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Dropped by Moda with Mizuka last night. Moda is a bar run by my Jr. high and high school classmate Tomo. We used to run the Nishimachi yearbook dark room together and also used to throw the school dance parties together. We're both still into photography, but Tomo has made a career out of throwing parties. ;-)

Tomo had redesigned the place and installed a dart board with an electronic scoring system. He also hired two guys and one of them cooks, so they serve food now. It's a cool place to hang out if you are in Harajuku. He has a page with photos of his guests as well as a web page about the concept of Moda. I've been thinking about DJ'ing again for fun. Maybe Moda would be a good place to try it out...

From his web page:

MODA is a secret hideout for anybody into booze, music, cigars and digital art.

Come check out our new bar in Harajuku!

"MODA" is an abbreviation for "Museum of Digital Art".
A space for adults with wine, cigars and digital art. We offer a good glass of wine for 700yen to a bottle of vintage for over 50000yen, all stored in best condition at lowest prices possible. There is no cover charge and we are open all night, every night so feel free to drop by.


The web site says: "There is no cover charge and we are open all night... " but there is indeed a Y500 cover charge. And even though the "concept" of the bar is "a secret hideout for anybody into booze, music, cigars and digital art", I was told that they no longer have cigars in the bar. Time for a concept change. I wouldn't really care about this, but I am growing weary of false advertising as well as so-called "digital" establishments that don't update their web sites.

Hmm... That's bad. I'll make sure you get a free cigar and 500 yen next time you go. I email'ed your note to Tomo. Thanks for pointing it out.

Mr.Transister: I'm really sorry about our "false advertisement". MODA has evolved into a casual dart bar with an 80's ambience from a digital art bar with cigars and wine. We've been looking for a bilingual web designer(who's willing to help us for free drinks) to update our site forever but we haven't had any luck. Do you know anyone? We still have good cigars for our special guests (like Joi) so please drop me a line if you have a chance to stop by again. Please let me make it up to you!