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This is Yokoyama-san showing us his new Kyocera PDA. It was recently announced, but they haven't priced it yet. It is fast because there really isn't very much operating system to get in the way of performance. His company, MCT did most of the software inside in Java. He showed us a pretty groovy pinball game and it was FAST. It is running on Tao.

So what it is about embedded systems these days. Except for a very small number of companies, most of them are struggling. I hear they can't get funding in Silicon Valley. (Who can!) There's lot of work to do, but nothing huge and scalable. I think it is because the hardware companies are still in charge of what goes on inside. We need to figure out a new architecture that puts the application guys in charge of the hardware and the semi-conductors.

Yokoyama-san's PDA was definitely cool and impressive, but it probably would have been a lot more impressive if we had been able to design all of the architecture from scratch...