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Feedback on EmergentDemocracyPaper and Emergent Democracy Resources

Mature discussions are on separate pages. See CategoryEmergentDemocracy for a list. Feel free to start new discussions here or on the other pages.

The EmergentDemocracyPaper has been wikified. Please feel free to edit the text directly or create wiki pages and add links to those pages in the paper. I will try to move some of the discussion topics to pages and link them from the paper. Any thoughts on this process would be greatly appreciated. My thought is to try to allow people to contribute directly to the paper and fold these changes back into the word document for new releases. I need to figure out how to do anchors so we can jump to sections in the paper I suppose... thanks for the hints Ross -- JoiIto 2003-05-05 06:54:24 JST

Added bit : RationalDebate

Added another bit : EmergentLiquidDemocracyWithBlogsAndWikis (buzzwords galore !)

Some notes on InternetFeudalism and other possible dangers of Emergent Democracy

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