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John Gage set up 802.11 in the main room of the conference so I'm online live now. Cool. The king of Jordan is talking now and I'm sitting between Stewart Brand and Paul Saffo. Shimon Peres and his bodyguard are sitting next to Paul. We're all sitting in Herman Miller Aeron chairs sponsored by Herman Miller. (The Levis of the new economy.)

The King of Jordan just said, "We find ourselves between Iraq and a hard place." ;-)

The King was incredibly articulate and impressive. He said that it was the Americans who supported Islamic extremism in the region because they used them to fight their wars. The war on terrorism is a war between fundamentalism and modern Islam and it was the rest of the world joining this struggle, not the other way around.


Joi, do you explain the context of this conference somewhere? If not, can you say more about the conference in general? Sounds like an interesting collection of characters. Was this an Aspen Institute gig?