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antimosquitoes1.jpg - PC-powered mozzie-buster gets upgrade - July 31, 2002

BANGKOK, Thailand -- A Thai computer programmer behind a wildly popular anti-mosquito software package has upgraded his program to also repel cockroaches and rats, the English language Nation newspaper reports.

Interesting. I guess this could be true and Thailand would be a reasonable place to have developed it. Let me know if anyone tries and finds that it works!

Download page for Anti Mosquitoes All OS Collection

Thanks Sen for pointing this one out!


According to the Cockroach Control Manual, ultrasonic pest control devices seem to be fake. Also, Japanese Fair Trade Commision issued cease and desist orders against such kind of devices.
So I can hardly believe that the pest control softwares do work. Anyway, it sounds interesting. I'll try to make softwares which are "cure for cancer" or "good for health" someday...

You're right. It sounds fishy. ;-) I remember someone had some software that repeated a mantra over and over again to give you good karma...

Interesting, will be interesting to see if any improvements on the mosqueto side of things in my room. The problem is that i cant leave my computer on 24/7!

Guys believe it or not IT REALLY WORKS
hi im form new delhi,india and i had downloaded this software two or four years back but at that point of time i really thought that id was a fake but last night i was surrounded by four of five and i was really pissed off so this software came to my mind and i downloaded it and executed this app. and switched my spc. to full volume and right before my eyes two mosquito fell on the desktop near my spc. but they were not dead and most of the mosquito went into my bathroom and i saw thhanging on the wall here and there not moving at all and i was not able to find any mosquito flying at all
if this app. is not working on ur comp. try my config.
AMD K8 VIA CHIPSET K8M800+8237 realtek sound card and gemini spc. bet of luck

I have used this program, and I must tell that it works. I have used him on mosquitos. When I played the sound some mosquitos that were in my room, fall on the ground almost immediately, some of them continue flying, but like they are a drunk, so I could kill them easily!

Try it first and then make a judgement!

hey this software works but i want to ask something.
did this causes any side effects? cause it produces sound of high ferq. which can be dangerious to human body also tell if u get something abt it

this thng doesnt have side effects.. and hey.. it doesnt work anyway.. so why bother :) if there were any mosquitoes lying on the ground.. it was because they choked laughing :)