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Sounds like the beginning of the end. I definitely will begin to limit my travel to the US. I don't want my fingerprints in some database, I don't want to end up in some INS prison and I can't imagine how this racial profiling can get by all of those human rights advocates in the US. This is really incredible...

Mon Aug 12, 9:46 PM ET
By CHRISTOPHER NEWTON, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - The Justice Department has chosen Sept. 11 as the starting date for a new program that will require tens of thousands of foreign visitors to be fingerprinted and photographed at the border, U.S. officials announced.

The security program, developed by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, will begin at several unnamed ports of entry and will mostly affect those from Muslim and Middle Eastern countries.
After a 20-day testing period, all remaining ports of entry will implement the new system on Oct. 1, 2002, officials announced Monday.

AP - Justice Department to begin fingerprinting some foreign visitors on Sept. 11