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I was was scheduled to participate on the last panel discussion at a e-government conference held by the Nikkei today. I was supposed to go straight from the airport after returning from Aspen. There were terrible thunderstorms in Tokyo and the traffic was terrible. It was obvious I would not make it in time. Luckily Ushii was on the scene and the moderator, Sekigushi-san had a computer connected to the Internet on stage. I was able to email them my comments which they put up on the big projector. As usual, I was protesting the national ID and preaching privacy.

Anyway, sorry Sekiguchi-san for not making it! Ushii sent me to photo to the right from his computer on the scene. I felt like I was "virtually" there. Thanks to my Crusoe empowered Sony Vaio and my NTT Docomo Foma 64k card, I was able to keep in touch with the moderator, Sekiguchi-san and Ushii through the session...