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A great positive article by Dan Gillmor in his column in the Mercury News. Says some good things. Although I quoted Jun saying this just yesterday, it is 30% easier to sound smart being negative. I think it is significant to try to point out some of the good things going on.

I've been thinking and talking a lot about how consumers are waking up from their semi-conscious state where communication was through buying, voting and rioting to a state where customers could think, act and discuss. Here is a quote from Dan's article that makes this point.

CUSTOMERS AWAKEN: Everyday people are starting to realize that they are not just ``consumers'' but customers -- that is, they are becoming serious participants in the marketplace of goods and services. This is a crucial distinction.

A consumer's role is limited to ordering what's on the menu and paying for it. A customer wonders what's not on the menu, asks for something he or she actually wants and then negotiates the terms.

This awakening takes many forms, but a common one is the customer's empowerment. Technology is the catalyst.

Prospective customers ignore press releases and product pitches. Instead, they are heading to Web sites where they can research the reality and see what current customers have to say.

Journalism organizations watch, mostly dumbfounded, as weblogs and other multidirectional media bring new voices to the conversation. They offer new choices to what I call the ``former audience,'' the people who are now becoming part of the journalism process itself -- to the ultimate benefit of everyone.

Mercury News | 08/18/2002 | Dan Gillmor: Behind economy's dark clouds, here are some silver linings


I have always thought that weblogs bridge provide the techie a way to voice their thoughts. It also fosters communication between other techies and that is where the world will see much value. Before weblogs the place to interact was at conferences. Now it is not economical to go and the conferences lack substance. I am inspired to start my weblog as soon as possible. I am in Korea on business until the end of the month and will start publishing as soon as I figure out the install of a weblogger. Thanks for opening my eyes.

I, like Mark, have looked into installing a blogger. I loved that piece from Dan Gillmor's article. I have become addicted to researching, something I never thought I would have the time or patience for. I no longer accept what is put in front of me. The web has opened up my mind as well as my life, and isn't that what we all want anyway?

Ps. I am lovin this blog Joi. :)

Hi Liz and Mark. You may have seen this already in the Site Soft Launch entry, but here is a great site comparing all of the blog software packages:

Glad you're enjoying yourself Liz, I'm enjoying myself too. (I'm sitting in a cafe in Tokyo sipping an ice coffee, munching on a camembert and ham sandwich in beautiful post-hurricane weather. The BEST.)

That is an excellent comparson tool, thank you very much.

Joi, that sounds great. I am sitting in a hotel in seoul korea enjoying (not) the (rainy) remnants of your hurricane. I have fond memories of the five years I spent in Japan sitting in the same setting as you are (were by now). Although I did not have the luxury of wireless (or wired for that matter) internet. If you are ever in Honolulu (where I am living for now) please give me a call. Coffee is on me!

Mark: I was in Honolulu 3 years on vacation. I loved it there. I hope to get back one of these days. Do you enjoy it? Are you living there permanently?

Mark,I'm up for that coffee, since i just lived thru 2 back2back hurricanes. Glad to see you are still an entity. Korea is intresting that time of year. You're not the only Traylor that gets around! Say hi to K, B, and M for me. See you...someplace nicer than Korea. Let's get together in Europe. They are easy. URL me on your next published weblog.

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