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From the EmergentDemocracyPaper :

Critical debate and freedom of speech

The competition of ideas requires critical debate that is widely heard. Although we have many tools for managing such debate, increasingly there are barriers to our engaging in it at all.

I am interested in debate tools, I just tried to [MeatBall]raise the subject on MeatBall ...

I think great progress can be made in debate tools. I often wondered about such a debate tool (and how come so few people were talking about it on the net), I used to look mainly at the SemanticWeb, which seems to promise a lot on that matter, but maybe blogs are a self-emergent occurence of a debate space.

A few possibilities are :

The idea behind this is that maybe one way of getting something like EmergentDemocracy is to make the tools that enable widespread intelligent debate. At least, that's the area where I feel I can work to improve the general state of mankind.