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I just got the beta of opencola. (Thanks Howard!) On the surface, it looks like a bookmarking, meta-searching relevance tracking front end. Very useful just for meta-searching various search engines and news sources and filing your information. You have various folders for different topics and you mark the relevance of various documents and you can continue to search for more stuff similar to what you like. The cool thing is that you can add peers that can look at your public folders and share recommendations with. It is similar to a company we invested in that unfortunately didn't end up making it past "beta" called FatBubble... Howard talks about opencola in Smartmobs. I think it was started by Cory Doctorow of BoingBoing. Anyway, so far it looks great. The only problem is I have no PEERS! If someone else can download the beta and post their id here as a comment or email me their id we can be peers. (I do have the choice of rating the relevance of peers. ;-0 ) Anyway, definitely worth a look.

Welcome To Opencola

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Just finished reading Smart Mobs and trying to d/load OpenCola as it looks damn interesting. However I get 404'ed when trying to open

Any idea if it is still running?


now *AT*

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