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  1. Panel 5
    1. Jane Perrone - Guardian Unlimited (UK)
    2. HORST PRILLINGER, The Best Guide in Vienna: "Are you serious?"
    3. Peter Praschl: "Weblogs and Jam Sessions"
    5. Links to write-ups for this panel

Panel 5

Jane Perrone - Guardian Unlimited (UK)

"Blog to work: blogging and journalism"

She is deputy editor, news and politics - blogging: 5-10% or her job

GU set up Jan 99 2001: 2.5m+ unique users 2004: 9.5m+

3 blogs: GU weblog, US Vote 2004 (/weblog/usa) , OnlineBlog

Weblog mention in the UK press:

176 in Guardian

(might have messed up those numbers by formatting them, should double-check them with those in the presentation)

75% of their young trainees have never hear of weblogs

Salam Pax helped raise the profile of blogs - they blogged about him before the war and followed up during and after. They published his book. He brought blogging to many people who would not be exposed otherwise.

Belle de Jour - winner of GU weblog award and was a catalyst for many newspapers to start writing about blogging in the UK (supposed to be a prostitute working in London -- but is she?)

Is blogging journalism? NO.

She resisted having a blog for some time. Now she has one about gardening (, along with other GU people Simon Waldman ( and Neil McIntosh (

Some considerations on journalists and their personal blogs.

Where's the passion?

Victor Keegan set up a blog about Agricultural subsidies ( and found a good reaction, audience, etc.


She is open to responding to user feedback about possible subjects for articles on the weblog.


Emphasise that we are writing in a first person voice, not as the collective of the paper, and also be clear and open about the rules they follow.

Weblogs will become more central to news organisations

HORST PRILLINGER, The Best Guide in Vienna: "Are you serious?"

How serious are we when we write weblogs, when we read weblogs? Should weblogs be used for serious purposes only? Are we annoyed by cat pictures and cheese sandwiches?

Horst's guestblogger: Haldur the moose, more popular than him, usually appears on Sundays

weblogs are NOT journalism, even though they can be used for journalism (minimal percentage of weblogs used in this way)


  • weblogs :: journalism = frontpage :: web design

  • There is a lot more to journalism than being able to use a publishing software.

    "Duty of care":

    Without any blog-bashing, let's examine Glenn Reynolds

    The Sound of Blogging (1)

    << some quotes => one-liner articles (or maybe two) >>

    Not interesting, possibly even absurd if you leave the link out.

    In addition to the traditional direct mediation of news, we have a new indirect route to the source - weblogs as news access points

    Weblogs are not journalism, but that's exactly what we love about them


    interesting: news that is relevant to me -- news for me = what's new in MY life (what I am emotionally attached to) => GOSSIP

    News of other places is just there because the mass media communicated it to us, so the emotional connection is somewhat (artificial?)... (anybody got a good word?)

    Life itself is banal => content pertaining to people's lives is not as exciting as the news on TV, but the people concerned are directly involved, so it can be more important for them

    the value of gossip? It has always been important.. but...

    we now have a medium which is good for gossip :-)

    Of course the contents of the weblog can also be constructed, fictitious, void of meaning, artistic, whatever:

    The Sound of blogging (2) example out of "The Dullest Blog in the World" (the "I turned the light off" post)

    Weblogs are not supposed to be about the truth, unless they are journalistic. They are about what concerns one particular person. About representing one individual's (by definition) very distorted point of view.

    Weblogs are about one person's point of view (is this wiki-bold?)

    But if you take a body of weblogs together, you get a larger picture - "Weblogs are a mosaic of everyday life"

    People don't want to be journalists, they just want to be themselves and express themselves.

    Weblog history -- a lot of material out there! Material on the banality (or reality) of people's lives.

    Mass Media revolution? Revolutionary because people aren't taking their blogging too seriously (use for "everyday lives", not for "serious stuff"), and the fact that they are doing this is very serious!

    are you serious about expressing yourself?

    Peter Praschl: "Weblogs and Jam Sessions"

    the problem: explaining weblogs (and all associated bits) to head of a corporate media company (?)

    Jazz Musicians facing a crisis -> had to play for money - which was not very rewarding.. Left for another venue, where they could improvise, play what they wanted.

    weblog writers: improvising from standards

    almost by accident, a whole new kind of writing emerges...

    weblog repeats findings of all modernist art,

    part of a collective process (like Jamming). one wnats to be part of the working band.

    entries are about flow, not new content; call and response

    not about whether blogging is a new journalism, but rather about the after hours jamming



    Phil: No editorial mechanism? There is a feedback mechanism present in blogging where incorrect facts get rooted out.

    A: journalism: editorial process before publication; weblog: feedback process after publication, not a bad thing, just a different thing.

    Q: how can blogs change journalism - e.g. change the interactions with readers? How do you use the comments at GU?

    A: blogs JP writes dont have comments. Will add comments when they move to MT server.

    Q: Subjectivity in weblogs? The subjectivity is less obvious when you take a collection of blogs (as opposed to a single blog & single voice).

    A: yes, that's what I meant when I was talking about "the mosaic" - by putting together many blogs, you get something more than the sum of all the parts.

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