing at him and threatened he would sue because he got hurt. This was BIG NEWS because he got a lawyer and sued the owner because the chimney was not UP TO THE BUILDING CODE width and he had to pay $75,000 to this dummy. Simonetti and this man could probably be best friends and I am not trying to be sarcastic.

Simonetti's employer probably would have been nice and just given her a "verbal" warning; but with that company uniform unbuttoned down to disclose her bra & cleavage, on the plane and her leaning way back on the seat as if she is ready to spread her legs like a seven-eleven "open 24 hours," it does not look good [BY THE WAY...that blogger who says she is damaging company property, just shut up; she is doing no such thing and she is not violating any health and safety violation either. Just be quite because that is irrelevant, you probably know her and don't like her BUT I AM TRYING TO GIVE HER A FACTUAL REALISTIC VIEW FROM A DISINTERESTED PARTY FROM THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN HOW A JURY WILL VIEW HER CASE IF THE AIRLINE DECIDES TO CALL HER BLUFF].

This behavior contradicts a certain sophistication an employer is trying to demonstrate; not to mention this demonstrates a possible "safety" violation as when she was lolly gagging around; anything could have happend. What about "sexually explicit does Simonetti not get" I'm wondering? Her highly sexually suggestives photos were done not just at the airport BUT ON COMPANY PROPERTY WITH THE COMPANY UNIFORM without permission.

Ms. Simonelli, you don't own that plane and you took those photographs without first obtaining permission from the owner: YOUR EMPLOYER. It is really unfortunate that you don't seem to get it and I would not want to be on a flight with a "Flight Attendant" acting so unprofessional.

What if Simonetti traveled over to Iraq or another troubled country that hates Americans and Simonelli befriended a terriost who saw her acting in this manner or sexually suggestive. A terriorist [easy to be fooled by them if you are a woman as all those guys seem to be handsome but evil] could have taken advantage of this moment and volunteered to take more photos of her then put a time bomb on the plane when she was busy frolicking on the seats in an unprofessional manner for her blog. PEOPLE WONDER HOW THESE TERRIOST SLIP THROUGH THE CRACKS and get throught, IT IS BECAUSE OF INCOMPETANT PEOPLE LIKE SIMONELLI and their lack of "good judgment."

This is a white female, who was first disciplined by way of suspension. Then she got mad and filed an EEOC claim, then researched male flight attendants on the internet who blogged as well.

For now Simonelli's research on other MALE flight attendant bloggers is irrelevant; unless Delta management saw their photos as well on the internet and these MALE flight attendant photos EQUALLY demonstrate an invitation to sex and taken ON THE COMPANY PLANE IN THE AIRLINE UNIFORM as Ms. Simonelli did. If Simonelli can't show this; she is screwd regardless of performance on the job because her actions here Delta can and will have a strong argument; that she put the Airline and passengers at risk and I would have to strongly CONCUR!

Yea-usually for the employee-right.
Yea-disinterested party.
Comedian is more like it. I found your diatribe entertaining. Sophistication by the employer...what was it that tipped you off as to the sophistication? Perhaps it was the inability to turn a profit for the last 4 years to instead focus time and effort on mundane issues like trivial acts by employees. Better head to the Delta cafeteria to make sure flight attendants are eating their brussel sprouts. Anarchy!!!!
You should apply to Delta management or better yet jury foreman for a trial in Atlanta. Quit your night shift on the Rush Limbaugh are destined for great things.

Sorry y'all but America has voted a President in office that has set the trend for corporate America to get away with murder. Maybe time to see the big picture where people cannot just be fired or suspended for a minor misstap as this. Repremended she should have been! Wake up America, smell your benefits and your pension plans.......we are not the only ones in deep trouble!

If Delta says you are suspended. You are Fired. They are doing their best to downsize and show no dedication to long-term employees. They now are outsourcing baggage calls, customer service calls,and reservation sales. Please don't be shocked if you see men and women from India as flight attendants and take over customer service.

Companies in the US have the right to fire you. End of story. What the heck has the President got to do with this? She was a silly girl and must take the consiquences

Delta Airlines is anyways such a crappy company...Here´s why:

My experience with them was awful. I hope you never undergo such a thing.

I think this FA should have used more discretion before showing off her assets to the world. She was representing a company when she posed for those photos--she was on company aircraft and in uniform! It was distasteful on her part and should have been done on her own time. This is the exact reason FAs have a bad reputation and are not well-respected. Flight attendants already have a reputation for making stupid, irrational decisions, not to mention having a sleezy reputation and this women did not help their cause. I know there are decent flight attendants out there, but I am not sure where. Have you ever caught a FA screwing the pilot during in-flight? I have. Disgusting really. If she wanted to pose for these photos she should do it on her own time.

I was wondering if you can tell me what a 16 year flt attendant would make if she worked full time . Do you know of any official Delta website where I can find this info?

So unprofessional! Crew members in uniform are a direct reflection of Delta Airlines. How does this possibly reflect a positive image. Sad enough, many are witnessed at layover hotels, congregating at the bar & acting inappropriately. Business people who are conducting company business often witness this inappropriate behavior. They often arrive when crew members are signing into a hotel. Yes, the crew members do change from their uniforms to casual street clothes before congregating at the hotel bar. Unfortunately, they are recognized by our customers or do not refrain from talking about their flight. Often, they are witnessed by others, flirting, drinking & often riding the elevator to a hotel room which they enter together.
If you dislike your professional reputation of "hooking up" on layovers, correct your behavior.
This is a bad reflection on every truly professional crew member.

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