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I am on the inquiry committee working on rewriting the basic consumer protection law. We are discussing enforcement. I mentioned the FTC action against MS Passport. We talked about how something like the FTC is essential in Japan. Currently the privacy bill being contemplated doesn't link with the consumer protection law and there is no body that can attack a problem like the MS Passport issue from the fair trade, consumer protection and privacy aspects as the FTC did in the US. I have 45 minutes left until the end of the meeting so if anyone has anything that I should mention here, please comment on my blog.

I'm practicing blogging during government committees. One problem... my wireless access card interferes with the microphone in a big way. Pretty embarassing... when I tried to talked, I emitted a BIG howl.


We're talking about making special provisions for handicapped, aging other other "special" consumers. I pointed out the risk of this being abused from a privacy or discrimination perspective.

I want the right to return products!

-rant on-

Oh, and the staff should actually know about what they offer in the darned stores! I mean, just being able to work the register isn't enough! When I ask if you - the clerk in the store - know if your store carries a certain product, I don't need you to walk to the aisle I just came from so you can look for it! Why do you think I am asking!

Ugh. And, and, and variety. These big electronics companies need to supply some variety! Have you tried buying a fax machine recently? Have you!? I bet you haven't, because if you had, you would be as upset as I am. I MEAN, THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME! Clear plastic with really over-sized buttons is not my idea of a fax phone!

-rant off-

Ah, that felt good. Now that I have gotten that off of my chest, time for some mind numbing t.v..

Weren't there large-scale change in the consumer protection law in 1997? What did they do for contract-signing idividuals?