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Gene was one of the co-founders of Gnutella and a very outspoken leader in the P2P movement. He co-founded Infrasearch which was acquired by Sun Microsystems.

I'm not sure about this, but read this on boingboing and boingboing pointed to an obituary "written by one of Gene's co-founders from Infrasearch"

The obituary says:

Gene was a unique individual. He was quiet and perceptive, kind and honest, possessing a quick wit and a questioning mind. During the last two years we made good and bad decisions, were happy and sad at the same moments, and after selling InfraSearch always wanted to work together again. Gene Kan, my best friend, tragically passed away on June 29th, 2002. I knew Gene not through articles or interviews. I knew him as the guy I could call when I was having trouble changing a flat tire - and as someone who would say "stay right there, I'll be there in ten minutes." He was the guy I could ask if my tie was correctly knotted or what his thoughts on the Israeli Prime Minister were. He was someone that would check his character judgements with me and someone who would start whispering to me a hilarious idea in the middle of a boring meeting. In this land of minute friendships started at "events" and held up by lunch meetings, I've experienced two emotions that are equally impossible to describe: happiness to have called him my friend and the overwhelming, all-devouring sense of loss.

I met Gene around the end of 2000 at a conference in Kyoto organized by Mitsuhiro Takemura. He took a very strong position about how copyright was dead and took it much stronger then me, leaving me without my usual corner in the discussion. He was really into cars and I remember talking a lot about cars with him at lunch. I also remember being astonished that he was 10 years younger than me, which is a strange feeling in Japan where most people are older than me...

He contacted me recently because his roommate was looking for a Buick Regal Grand National and Gene remembered from our conversation that I had one. In an email response to a question about what he was thinking of doing next, he said:

I'm thinking of doing something with aftermarket car parts manufacturing, since I have some friends and personal experiences. I haven't thought of anything cool and important to do in computers....

Goodbye Gene. We'll miss you.

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