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Looking over Brucknerhaus and Blue Danube
I'll be posting photos from Linz to a Flickr set.

I'm the curator of this year's Ars Electronica Symposium. The theme this year is: A New Cultural Economy

I wrote the following blurb for the catalog.

Computers and the Internet have lowered the cost of communication and the creation and distribution of information so much that many fundamental notions of organizations, economics and property have completely changed or require major upgrades. There is a new generation of youth across the globe which lead the charge into this changing world, modifying their basic behaviors to adapt to technology as it develops. Some businesses and artists have been able to keep up with these trends while other struggle and fail. The much slower to adapt legal system is being pushed to its limits with organizations on all sides of the issues trying very hard to adapt outdated laws. Most of the new behaviors and organizations creating value have a completely different notion property. Intellectual property, while key to the post-industrial revolution nature of the firm, is more of an encumbrance than an asset to the sharing oriented mode of creation now central to the Internet. This year, we will bring together the users, artists, businesses, policy makers and academics involved intentionally or beyond their control in this change to understand this new world and to try to adapt to it.

The conference starts today and it will be webcast. Take a look at the schedule.

Following are the four sessions that will take place over two days (September 5 and 6) and should be pretty interesting. Thanks in advance to all of the speakers for coming to Linz for this.

Production and Creation in the Commons
Beyond the firm
Yochai Benkler, Tim Pritlove, Michael Tiemann, Project "Knowledge Space Linz" - Christian Forsterleitner, Leonhard Dobusch, Thomas Gegenhuber, Stefan
Pawel, Manuela Hiesmair, Barbara Hofmann

Media, Fans and Copyright
Beyond mass media
Thomas Macho, Markus Wissen, Volker Grassmuck, Paul Keller, Gerd Leonhard

Science, Religion, Art, Literature and the Pursuit of the Truth
Beyond professionals
AKMA, James Boyle, David Weinberger, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Ronaldo Lemos

Politics and Collective Action in Modern Open Society
Beyond government
Isaac Mao, Georgia Popplewell, Elizabeth Stark, Jonathan McIntosh