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Was all ready to go with my 3 minute brainscan, but got bumped because the schedule got out of control... Oh well. I guess I'm supposed to do it today. My China panel is also today.

Yesterday we had cocktails at a house in the mountains of Aspen. It was huge and beautiful. The view from the deck was amazing. No wonder everyone dreams of having a home in Aspen.

Later, we had dinner at an Italian resetaurant near the hotel. I missed the first bus and showed up after Paul, Ned and Stewart had almost finished eating...

Afterwards, we went to the bar at the hotel where Bill Clinton and Shimon Peres were have a dialog over drinks. My jet lag was catching up and I was full of wine and pasta so I couldn't "get into it" for too long, but it was a frank dialog. Including his remarks during the day session, I was extremely impressed with Bill and his intelligent comments. He had very thoughtful comments on the global ecology, the Middle East, the HIV problem and many other things. I wonder why he didn't share more of his thoughts on these important issues when he was in office. I guess he couldn't afford to do it politically.

I didn't really get to hear very clearly what Shimon Peres was saying, but he will be making a more formal presentation during the day today so I will get a chance to hear him again...