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First spotted on Slashdot.

I once made a comment at a conference in Hong Kong that more than half of the Internet would soon be Chinese and that China may end up running Internet protocols before long. Everyone liked that comment (in China) and it ended up in the paper. ;-P

In protesting the Japanese government's security weaknesses, we often talk about the issue of the government's love of Microsoft products. We often talked about China's push into open source and Linux.

I think that from a security perspective and a "leap frog the West" perspective, making open source a national initiative in China makes obvious sense.

LinuxWorld Expo: Chinese government raises Linux sail
By Matt Berger
August 13, 2002 10:56 am PT

SAN FRANCISCO -- A government-sponsored software development group in China unveiled a version of the Linux operating system it has developed that it said will eventually replace Windows and Unix on all of its government PCs and servers.
Infoworld Article - LinuxWorld Expo: Chinese government raises Linux sail