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I got my national ID in the mail today. Setagaya-ku used an outside agency and we got ours later than other wards. Now I have to figure out what to do. I personally think that asking to change the number or sending it back sends a political message, and maybe I should do that, but for real change I have to push and lobby closer to where the decision are being made. Maybe I'll try to meet with the mayor of our ward and explain to him why I am unhappy.

I wonder how open people will be about telling people their ID #'s. Unlike social security numbers in the US, the national ID hasn't proliferated widely so people are still feeling pretty secretive about their numbers. I think that suddenly receiving it in the mail has been a shock for many people as well. I wonder if it would be cool to start calling people by their ID #'s. Proably not. I wonder if that's illegal...

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We have received the letter with each family memeber's number listed, but no cards yet. Wife is contemplating returning them immediately upon their arrival. Personally, I could care less, as a gaijin, I have already been fingerprinted and inserted into a database.