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Mizuka and Joi's Wedding from Joichi Ito on Vimeo.

Mizuka and I just got married. We went to the Inbamura town hall, filed our papers and visited the local Shinto shrine, Munakata Shrine.

It's the second marriage for both of us so we decided to keep it pretty minimal.

The only non-minimal thing was setting up and taking shots of ourselves...

UPDATE: Message from the WITNESS team. Thanks!

Congratulations Joi & Mizuka from WITNESS from Blogger WITNESS on Vimeo.


Congrats! :)

Congratulations Joi and Mizuka!


I wish you happiness like the Ocean !!

Omedetou from Spain! :)

Congratulations! Best news this year!

Congratulations! So beautiful!

Congrats !


Congratulations to both of you.
As we say in french "tous mes voeux de bonheur"


おめでとう ございます!

Congratulations and best wishes.
nice video :]

Alles Gute from Germany!

Hope you had a good time in your recent Italy trip too.

All the best.

Congrats! I fixed your Wikipedia article ;-)

Congratulations Joi!


Nice video as well. Congratulations!

Congratulations Joi and Mizuka! Mizuka it was great meeting you (over two years ago!) and I'm very happy to hear of you and Joi taking this next step in your lives.

Conratulations Joi - may you live as long as you want, but never want for as long as you live. xx


Congratulations, so happy for you and Mizuka. Woo hooooo!


mazeltov!!! may it be an everlasting and fruitful marriage full of grace, good health, ever deepening appreciation for each other and just enough tension to make things interesting, but never intolerable. btw: very nice video. did you use the new camera?

And such a beautiful video it is. The lighting, the color, the shadow and the composition. When are you going to make your first film? ;-)

So sweet!


congrats Mizuka and Joi!


This is great video.

Ljubisa from Serbia

I think that has to top my list of all time favorite weddings. Congrats, by the way.

Congratulations and all the best!


Congrats from Amsterdam!

Congratulations from Norway!




Mazel Tov Joi and Mizuka. That is wonderful news. I wish you both much happiness.

Kekkon omedetoh!!!

What a wonderful thing. Congratulations to the both of you!


Omedetto! Congratulations!!! Yay!

Wow! Congratulations!

Congratulations! :)

Congratulations to you both, Joi and Mizuka! I wish you joy, love, and a healthy long life together filled with enduring friendships.

Nice thing to hear, I wish best for you. Video was surprisingly well done visually.

GREAT moment, Joi!!
Big congratulations!



Congratulations Joi, may the two of you live a happy life forever :)

Congrats and happiness to both of you.

Good on ya -- from New Zealand.



Wow! Awesome! Congratulations to the happy couple :-D

total congratulations ! So summer in Helsinki was just a rehearsal ;) ?

Happy Wedding, Mizuka-san and Joi!

Hope both of your lives will be a great, happy enough days and I'm sure you are loving each other, respect each other.

This is juest a great news!!

I pray for your happiness.

Again, Happy Wedding!!

Ayumi Itoh

Every blessing of long life, deep love, and shared joy to both of you!


Wish you the best on your honeymoon and future together.

Hopefully you'll still have time to blog!



Congratulations tronco!!!

Congratulations from South Africa !

PS. loved the wonderful symmetries in your wedding video

Love it. :) Congrats!

Felicitaciones a ambos y que esta unión fructifique en momentos crecimiento, salud y bienestar.


Congratulations to both of you, may this union grow on health, well-being and partnership

Barquisimeto, Venezuela

woohoo!! from french fry to married guy. ;-) all the best, Joi.

Congratulations! Many happy returns for you both.


Amp & Tomatosauce (Tom & Tiffany Bridge)

Incidentally, did Mizuka change her name? Wikipedia needs to know! I'm also personally interested in the decision to keep or change names in the modern age, it's hard to come up with a solution that is both elegant and politically correct if children are anticipated.


Thanks for all of the congratulations!

Nelson: Yes. In Japan, you have to put your names into one domicile registry and the last name is determined there. The husband can join the wife's family, which happens sometimes when a women is the head of a lineage because of a lack of men in the family, but most often the woman changes her name, leave her family registry and joins the husband's. I'm the 17th generation head of my current registry which is actually from my mother's side of the family since they don't have an heir and I have to take it over. Thus "filing the papers" in Japan is slightly more involved than in the US.

Dear Joi, dear Mizuka!
congratulations and warm regards. May your union be happy, open to evolutions and learning, inspiring and fun forever!

What a pleasant surprise, lots of congratulations from Sweden / Estonia!


You look so cute walking together.

Achievement unlocked [Matrimony].

Mizuka and Joi

Bonne Chance

'The French Guy from New Jersey'

Best wishes to you and Mizuka! Wishing you two many happy years together.

Congratulations Joi! I saw your Flickr and thought that something was up. :-)

All the best to you and Mizuka. Thanks for sharing your video!

Joi, I just came across this happy news via Twitter and want to wish you and your new wife all the best. :)

copious congratulations ... here's wishing your marriage an infinite lifespan ;-)

Congrats Mizuka and Joi! May you enjoy many years of wedded bliss.

Congratulations! :-)


Mazel Tov Joi and Mizuka! May the rest of your lives together be as happy and successful as they have been so far!

May you both be blessed with a long and happy life together!



Congratulations Joi and Mizuka-san!!

Congrats Joi!

Love how you tried to keep a serious face every time you walked by the camera

Congratulations, or as we say: Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Congratulations Joi!

Sweet video! Mizuka-san was a little bit smiling when she passed by the camera :)
Joi and Mizuka-san, congratulations!


ah, just after you Milan trip? Congrats! Cgrassi

congratulations, Joi...


great news!


Congratulations!!! I love the video.

congrats to you both! :)

Mizuka-san and Joi,
Congratulation! (and I like this movie!)

Congratulation and Go-Kekkon Omedo-gozaimasu from Silicon Valley!
Best wishes to you and Mizuka-san


Congraturations!! Let's celebrate in Abu Dhabi together!.

congratulations to you both!!!

congrats joi and mizuka! (love the video;)

Congratulations to you both!

Hi, Joi. Congratulation! I really like your video. it's cool and warm!

Congratulations! Nice shots!

Joi and Mizuka-san, congratulations!
Nice video!!! Happiness forever.


Joi, contrats, that's wonderful news!


Congratulations Joi! Great movie too!

Congrats! I love the half smirks as you both try not to look at the camera. :D

Congratulations! The pictures are beautiful. May you have an equally beautiful -- and long, adventure-filled, and loving -- life together.

Congratulations. Keeping it minimal but memorable is the wave of the future.


Congratulations Mizuka and Joi

Happiness for you is my desire from Argentina

Mizuka-san & Joi-san~

Congratulations on your wedding!! Love and Happiness to you both!!

Ellen & Ken~

Mizuka and Joi -- congratulations and mazeltov! Every day with the one you love is a precious gift.

Congratulations to you both from the CC Sweden team!

Congratulation! Oshiawase ni!

Watch out bamboo trees everywhere. Gz!

congratulations joi -- thanks for sharing it with us!

.Congratulations to you both! Omeditou gozaimasu!

May your married life together be long, happy, fruitful, and above all filled with love for the rest of your days.

Dear Joi,

Congratulations and all the best to you both. Greetings from Hamburg.

Wolfgang and Alysa

Joi, that's fantastic news. I wish you and Mizuka much happiness together!

Thanks for sharing the video - proof that less is so much more - and well done!

Hey I have no idea who you are, but as everyone is commenting and sending congratulations I will to!



Congrats ! the video is beautiful. all the happyness and love for both married !

don't know you.... but CONGRATULATIONS !! :+)

Joi and Mizuka

as they say in my adopted religion, Mazel Tov!


Nice! Congratulations to both of you!

Congrats from the tropics!


So beautiful and peaceful. Wishing you both much happiness and love.

Congratulations on your wedding, wish you both happiness in the future.

Mabrouk, alf alf mabrouk! inshallah kull shei bi kheir 3ala tul hayatkom:) kaman wa kaman..dona

Wow, that's great news. I wish you both years of happiness together!


Congratulations & best wishes for a long and happy marriage. ^.^/~


Contrats! I guess now I know one thing in your life that is not creative commons share alike - :-)

Oh, that's wonderful!

Second time was a charm for me and Gerald--we celebrated fifteen amazing years last summer. Wishing you love and luck and long life together.

(or something like that)
May you both be blessed with healthiness and long life together!

Congratulations to you both!

Im late to the party!
Omedetou desu!



Have just read something about your marriage @ Danny's.
congrats Ito-san.

Hurray! I am so happy for you both.

I like the minimalist approach, very japanese. Don't you even need to bring along a single witness in Japan?

You need two witnesses to put their chops and signatures on the paperwork, but they don't have to be there in person.

Well, it's about time! :D

And congratulations to you both! Here's wishing you a lifetime of happiness and comfort together.

おめでとう ございます!

Thanks for letting us share in the joy and simplicity of your wedding ceremony. Best wishes!!

Congrats, Joi.

Congratulations! Best wishes to both of you


Congratulation to both of you!!!


now thats the kind of wedding ceremony I would want!

Congratulations to you both! Beautiful.

Awww, so sweet!!! Congratulations from Stuttgart!!


Congratulations, just the way i'd like to do it!

there you are. congratulations from DC.


Congratulations!!! Omedetou gozaimasu!!

Congratulations, I'm sure you'll be very happy together.

Beautiful, simple video.

Congratulations, Mizuka and Joi! Peace and long life.




Joi - mazel tov! Now - can you explain the ceremony?

Joi & Mizuka:

It always seemed to me that half of life is finding the right person. The other half is being the right person-- and you are such a terrific couple, who do so much for so many.


congrats u both .....wish u a happy married life .....

Love for all seasons!!

Congratulations to you both!! Wish you all the happiness together!

Congratulations and mazel tov to you both, Joi and Mizuka!

As humble and brief as you make it sound, this is a large and magnificent thing. You have done something great and mighty, and continue to do so.

That probably sounds silly. Any shlub who can spin records under a needle can file the papers to get married.

Marriage is more than filing papers, it's a commitment, to honor and to friendship.

Of course, I don't need to tell you that.


Touching and adorable!

That's the best wedding video I have ever seen.

Congratulations, your SF family wishes you both every happiness.


Congratulations from Paris !

Congratulations from your fellow Wasatcher. We look forward to seeing you again in June!

John Tien

Beautiful video. Great way of commemorating a great occasion. BTW, liked your shoes, Joi.


Congratulations on your marriage.

Great videos. More I see it, more I feel like getting new glasses

Congratulations! Great video of minimalist marriage.
The way more people should do it.

Congratulations and I wish you had a great 2009!

Wow! Beautiful! Michiko and I got married on New Year's eve 2001 after knowing and dating each other for 13 years. Tonight is our 7th anniversary and we are still madly in love. Very happy for you both. :)

Congratulations, Joi - have been following your posts some while and wish you all the best for Dubai, too!

Congratulations! Best wishes and have fun in Dubai!

Have a blessed anniversary, Joi & Mizuka! ;-)

So happy for you!!! We wish you a lifetime together filled with infinite blessings, joy, health, and love. Anne & Dean Ornish