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As I struggle to get gnupg working on my XP box, this is great news! Thanks for pointing this out Sen.

The Register - PGP is back!
By Andrew Orlowski in London
Posted: 19/08/2002 at 13:20 GMT

Phil Zimmermann's PGP is back in the hands of an independent company, after Network Associates agreed to sell the technology it mothballed back in March to a start-up specially created to market PGP.

Jon Callas, the former PGP chief scientist, becomes the CTO of the new company, PGP Corporation. Will Price, former Director of Engineering at NAI, becomes VP of engineering.



please go look at, previously they are now way ahead of this team (disclosure, i am an advisor and shareholder), phil zimmerman is on the advisory board, and they are already doing deals with major corporate customers.


NHK on-aired special tonight which was titled as "the threat of invisible networks". the program started out with pointing that terrorist use of crypto and steganographic softwares, then it followed by danger of anonymity on the Internet. however, the example was chat related incidents and the program mixed up "anonymity" and "psudonymity" as well as ordinery media.

NHK interviewed Phil for the program and (probably by his suggestion) put a footage about PGP use helping human rights workers in Guatemala, also put a sequence of data retention issue discussion in EU parliament. they might seem to try to balance Securiy Vs. Privacy point of view, but the program didn't even have a clue that PGP isn't only encryption software available for everyone.

to me, the TV program was largely biased as almost saying survelance is the world trend that many countries can do for security. but I guess we may face this type of "security vs. privacy" or "security over privacy" questions as Sep 11 getting close in this week. urgh.