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Over the last few years, my blogging slowed down and came nearly to a halt. I tried to figure out what had happened. Had I written about everything that I was interested in already? Was I just sick of blogging? Was I sick of my tools and the design of my site? Was I spending too much time playing World of Warcraft? I'm not exactly sure. It was probably a combination of all of these things.

I had also gotten sort of sick of social software tools, conferences about social software tools and talking about social software tools.

Sometime last year, I was talking to Anil and he was REALLY excited about Movable Type version 4. He explained all of the new features and how excited the crew over at Six Apart were about it. It was a long time since I had heard Anil excited about anything and it was sort of contagious. Boris and I had been talking about a site renewal for a long time so we decided that MT4 would be a good occasion to revamp the site.

Granted, MT4 still has some kinks, but it's a great improvement and I'm really happy. (Although it wasn't me dealing with the kinks.)

So here's the new look. We're still working on a lot of things right now and this is a "soft launch" of the new framework. The idea is that the top page is more of a dashboard and not a blog, although the last blog post is featured there. I'm trying to turn this social network stuff a bit inside-out and see if I can make my own site the destination and the social networks the branches.

What we're working on next is the community pack that works with MT4. If it works correctly, I will be able to create profiles of my friends and let them add links to their social networks. This will replace that old "faceroll" I had with something a bit more dynamic. I don't expect my site to become yet another social network, but I would like to allow people to see the connections between the people I'm connected to on my own site in the way I'd like to display it. Once we get this going, I'll be looking to everyone for feedback on what I should and shouldn't do.

While the haiku-like constraint of Twitter is really neat, I'm starting to miss blogging again. ;-)

Thanks to Boris for the awesome design work. Thanks to Kuri and Jim for the back-end help. Thanks to Anil and the Six Apart team for pushing us along on MT4. Thanks to Susan Kare for the nice new logo. Yay!

PS: Try clicking on the little icon of Jonkichi on the top right to see the super seekrit Rupture include.


Congrats, Joi! Awesome work.

Welcome back! I follow you on FriendFeed. Hope to see you quite often. Of course, i liked your new look.

Looking good!

Huh. MT4 looks pretty nice.

Wonder if it would be hard to move from Typo.

Sweet! I really have to hurry up and upgrade my MT blog. (BTW, the comment box doesn't render well in IE.)

In this era of 140 character diary entries it's really great to see a renewed commitment to the far more complete level of sharing that the traditional blog provides! You've written many a long blog entry that I have profoundly appreciated.

(I can't believe I just wrote the words 'traditional blog' ....)

Awesome! Clean, simple, beautiful. I love the photos horizontal bar, who is that ugly guy on the last one though?

still nice and white, but much better. looking forward to more blogging of you. have fun and inspiration at zeitgeist.

Great minimalist style. Well done Joi, Boris and all contributors. The social network aspect is something that I have been working into my new blog design as well. Bravo!

One concern: How do you make people feel like you are not trying to hijack their digital identity?

Allowing them to edit their profiles is one way and I look forward to seeing the solution when you enable it on the site.

Really nice design, Joi. I'm glad you're looking back towards blogging again; I think it's (any style...written, audio, video) is the most authentic and personal way to touch other people going. And I agree wholeheartedly with the "flip the social network inside out" metaphor; I think that making one's own domain/URL the hub, with branches to other networks, is the way forward. Thanks for exploring and sharing with all of us.

Nice design. Very simple and clean.

Joi, it's a nice design. I also think there was a lot of strength and value in the old logo in particular. It had nice geometry.

Wow. This is very nice. Extra super points for supporting OpenID too!

It looks beautiful, Joi.

And I have serious geek-envy at your having had a personal logo done by Susan Kare. :)

Nice clean design Joi. I haven't had too much success with MT (WordPress is about as complex a CMS as I can handle with some degree of success) but I do appreciate the work that has been put into improving it.

I like the clean and professional design. I know what you mean, you always need that something new in a project to ignite the flame..