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The Totally Unofficial 1IMC wiki

Finally onsite now. -- JoiIto 2003-07-05 01:17:18 JST

This is a page to wiki anything you want before, during and after the [WWW]First International Moblogging Conference in Tokyo.

I'll try to post things during the conference here. Feel free to use this space or link from it to stuff.

Boy do I wish we had a HeckleBot -- JoiIto

I make a live moblog for 1imc http://moblog.uva.ne.jp/1imc/ , please send email to 1imc@moblog.uva.ne.jp to post. -- Daiji Hirata

Blogging of the Event

[WWW]on Pete Eat's
[WWW]Margin Walker live conference blog-- GenKanai
[WWW]Tokyo Tidbits

Post-conference coverage

[WWW]Wireless Watch Japan (video)-- GenKanai
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[WWW]CNET Japan-- GenKanai
[WWW]Howard Rheingold at OJR -- GenKanai
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[WWW]OJR:Conference Panelists See Bright Future for Mobile Publishing -- GenKanai
[WWW]Izumi Aizu's article in Nikkei IT -- GenKanai[[BR]

Joi's Gear

[WWW]Hasselblad 503cw


I think I'm going to bring my Hassy to put those wimpy mobloggers in their place. ;-) -- JoiIto







[WWW]15" PowerBook G4



Someone announced at the conference (afternoon) that Howard Rheingold was going to be here in Tokyo near the end of July. I've spent the last hour trying to find something about the event on the web, to no avail. Anybody know the details?

Izumi Aizu of Asia Network Research is bringing Howard to Japan this fall. As soon as I have info, I will add it here.

[WWW]Asia Network Research

Here is the info on Howard's trip to Japan from Aizu-san. -- GenKanai

Aug 27 1 PM - 5 PM at Roppongi Hills Academy (47th Fl, Mori Tower Building)

Smart Mobile Society Workshop Keynote: Howard Rheingold Other speakers include: Anthony Townsend (NYC Wireless) , Takeshi Natsuno (NTT DoCoMo), Ichiya Nakamura (Stanford Center Japan), Hiroki Azuma (GLOCOM)

Aug 29-30 Hyper Network Beppy Bay Conference, <The Future of Community Network> at ANA Hotel Oasis Oita (Oita City)

Keynote: Howard Rheingold Ohter speakers include: Anthony Townsend (NYC Wireless) , Joichi Ito (Neoteny), Ichiya Nakamura (Stanford Institute Japan), Hiroki Azuma (GLOCOM),, Shumpei Kumon (GLOCOM)

Additional excursion to Tsukumi City, city-based ADSL network is being deployed, will be organized on Aug 30-31.

For more information, please e-mail to Izumi: izumi@anr.org


I think moblogging isn't half as fun if it's not coupled with geolocalization. I've set up a world map of blogging activity here : http://www.geoping.net/world but it's rather american / european centered at the moment. Sure there must be some more active weblogs in Japan!!! My demand, for the 1IMC, is that you think about a way to automatically include latitude/longitude data when you moblog, so that building little maps where mobloggers are plotted as little dots like GeoPing would be easy. -- StephaneLeSolliec