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Sighted on WERBLOG

BlogStreet is a database of blogs that lets you enter the URL for a blog and it finds other blogs in your "neighborhood". Cool idea, but not completely sure how useful it is. Or maybe it's just useful if your blog is famous and highly linked to and maybe I just don't understand the algorithm. When I entered my blog, mostly I just got a list of blogs that I link to on my top page. It ranked my blog 6479 out of 10259 blogs, which is probably not bad for a 2 month old blog, but not really stellar. More than half the blogs around are more famous than mine. ;-p Interestingly, it ranked the web archives of David Farber's list also as 6479. How can we both be 6479? Since I just started blogging and David Farber's list is much more interesting, linked and older, it would seem strange that we are ranked the same. Justin was ranked 828, which seems pretty good. Anyway, worth a look.

From BlogStreet web page
What is Blog Neighbourhood Analysis?
Given a blog URL, the neighbourhood analyser gives the related blogs based on its blogroll, using what we have called the Commoner method: take the most common blogs from all the friends blogrolls and give out a most common list of blogs, in addition to myblog friends, as related. That is if a blog appears among the highest number of times in all friendblog's blogrolls then it is treated as related.

I still don't understand what Blog Neighbourhood Analysis is... Do you? I THINK I just figured it out...

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