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In response to media reports stating that Twitter Japan will be launching a paid-premium accounts service on Twitter, we would like to officially state that this is not correct. To be clear, Twitter service in Japan is a free service and neither Twitter Inc. nor Digital Garage, Inc. have discussed or have any plans for paid-premium accounts. Also to clarify, Twitter Inc. and DG enjoy a commercial partnership but do not have a joint-venture arrangement in Japan.

The recent media reports are likely a result of a misunderstood presentation by a DG subsidiary, DG Mobile, about potential business opportunities that it could explore as a third party. DG Mobile's presentation was unrelated and separate from the Twitter and Digital Garage partnership.

DG (and I) apologize for this misunderstanding and for the delay in correcting the information. We hope this clarifies our commitment to helping Twitter Inc. continue to grow and enhance its free service for Japanese users.


Apology and Correction Regarding our Presentation at mobidec2009

Kenichi Sugi, Director of DG Mobile, presented some slides at "mobidec2009" which regrettably resulted in a misunderstanding that Twitter, Inc. was intending to launch a paid-account service for personal users. The media coverage unfortunately amplified this misunderstanding.

The slides were originally intended to give some examples of possible service which could be provided by third parties using the Twitter API.

We would like to extend our apologies to Twitter users, the journalists and the people working on the Twitter service for the confusion that we have caused.


Yes, these days many Japanese musicians started twitter.

This could work well for things like our sales leads feed through Twitter. Why shouldn’t people pay for that?

there will MobileMonday Tomorrow and DG Mobile will be present, maybe good opportunity to explain the misunderstandings?
are you going to attend?


Well, to commemorate the fact that Twitter is NOT going to charge it’s users I have created a Twitter mockup that implements the exact functionality TechCrunch has described. It sells fake Robert Scoble SuperTweets. Have a look here:

SuperTweets are tweets up to 420 characters. The mockup charges 1 cent micropayments to show each SuperTweet, and it charges 30 cents micro-subscription to show all of them.

I don’t know if this would work or not if Twitter implemented it, but TC seems to think it might, since this mockup follows exactly the functionality described here:

What do you think??