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I ran into Loic at MIPTV in Cannes where I was giving a talk about Creative Commons. MIPTV is "The World's Audiovisual and Digital Content Market" attended by television and mobile phone content industry people. When we were walking along the beach, Loic did a video interview. I got a bit carried away and blunt in the interview. ;-) Apologies for being a bit rude to the champagne-drinking participants of the meeting.

The conference was focused on commercial content so I was talking mostly about CC in the context of marketing. Obviously, there are many other reasons for CC including free culture, open courseware, research, etc.


Joi, don't worry - I admire your honesty, it's something others should embrace as well.

Nice video by the way! :)

This is so awesome. Was your presentation anything like this? Joi FTW.

Telling it like it is! Did you tell this to the suits? ;-)

Really, it's wonderfully well said. We are, more and more, entertaining, educating, and communicating with one another, and that's a good thing.

Very Nice work Joi. I think people will understand your honesty. You did not become chairman for nothing!

My presentation was approximately this message. I probably didn't say "bullshit" and explained a bit more about the relationship between main stream content and fans. ;-)

Hi Joy,
Donatella della Ratta introduced us at MIPTV but I lost your email address. We talked about a possible speech in Milan. Please write me an email at so I can reach you.
Kind Regards,

If you want, I have a full video of your speech at MIPTV in Cannes.

Nice video, very accessible explanation!

Joi.... you are just great! Champaign sucks.