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For someone who is always thinking of clever things to ask when interviewing people, this was an interesting site. Thanks Sen! Sen found it on slashdot.

"This is a collection of riddles I've accumulated via Eta Kappa Nu / Tau Beta Pi challenges, the internet, academic courses, and lots of cool friends. Many of them are from job interviews for hi-tech positions; I believe Microsoft was responsible for popularizing the usage of riddles in interviews. I like these problems because they often require you to think in ways you wouldn't normally. They may seem impossible at first, but then you get a solution and it's an epiphany. "


(my first time comment here :),
just wanted to share my experience and say
that i use interview QA sites that ame me with lot
of QA for interviews (technical in most).

the one i used now for a while is,
it helped me when i wasent familier with some technology but had to interview someone.

hope it helped someone,

its me again :)
i noticed the url i gave isn't correct - here's the correct one -