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People should be able to heckle the speakers at a conference from IRC via a bot that talks to an LED display facing the speakers.

If people help me build this, I will take it to conferences with me. -- JoiIto

I'm down with helping out any way I can -- GabeWachob

Count me in -- /me plugs in soldering iron... --mmdc

I'd be very disapointed if Wired Magazine didn't include Hecklebot in their next Wired / Tired, under Wired of course... -bluehaze

i've got piles of odd hardware within an hour of DC; let me know if parts are required -- RogerWood

A friend of mine Pythonized the C library of [WWW]USB LCD displayers, but this LEDs are small. -- VictorRuiz

I've gotthe first pass at one instance of Hecklebot called UcHeckle working and ready for more testing (July 12, 2003). -- DavidBeckemeyer

Will this require some moderation? If people can send any comment from the anonymity of a PC screen half a world away, won't there be an awful lot of rubbish on it? If this becomes distracting enough the speaker might just ignore it? -- Martyn Williams


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