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    1. Wikis and Multiculturalism
    2. Wikis as Creative Software
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    3. Wikis as Political Software
    4. Wikis as Social Software
      1. Wikis as Social Change Software
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  4. Wiki Editorial Style
  5. Thoughts about Wikis versus Blogs and WikiLogs
  6. Do Wikis Lead to GroupThink?
  7. Are Wikis Ugly?

Wikis as public spaces

So, wikis are more like public spaces than blogs. Should I reduce my "ego" on this page? I would like to make it easy for people to put stuff here. Having said that, I am the custodian so it should be clear that I have some editorial control / responsibility. - JoiIto

Hi Adam! Actually, I had just visited your Wiki and it was inspirational on the "ego" issue. What a coincidence! Nice to meet you. -- JoiIto

In the end the true personality of the writer comes out, and it's a difficult thing for a person to mask their true ego. Taking a cue from the Cluetrain Manifesto, I think its more important for a person on the web to be honest and express themselves, than to worry about how they are perceived. -- [WWW]Mayhem

Wikis and Multiculturalism

Speaking of SocialSoftwareMapping and this multicultural world of ends in which we live, AitorGarcia comments on LaBlogosferaHispana.

Wikis as Creative Software hosts a science fiction [WWW]"novel on a wiki". Readers are invited to improve the text, potentially turning the whole world into a fiction workshop. -- RickHeller

In [WWW]"Reading on The Web" DarciPattison suggests three design patterns: Visual, Informational and Narrative, and notes that the three often are intermixed.

In all the information on the growing number of wiki pages what has become somewhat lost is the story, "Joi Tries To Wiki".


A fotowiki (or FWIKI) is an image with imbedded metadata based on the fotonotes image annotation standard developed by greg elin. Text, links, and or images can be imbedded and viewed INSIDE the image, creating a new collaborative information space. [WWW]FotoWiki


[WWW]Wiki as Collaborative Hypermedium

In order to be a serious wiki do contributors need to pay attention to [WWW]Hypertext Patterns?

The larger context of HyperMedia

See also InformationArchitects


Can wikis be used to tell a story?

We know that [WWW]multiple authors can create HypertextFiction; who has used or is using a wiki for that purpose?

JillWalker makes a observation on [WWW]stories across blogs. ChristianLangreiter even has some [WWW]pretty pictures of the phenomenon!
Smart Genes, the open source [WWW]"novel on a wiki", is reasonably linear in structure, as it is intended for eventual print publication. However, reader contributions could potentially lead to a ParallelTexts in the wiki version. -- RickHeller

Wikis as Political Software




[WWW]Internet Constituency Is it 2004 already?

Wikis as Social Software

Wikis as Social Change Software

Wikis as Social Responsibility Software

Wiki as Tool


I wonder if soon we will see somewhere between A and Z a wiki + [WWW]IDE?

Doncha just hate it when you have a cool idea and it already has been done?

Not a wiki + IDE, not even wiki + MT yet... More like the Apache Wiki model.

MoinMoin and This Wiki

I wonder if MoinMoin allows and, if then, this wiki will get, a [WWW]ReverseIndex?

Multiple Personal Wikis

So, I've really started having fun with the Wiki on my PowerBook, but find I don't make it over to this public Wiki as much. I have now set up [WWW]rsync so that I always have a copy of this public Wiki on my own machine. Now I can edit it locally and just sync the files. This seems fun. There is more and more stuff running locally on my machine now and it helps the long train/plane rides. ;) -- JoiIto

This is a hard problem. You might look how [WWW]CVS solves concurrent edits. -- Zbigniew Lukasiak


I wish there were a way to import [WWW]OPML directly into MoinMoin. I just added it to the [MoinMoin]MoinMoinIdeas page. - JoiIto

So has anyone done this yet? It would be really nice to have my OPML file automatically generate my [WWW]blogroll. -- AdamShand

Wiki Editorial Style

A pity that the "optional comment about this change" must be so short as to be nearly meaningless. -- AlexSchroeder

I have a question about editorial style. Still not sure what the "right size" for a Wiki page is. When should I move stuff to new pages? Is it OK for me to just move people's stuff around? When is it appropriate to delete stuff. (I'm not deleting anything unless someone marks it as "delete this when ...") I wonder if I can come up with some simple rules that I can follow... -- JoiIto 2003-05-04 01:56:54 JST

Yikes! Watch out for [WWW]The Grammar Police! I wonder if they take "kickbacks"?

Thoughts about Wikis versus Blogs and WikiLogs


Do Wikis Lead to GroupThink?

Do wikis lead to [WWW]GroupThink?

I think an argument could be made that they do. So, if yes, do they lead more or less to groupthink than:

[WWW]DavidWeinberger responds to:

MarkFederman in his blog [WWW]"What It The Message?" notes:

If this is the case, then wikis take it a step further since participants abilities exceed commentary. Of course, Mark is "raising the bar", not only does this wiki offer SplatterSpace, but it also now has to be:

In [WWW]"After Usability: Web Rhetoric, Captology and Persuasive Tech" PhilWolff has a somewhat different take related to this issues. He refers to it as ComputersAsPersuasiveTechnology.

Are Wikis Ugly?

A great response over at [WWW]PlasticBag (and by the way, didn't you talk about flyblogging? here is another [WWW]example

Now there is [WWW]Brent's Law of Wikis, which states:

[WWW]Roadmap for future wikis 10 Sep 03 also discusses the problem that the designers with design skills don't have the programming skills to hack wiki software. But this is based on a erroneous assumption. Many wiki software tools now support XHTML/CSS see the bottom of this page for a growing list of such tools: [WWW]WikisAreUgly at Community Wiki

Clay Shirky has more to say on the ugliness of wikis and email[WWW]Why I Don't Like Wikis Email. I don't think Clay has much to worry about; ascetic wikis will persist as long as SunirShah is around, just as there are those who prefer the command line over [WWW]GUI.
DanahBoyd in a blog entry [WWW]"Defending Wikis" asks (abstracted and paraphrased):