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Had dinner with Dan Gillmor. He was in town for a few days to visit with Noriko-san. We had dinner at Kanayuni. We talked a lot about blogs and the future of the audience. I've been looking for a word for what Dan is called the "former audience." I told him that that sounds like "The artist formerly called Prince" and didn't really sound very good. I wish someone would come up with a word for it. The idea, for those of you who haven't been keeping up with our dialog is that the audience and the players are connecting directly and disintermediating the journalists. The audience and personal publishing is making the audience the media... etc.

I introduced Dan to Nishimura-san, the guy who runs 2ch. He should be meeting with him this morning. That may turn into an interesting story. As blogs explode in the US, 2ch, the anonymous discussion site booms in Japan. I wonder if this is random or reflects a basic difference in Japanese and US culture. It is kind of cliche, but blogs are maybe better for opinionated people who want to become famous. ;-p


Perhaps Gaijin want to be famous, but Nippon jin also like to talk. I think Amercians are far behind Asia and EU in regards to multimedia and new technologies.

Amercians don't understand the idea of bi-lingual, and can't understand why people don't like them. We are a very opinionated society - except when it comes to someone else's opinion.



Kind of off topic, but I really think that American should start thinking about how to create a world that will be comfortable to live in after they are out of power rather than trying to figure out how to stay in control. No country is in control forever and if you piss of everyone in the process of trying to keep control, you'll get womped when you are out of control... Someone mentioned this notion in Aspen and I thought it was a good way to put it... (your comment about not knowing why people don't like Americans reminded me of this...)

Joe Sparks, an real blast from my past recently saw my blog blogged on Mark Canter's blog and emailed me. How interesting how my blog is reconnecting we with all of my old friends...

I blogged Marc and Marc blogged me and Dan blogged me and I blogged Dan. I shall, in my sort of drunken late nite state, coin a word... blog-nobbing.

Well, everyone says they don't like americans, but the vast majority of people that grow up with an international education seem to end up here. Much of the reason is the economy, but much of it also is the lack of social constraint on one's thinking...

I love Japan and Asia in terms of the convenience and slickness of almost every aspect of daily life, but quickly tire of people replying to my most thought-provoking statements with "Unnn. Sou desu ne~..." And then just letting it drop dead...

I agree that Americans, and the government in particular can be overbearing, brash, and insensitive. But I don't think people really dislike 'America' per se, as much as they let on. I still think there are more great things about America than about most other countries... Not least of which is its lack of mental stagnation. :)

Err...which Americans are we talking about? My good friends the Bush family, with whom my family shares so many values and knee-slapping, back-slapping good times?

I guess we deserve it for electing this guy. Er...DID we elect this guy?

Well, yeah, sure Bush sucks.

It almost doesn't matter that much though, as long as they keep taking their polls, and listening to what the global investors are saying...

Compared to the over-educated populations of some countries in Scandinavia or Europe, I'm sometimes glad we have dumb motives pushing our economy to keep growing, rather than stagnation and geriatrification...

Whatever... ;) It's a crazy world...

Dan sent me some pictures that he took at the same dinner with HIS camera. I think Dan's pretty proud of his camera. It's very small, but our eyes look a bit strange. Maybe it is the flash. Anyway, he thought this picture was better than the one from my camera because we're smiling. ;-)